JGP #4 Baltic Cup in Gdansk, POL + videos

Posted by unseenskaters on September 19, 2013

Click here for JGP Poland start orders, results & protocols (Gdansk is 6 hours ahead of Eastern time)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Poland Ladies SP & FS videos (in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Poland Men’s SP & FS videos (in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Poland Short & Free Dance videos (in skate order)

Click here to view Team USA Backstage Photos on IceNetwork

Click here to read Ross Gudis’s blog on IceNetwork

Team USA Thursday results:
Ladies SP: Angela Wang has a successful international season debut (2A, 3Lz+2T, 3Lo) [Watch her SP video here] to place 2nd (58.00) behind Russia’s Evgenia Medvedeva (61.61); JGP Mexico bronze medalist Mariah Bell is 8th (43.84) of 29.
Men’s SP: Jordan Moeller placed 9th (51.06) and Brian Krentz 22nd (41.27) of 30 in his international debut for Team USA.

Team USA Friday results:
JGP Mexico gold medalists Kaitlin Hawayek/Jean-Luc Baker set a new ISU PB Short Dance score of 62.58 [Watch their SD video here]. Elliana Pogrebinsky/Ross Gudis are 6th (50.60) of 20 teams.
In the Ladies, Wang wins the SILVER medal (152.36, 94.36 4th in FS) and Bell is 7th (128.11, 84.27 7th in FS).

Team USA Saturday results:
Moeller placed 4th in the FS (114.69) and pulled up to 6th overall (165.75), setting new ISU PB scores; Krentz moved up to 19th (130.36, 89.09 FS) in his JGP debut.
Hawayek/Baker win their second GOLD medal (144.84, 82.26 FD – all new ISU PB scores) to qualify for their first JGP Final (Dec. 5-8, 2013, in Fukuoka, Japan) and Pogrebinsky/Gudis finish 6th (122.92, 72.32 – all new ISU PB scores).

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JGP #3 in Kosice, Slovakia + videos

Posted by unseenskaters on September 13, 2013

Click here for JGP Slovakia start orders, results & detailed protocols (Kosice is 6 hours ahead of Eastern time)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Slovakia Ladies SP & FS videos (in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Slovakia Pairs SP & FS videos (in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Slovakia Men SP & FS videos (in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Slovakia Short & Free Dance videos (in skate order)

Click here to view a playlist of the 8 programs of the 4 JGP Slovakia winners

Click here to view Team USA Backstage Photos on IceNetwork

Click here to read Holly Moore’s blog on IceNetwork

Daniel Klaber’s blog for Ice-Dance.com: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4

Team USA Friday results:
JGP Latvia bronze medalist Karen Chen (64.46) currently leads in the Ladies SP [Watch her SP video here]. 2013 U.S. Junior Ladies bronze medalist Barbie Long is 7th (47.56) of 31.

2013 U.S. Novice Pairs silver medalists Kaitlin Budd/Nikita Cheban are 4th (48.50) and 2013 U.S. Junior Pairs pewter medalists Chelsea Liu/Devin Perini 7th (44.80) of 11 teams in their JGP debuts.

2013 Junior World bronze medalist Shotaro Omori is in 2nd after SP (70.58) – good start to his international season [Watch his SP video here]. Nix Phengsy was 20th (41.56) of 24 in his JGP debut.

Team USA Saturday results:
In the Short Dance, 2012 JGP Croatia bronze medalists Rachel & Michael Parsons are in 2nd (52.09) and 2013 U.S. Junior Ice Dance pewter medalists Holly Moore/Daniel Klaber 4th (50.03).

GOLD for Karen Chen! She was a close 2nd (114.62) in the FS [Watch her FS video here] and set 3 new ISU PB scores in SVK, including 179.08 total.
Barbie Long pulled up to 5th in FS (100.63, new ISU PB score) [Watch her FS video here] & 5th overall (148.19, new ISU PB total score).
Liu/Perini finish 5th and Budd/Cheban 7th in Pairs.

Team USA Sunday results:
SILVER for Parsons/Parsons [Watch their FD video here] and BRONZE for Moore/Klaber [Watch their FD video here]!
In the Men’s event, Omori finished 5th (reportedly skating on a sprained ankle) and Phengsy 16th.

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2013 Novice & Junior Challenge Skate + Salt Lake City Senior B International

Posted by unseenskaters on September 12, 2013

The second U.S. CHALLENGE SKATE for Novice and Junior singles skaters and pair/dance teams (among those who qualified for 2013 U.S. Nationals at the Junior, Novice, and Intermediate levels) will be held in conjunction with the U.S. International Figure Skating Classic (Senior B international competition) at the Salt Lake City Sports Complex from Wednesday, September 11 through Sunday, September 15, 2013. Icenetwork Season Pass subscribers (in the U.S.) can watch live and on demand video of the entire competition.

Click here for the official event site with schedules, news & info links

Click here for for all Senior start orders, results & protocols

Click here for Icenetwork’s Senior event page with articles linked under “Event Headlines”

Click here for Junior & Novice start orders, results & protocols

Click here for Icenetwork’s Challenge Skate event page with articles linked under “Event Headlines

Click here to view Icenetwork’s daily photo galleries from Salt Lake City

GOLD: Max Aaron, Courtney Hicks, Meryl Davis/Charlie White;
SILVER: Stephen Carriere, Gracie Gold, Caydee Denney/John Coughlin;
BRONZE: Joshua Farris, Samantha Cesario, Tarah Kayne/Daniel O’Shea;
4th: Grant Hochstein, Agnes Zawadzki, Marissa Castelli/Simon Shnapir, Lynn Kriengkrairut/Logan Giulietti-Schmitt;
Felicia Zhang/Nathan Bartholomay 7th, Anastasia Cannuscio/Colin McManus 8th, Alissandra Aronow/Collin Brubaker 13th.

Here are the CHALLENGE SKATE entries, with 2013 U.S. National and Junior National Championships placements by level and the skaters’ clubs added (J = Junior, N = Novice, I = Intermediate):

Final standings:
Tyler Pierce N-1 (All Year FSC) 57.16 SP, 90.89 FS, 148.05 total
Morgan Flood N-4 (Dallas FSC) 42.89 SP, 90.58 FS, 133.47
Ashley Shin N-11 (Dallas FSC) 49.74 SP, 82.46 FS, 132.20
Amber Glenn J-5 (Dallas FSC) 52.33 SP, 78.59 FS, 130.92
Olivia Serafini J-10 (SC of New York) 50.33 SP, 79.88 FS, 130.21
Brynne McIsaac N-10 (Washington FSC) 43.73 SP, 81.09 FS, 124.82
Maria Yang J-9 (Washington FSC) 44.55 SP, 75.43 FS, 119.98
Bradie Tennell N-3 (Wagon Wheel FSC) 43.00 SP, 74.87 FS, 117.87
Megan Wessenberg N-9 (SC of Boston) 40.85 SP, 76.66 FS, 117.51
Madison Vinci J-6 (Washington FSC) 42.45 SP, 74.07 FS, 116.52
Amanda Gelb J-11 (Los Angeles FSC) 38.83 SP, 70.48 FS, 109.31
Brianna Laxson J-8 (Washington FSC) 35.54 SP, 51.64 FS, 87.18
*Anavi Tekriwal (India/Northern Ice SC) 25.21 SP, 41.74 FS, 66.95
* invited guest?

Amber Glenn’s Current Bio on Icenetwork
Tyler Pierce’s Current Bio on Icenetwork
Bradie Tennell’s Current Bio on Icenetwork
Morgan Flood’s Current Bio on Icenetwork
Amanda Gelb’s Bio on Icenetwork

JUNIOR PAIRS (3 teams)
Final standings:
Olivia Oltmanns (Yarmouth IC) / Joshua Santillan (All Year FSC) J-11 Bio on Icenetwork 44.57 SP, 88.69 FS, 133.26 total
Brianna de la Mora/Taylor Wilson J-5 (Texas Gulf Coast FSC) Current Bio on Icenetwork 40.07 SP, 76.19 FS, 116.26
Elise Middleton N-3 (Los Angeles FSC) / Anthony Evans (Stars FSC of Texas) [new team] 36.69 SP, 72.62 FS, 109.31

LOCAL ARTICLES (pre-event) – Novice skaters:
Paige Ryberg: Southtown Star (Sept. 6) and Chicago Tribune (Aug. 21)
Mitchell Friess: Standard-Examiner article/video (Sept. 10) and Davis Clipper (Sept. 5)
Justin Ly and Hina Ueno: Deseret News (Sept. 12)

Final standings:
Rebecca Peng N-7 (SC of Boston) 42.74 SP, 70.32 FS, 113.06 total
Paige Rydberg I-5 (Northern Ice SC) 38.46 SP, 68.94 FS, 107.40
Emmy Ma I-3 (SC of New York) 35.73 SP, 64.04 FS, 99.77
Samantha Steeman I-10 (Univ. of Delaware FSC) 33.34 SP, 66.16 FS, 99.50
Jin Baseman I-7 (SC of Boston) 36.18 SP, 55.96 FS, 92.14
Riley Shin I-6 (Dallas FSC) 28.67 SP, 58.64 FS, 87.31
Olivia Allan I-4 (DuPage FSC) 30.82 SP, 55.20 FS, 86.02
Hina Ueno I-12 (Salt Lake FS) 31.32 SP, 48.31 FS, 79.63
WD Anastasia Kortjohn I-2 (Broadmoor SC) 23.15 SP

Final standings:
Eric Sjoberg I-4 (Univ. of Delaware FSC) 44.78 SP, 94.91 FS, 139.69 total
Harrison Wong N-8 (All Year FSC) 41.60 SP, 85.34 FS, 126.94
Luke West N-6 (Broadmoor SC) 40.29 SP, 85.59 FS, 125.88
Andrew Torgashev I-1 (Panthers FSC) 35.27 SP, 82.93 FS, 118.20
Justin Ly I-7 (Salt Lake FS) 31.31 SP, 67.37 FS, 98.68
Mitchell Friess I-10 (Wasatch FSC) 41.65 SP, 53.82 FS, 95.47
Mathew Graham I-11 (Idaho Falls FSC) 33.97 SP, 58.04 FS, 92.01

NOVICE PAIRS (5 teams)
Final standings:
Grace Knoop / Noah Chinault N-6 (Southwest Florida FSC) 30.23 SP, 65.41 FS, 95.64 total
Joy Weinberg (Skokie Valley SC) / Michael Lueck (Yarmouth IC) N-7 [new team] 33.49 SP, 59.82 FS, 93.31
Alexandria Yao / Connor Fleming N-11 (Peninsula SC) [new team] 31.78 SP, 60.58 FS, 92.36
Alicia Bertsch (Ann Arbor FSC) /Austin Hale (Fort Wayne ISC) I-1 27.28 SP, 56.23 FS, 83.51
Darbie Burke / Griffin Schwab (SC of New York) I-2 23.49 SP, 58.69 FS, 82.18

NOVICE DANCE (3 teams)
Final standings:
Madison Fox (Rocky Mountain FSC) / Val Katsman I-2 (Broadmoor SC) 35.70 PD, 58.27 FD, 93.97 total
Caroline Leadmon (Charleston FSC) / Jacob Schedl I-9 (Pavilion SC of Cleveland Heights) 25.59 PD, 41.94 FD, 67.53
Alexis Middleton (Los Angeles FSC) / Michael Valdez I-7 (All Year FSC) 18.56 PD, 42.16 FD, 60.72

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Scoretracker/Top Ten status update

Posted by unseenskaters on September 11, 2013

As of September 9, both Scoretracker and Top Ten were updated with the following competitions that have published online results since mid-July: Golden West, Florida Labor Day Invitational, Cranberry Open, Orange County Open, Potomac Open, Minnesota State Champs, PNIC Champs, Hershey Open, Colorado Champs, Miami Open, Orange Blossom, Lansing Van Camp, Skate Milwaukee, US Collegiates, Lake Placid Dance, Skate Detroit, Fraser Classic, Chicago Open, Cactus Classic, Silicon Valley Open, Skate Wilmington, Liberty, Sunshine Inv, Troy (OH) Summer Comp, Copper Cup, Azalea Classic, Red, White & Blue Ice.

Scoretracker has yet to be updated for the following competitions in September with published results: Houston Fall Invitational, Skate Cleveland, Peach Open, Viviani Memorial; plus Skate San Francisco, Dogwood Open, Wichita Mid-Continent in August, and Silver State Open in July.

DuPage Open’s online results appear to be password-protected this year (any results would be appreciated).

If anyone would like to help us out with unpublished competition results (see the CLUB COMPS page for a list of known results to date), please email us a scan or a photograph of an official results sheet (preferably of an entire event) to Unseen Skaters Online. It is our policy not to accept results/scores that are typed out and submitted through our site’s Reply box and/or Contact page (if you have already done so, please re-submit via email instead, if possible). Thank you to everyone who has contributed official results to us (especially from Skate Detroit and Glacier Falls) so far this season!

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JGP #2 in Mexico City, MEX + videos

Posted by unseenskaters on September 5, 2013

Click here for JGP Mexico results & detailed protocols (Mexico City is 1 hour behind Eastern time)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Mexico Short & Free Dance videos (in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Mexico Men’s SP & FS videos (in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Mexico Ladies’ SP & FS videos

Click here to read Part 1 of Kaitlin Hawayek’s blog with photos for Ice-Dance.com &

Part 2 with more photos, including fun ones from the banquet!

Click here to view Team USA Backstage Photos on IceNetwork

Click here to read the competition recap on IceNetwork (includes quotes by Team USA members)

Team USA Thursday news and results:
2013 U.S. Junior silver medalists Kaitlin Hawayek/Jean-Luc Baker (56.11) lead after the Short Dance; 2013 U.S. Novice champs Chloe Lewis/Logan Bye (42.50) are 5th of 7 teams in their JGP debut.

2013 Junior bronze medalist Nathan Chen is in 1st place (74.22) after the Men’s SP (18 competed) [Watch his SP video here].
2013 U.S. Novice champ Tomoki Hiwatashi withdrew from the competition before the short program “due to a left ankle injury sustained in practice” (via tweet by @USFigureSkating).

Team USA Friday results:
2013 U.S. Junior champ Polina Edmunds finished 1st (57.78) [Watch her SP video here]; U.S. Junior silver medalist Mariah Bell is 4th (49.91) [Watch her SP video here] in Ladies SP (28 competed).

Men’s FS: Nathan Chen won the GOLD medal (144.40 FS, 218.62 total) [Watch his FS video here]. He opened with two 2A then landed 7 triples in the second half: 3Lz+2T+2Lo, 3F+3T, 3Lo, 3S+2Lo, 3F, 3Lz. He received level 4 on all 3 spins and level 3 on his step sequence.

Team USA Saturday results:
Hawayek/Baker won their first JGP GOLD medal (136.45, 80.34 2nd in FD, new ISU personal best FD score) [Watch their FD video here]; Lewis/Bye finished 5th (104.32, 61.82 FD) [Watch their FD video here].

In their JGP debuts, Polina Edmunds won the GOLD medal (171.21, 113.43 FS) [Watch her FS video here] and Mariah Bell the BRONZE medal (153.17, 103.26 2nd in FS) [Watch her FS video here].

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2013 Golden West live video stream 8/29-9/1

Posted by unseenskaters on August 29, 2013

The 2013 Golden West Championships, hosted by the All Year FSC, started today, Thursday, August 29 and runs through Sunday, Sept. 1, in Ontario, California.

Click here for the free, live video stream of the competition

Click here for a link to the the online event schedule (Pacific time)

Click here for official results links

Senior and Junior singles events take place on Saturday & Sunday.
Senior Men: D Razzano, P Warren, D Murakami (JPN)-WITHDRAWN, C Caluza (PHI), J Ju (TPE);
Senior Ladies includes V Lam;
Senior Pair (exhibition): Bestandig/Mansiz (TUR)-WITHDRAWN;
Junior Pair (FS exh. added Sat.): Liu/Perini
Junior Men (exh.): Y Paniot (UKR);
Junior Ladies include: T Pierce, E Nguyen, R Kato (JPN), M Ma (HKG), C England (CAN).

Note: Withdrawals are not uncommon.

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2013-14 JGP Season begins in Riga, Latvia + videos

Posted by unseenskaters on August 29, 2013

The 2013-14 ISU Junior Grand Prix season has begun in Riga, Latvia (the first of seven competitions), and the ISU is uploading videos of each skater/team on their YouTube channel for the third straight year!

Click here to view playlist of JGP Latvia Ladies SP & FS videos (in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Latvia Pairs SP & FS videos in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Latvia Men’s SP & FS videos (in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Latvia Short & Free Dance videos (in skate order)

Click here for JGP Latvia start orders, results & detailed protocols (Riga is 7 hours ahead of Eastern time)

Click here to read Jordan Moeller’s Blog for IceNetwork

View Team USA backstage photos on IceNetwork &

read a competition recap

View Award Ceremony photos on this Russian skating site

Team USA members are: Karen Chen (her JGP debut), Yasmin Siraj; Jordan Moeller, Jimmy Ma (JGP debuts for both men); Christina Zaitsev/Ernie Utah Stevens in pairs; Lorraine McNamara/Quinn Carpenter and Elliana Pogrebinsky/Ross Gudis in dance.

Ladies top 4: M Sotskova RUS 59.45, K Chen USA 58.21, E Medvedeva RUS 55.17, L Efimenko FIN 51.80;
Pairs top 3: Yu/Jin CHN 56.25, Tarasova/Morozov RUS 52.96, Vigalova/Zakroev RUS 51.46;
Men top 4: MC Martinez PHI 64.03, B Jin CHN 63.19, B Kerry AUS 61.17, JS Kim KOR 60.69.

Chen is 2nd (58.21; 3Lz+3T<, 2A, 3Lo) & Siraj 5th (51.70; 3T+2T, 3Lo-, 2A) of 27 after the Ladies SP; Zaitsev/Stevens 8th (37.35) of 10 teams after Pairs SP; Ma 10th (56.31; 3Lz+3T, 3Lo, 2A) & Moeller 12th (52.98; 2A, 3Lz+3T<, 3Lo<) of 27 after the Men's SP. Short Dance is first event on Friday.

McNamara/Carpenter are 2nd (52.40) and Pogrebinsky/Gudis 4th (49.56) in the Short Dance; Zaitsev/Stevens finish 8th (104.84 total is new ISU PB score, 67.49 FS); Chen wins the BRONZE medal (154.26, 96.05 4th in FS), Siraj places 6th overall (142.32, 90.62 7th in FS).

McNamara/Carpenter win the SILVER medal (127.43, new ISU PB FD score of 75.03), Pogrebinsky/Gudis finish 4th (121.09, 71.53 FD & 3 new ISU PB scores); Moeller places 9th (158.74, 8th in FS), Ma 13th (147.79).

CONGRATS to all the medalists!
Dance Gold to Bent/MacKeen CAN, Silver to McNamara/Carpenter USA, Bronze to Loboda/Drozd RUS;
Men's Gold to B Jin CHN, Silver to A Pitkeev RUS, Bronze to S Uno JPN;
Pairs Gold to Yu/Jin CHN, Silver to Tarasova/Morozov RUS, Bronze to Vigalova/Zakroev RUS;
Ladies' Gold to E Medvedeva, Silver to M Sotskova, Bronze to Chen USA.

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2013 Glacier Falls Summer Classic

Posted by unseenskaters on August 2, 2013

Glacier Falls FSC usually publishes results and detailed protocols after the Summer Classic competition is over [a link will be edited in here if and when it becomes available]. In the meantime, here is a compilation of results transcribed from photos of results posted at the rink, with links to actual photos, if available.

7 Senior Men/Ladies FS videos by saratogan62

SUNDAY events & results received (gratitude to the contributors!)

Novice Men FS & Final standings (SWP skaters are unmarked)
1-12: P Borromeo 150.95 (101.49 FS), E Sjoberg (SA) 125.83 (83.34), L West (SW) 119.30 (71.88), A Boucher (SW) 106.13, M Friess (CP) 104.72, M Tang 96.93, I Miyata (NWP) 95.38, D Weiss 93.01, A Schmitt (NWP) 91.79, R Burghart (NWP) 91.07, B Dang 81.88, M Rounis 70.47 [WD after SP: M Valdez]

Novice Ladies Final (FS) (does anyone have results?)

Intermediate Ladies Final (FS) (SWP skaters are unmarked)
1-16: T Hong 66.26, A Yang (CP) 57.95, P Kalyan (SW) 55.66, T Ellison (SW) 55.29, A Nakahara 54.99, K Calhoun 54.91, A Raymond (SW) 52.28, R Volovich (SA) 48.56, B Yanez 48.27, J Cai 46.44, A Gorman (CAN) 46.00, G Cohen 45.27, E Park (CP) 44.84, E Pyagay 43.76, L Sun (CP) 42.47, E Coppess 42.39

Intermediate Ladies Groups A & B (does anyone have the final standings?)

Intermediate Men (does anyone have FS results and/or final standings?)

Juvenile Girls Final (FS) (thanks to the person who submitted a result sheet on 8/21; SWP skaters are unmarked)
1-15: S North (SW) 49.26, N Do 47.83, S Baetge 46.33, P Letova (SW) 44.74, G Uy 44.09, D Yi 43.08, A Warren (CP) 41.82, P Zolnierek (UGL) 41.55, H Park 40.46, A Van Der Sluys Veer 39.85, S Andrews 39.55, C Mak 34.17, A Goldstein 32.87, A Huddleston 32.85, S Zimmerman (CP) 31.03

Juvenile Girls Group A (does anyone have the final standings?)

SATURDAY results received (a big thank you to all who contributed!):

Senior Men FS & Final standings
Top 7:
J Brown (UGL) 242.29 1 1 (159.42 FS) [Video by saratogan62 here]
R Dornbush 213.09 3 4 (137.79) [Video by saratogan62 here]
S Omori 212.28 4 3 (140.23) [Video by umbsgoblue here]
V Zhou 210.06 5 2 (140.45) [Video by saratogan62 here]
M C Martinez (PHI) 210.03 2 5 (133.45) [Video by saratogan62 here]
K Messing (NWP) 189.77 8 6 (127.02) [Video by saratogan62 here]
B Mroz (SW) 181.97 7 7 (118.95) [Video by umbsgoblue here]
8-13: D Razzano 177.08 6 8 (111.16), S Dyer 163.02 9 9 (105.55), P Warren 149.77 13 10 (105.00), B Guthrie (CAN) 140.99 11 11 (90.91), G Gosselin (CAN) 140.86 10 12 (84.07), R Przepioski (UGL) 118.92 12 13 (73.35)

Jump notes for the top 6 passed along to me from someone at the rink (listed in FS placement order):
Brown: 2T, 3A(looked under)+2T, 3A (2-footed but looked clean), 3Lz-half loop(1Lo)-3S, 3F+2T, 3Lz, 2A, 3Lo (looked under)
Zhou: 3A fall (looked under), 3Lz, 3F, 3Lo, 3F+3T, 2A+2T, 3Lz-half loop-3S, 2A
Omori: 3F, 3A+2T, 3Lz, 3Lo, 3A, 3Lz+3T fall (looked under), 3S, 1A
Dornbush: 4T fall, 2S, 2A, 2S, 3A+3T, 3Lz-half loop-2S, 3F, 2Lo
Martinez: 3A+2T, 3A, 3Lz+2T, 2A, 3Lz, 3F, 3Lo-half loop-3S(looked under), 2A
Messing: 4T+3T, 4T step out, 3Lz, 3F+2T, fall on nothing, 1A, 3S hung on, 2Lo, 2Lz

Senior Ladies FS & Final Standings
2 Result sheet photos & top 2 videos courtesy of @umbsgoblue: FS results & FS result details
C Hicks 185.86 (122.47 FS) [Video here]
P Edmunds (CP) 173.60 (117.23) [Video here]
M Nagasu 158.99 (102.32) [Video by saratogan62 here]
4-18: F Chiera 155.22 (103.88), M Yang 130.09 (81.68), D McIntee 123.84 (81.78), N Inoda (CAN) 120.03 (80.50), A Hofmann (NWP?) 113.83, K Kulgeyko 112.24, S Adams 107.42, S Reyna 105.01, V Muniz 104.61, V Bergeron (CAN) 100.50, L Keiser 97.85, R Mendelson 95.15, L Goetz (CP) 87.59, B Ward 86.87, C Giese 79.92 [WD after SP: A Malkova]

Junior Ladies Final (FS)
2 Result sheet photos courtesy of @umbsgoblue: FS results & FS result details
K Chen (CP) 119.29 [Video by saratogan62 here]
2-12: B Long (UGL) 90.97, M Flood (SW) 90.46, E Nguyen (SWP) 86.06, J Jurome (CAN) 80.37, J Delaurier (CAN) 78.67, A Shin (SW) 77.92, M Vinci (SA) 76.55, R Chen (SWP) 70.24, E Pulkinen (CP) 66.84, L Austman (CAN) 63.29, C Cleveland (SA) 62.72

Novice Ladies FS (top 5 advance to Final; SWP skaters are unmarked)
Group A top 5: V Feigenbaum (SA) 91.98 (58.54 FS), A Verheydt (NWP) 85.36 (54.27), A Sugimoto 82.55 (50.91), Vi. Giang 81.74 (53.14), A Villarroel-Sanchez 79.69 (49.41);
6-15 overall (FS scores listed): C Paquet (CAN) 49.48, M Reyes 48.53, J Santiago (CP) 49.15, K Dodson 48.95, S Ching (NWP) 46.31, L Lee 49.01, H Pelchat (CAN?) 44.28, A Daunais (CAN?) 42.56, N Kreofsky (NWP) 37.74, M D’Amours (CAN?) 33.15
Group B top 5: C Berrios (SA) 123.22 (80.47 FS), V Le (SW) 113.98 (74.11), R Shin (SW) 101.35 (66.37), Va. Giang 96.43 (62.96), A Kortjohn (SW) 94.71 (61.77);
6-14 in FS: C Z Yang (CP) 59.14, S Zhang (CP) 54.93, K Nowell (SW) 52.39, A Teutsch (SA) 41.08, A Okamoto 38.94, V Lawson (NWP) 38.26, C Carreras 33.03, E Blondeau (CAN?) 29.77, V Bourgault (CAN?) 22.94
Group C top 5: I Smit 105.34 (65.49 FS), H Han 95.96 (62.45), C Taylor 94.51 (62.37), S Pan 92.63 (55.62), J Benson 87.88 (55.37);
6-17 overall: A Setoyama 85.38p0, T Hannig (SW) 81.04, N-Q Nguyen 79.48, K Zhou 74.92, K Trepanier (CAN?) 73.21, K Park (SW) 71.03, A Osborne 65.92, L Ellison (SW) 64.60, I Hills (NWP) 62.33, J DeContreaus (CP) 60.08, A Desrochers (CAN?) 59.78, B Mitchell 55.97

FRIDAY results received (many thanks to everyone who contributed photos!):

Senior Ladies SP
2 Result sheet photos and top 3 videos courtesy of @umbsgoblue: SP results & SP result details
C Hicks 63.39 [Video here]
M Nagasu 56.67 [Video here]
P Edmunds (CP) 56.37 [Video here]
4-19: F Chiera (SA) 51.34, M Yang (SA) 48.41, K Kulgeyko 47.26, A Malkova 42.85, D McIntee 42.06, S Adams 41.34, N Inoda (CAN) 39.53, A Hofmann (NWP?) 38.91, S Reyna 37.50, V Bergeron (CAN) 34.92, E Mendelson 34.33, L Keiser 32.70, V Muniz 32.12, B Ward 29.86, L Goetz (CP) 29.21, C Giese 25.63
Starting order (SWP skaters are unmarked): C Giese, D McIntee, N Inoda (CAN), M Nagasu, S Adams / V Bergeron (CAN), K Kulgeyko, S Reyna, A Malkova, A Hofmann (U.S. skater now training in CAN) / [C Zhang WD], L Keiser, F Chiera (SA), [C-A Alba, T Sirset - both have WD], C Hicks / B Ward, L Goetz (CP), P Edmunds (CP), V Muniz, R Mendelson, M Yang (SA).

Senior Men SP
2 Result sheet photos and 8 SP videos courtesy of @umbsgoblue: SP results & SP result details
Top 8:
J Brown 82.87 [45.57 TES/37.20 PCS] [Video here]
M C Martinez (PHI) 76.58 [43.00/33.58] [Video here]
R Dornbush 75.30 [39.98/36.32 -1] [Video here]
S Omori 72.05 [37.61/34.44] [Video here]
V Zhou 69.61 [36.98/32.63] [Video here]
D Razzano 65.92 [33.29/33.63 -1] [Video here]
B Mroz 63.02 [33.09/31.93 -2] [Video here]
K Messing 62.75 [29.55/33.20] [Video here]
9-13: S Dyer 57.47, G Gosselin (CAN) 56.79, B Guthrie (CAN) 50.08, R Przepioski 45.57, P Warren 44.77 [WD: S Eldridge, M Gordon (CAN), J Ju (TPE), B Kerry (AUS), J Yostanto].
Starting order (SWP skaters are unmarked): K Messing (NWP), V Zhou, M C Martinez (PHI), R Przepioski (UGL), [J Ju (TPE) WD], S Omori / B Guthrie (CAN), G Gosselin (CAN), [S Eldridge (NE) WD], S Dyer, R Dornbush, J Brown (UGL) / P Warren, [J Yostanto (NA) WD], B Mroz (SW), [M Gordon (CAN S7) WD], D Razzano, [B Kerry (AUS) WD].

Junior Men FS (OLY rink late Friday night)
1-13: N Chen 192.88 1 1 (129.41 FS, 66.27 TES/63.14 PCS), J Moeller 162.94 2 2 (106.55, 50.67/57.88 -2), S Howe 146.96 5 3 (94.08, 46.34/49.74 -2), B Krentz 144.63 4 5 (91.35, 46.23/46.12 -1), Y Paniot (UKR) 142.35 7 6 (89.88, 48.98/40.90), N Phengsy 141.37 3 7 (86.88, 41.38/45.50), P Rupp 137.94 8 4 (92.13, 46.61/46.52 -1), C Belmontes 126.85 6 11 (74.02, 38.14/36.88 -2), S Cuevas 123.92 9 8 (80.41, 39.15/44.26 -3), E Bender 120.60 13 9 (79.86, 40.36/39.50), A Nagode 117.25 12 10 (74.69, 37.29/39.40 -2), A Cheng (CAN) 104.08 11 12 (61.33, 26.71/36.62 -2), T Boore 99.97 10 13 (56.93, 26.93/33.00 -3)

Junior Ladies FS & Final standings (top 6 qualify for Final)
4 Result sheet photos courtesy of @umbsgoblue:
Group A Final standings & FS A result details
Group B Final standings & FS B result details
Group A (SWP skaters are unmarked)
Top 6: K Chen (CP) 179.39, A Shin (SW) 144.00, M Vinci (SA) 130.59, M Flood (SW) 126.64, R Chen 117.42, E Nguyen 115.38
K Chen (CP) 118.01 [69.19 TES/48.82 PCS] – heard she landed 7 triples (3Lz+3T, 3F, 2A+3T, 3Lz, 3Lo, 2A, 3S+2T);
FS 2-14: A Shin (SW) 88.47 [46.54/41.93], M Vinci (SA) 81.90 [44.19/37.71], M Flood (SW) 80.90 [45.99/34.91], R Chen 77.74 [41.11/36.63], E Nguyen 71.27 [33.96/39.31], C Untalan (SW) 63.20, E Gabriele 56.94, A Lindgren 56.64, P McNeil 55.04, B Gianiorio 53.86, B Shiue (NWP) 51.46, K Ka (AUS) 51.38, L Bai 49.91 [WD from FS: A Luong (SW)].
Group B (SWP skaters are unmarked)
Top 6: B Long (UGL) 152.85, J Delaurier (CAN) 136.18, J Jurome (CAN) 116.59, L Austman (CAN) 114.27, C Cleveland (SA) 111.33, E Pulkinen (CP) 109.59
FS 1-15: B Long (UGL) 94.96, J Delaurier (CAN) 84.77, J Jurome (CAN) 76.20, C Cleveland (SA) 72.67, L Austman (CAN) 72.38, E Pulkinen (CP) 69.34, C England (CAN) 67.20, D Bobyn (CAN) 64.62, J Jablon (SA) 62.08, C Bell 60.70, A Park 60.33, S Casapao 58.74, T Vanta 56.82, M-G Hemond (CAN) 54.56, Y Miao (SW) 49.63

Novice Ladies SP (SWP skaters are unmarked)
Group A
1-15: V Feigenbaum (SA) 33.44, A Sugimoto 31.64, A Verheydt (NWP) 31.09, A Villarroel-Sanchez 30.28, M Reyes 29.09, C Paquet (CAN) 29.07, Vic. Giang 28.60, J Santiago (CP) 28.35, K Dodson 28.14, S Ching (NWP) 27.26, H Pelchat (CAN?) 25.77, L Lee 24,03, M D’Amours (CAN?) 23.95, N Kreofsky (NWP) 22.71, A Daunais (CAN?) 19.98
Group B
1-15: C Berrios (SA) 42.75, V Le (SW) 39.87, R Shin (SW) 34.98, Vanna Giang 33.47, A Kortjohn (SW) 32.94, C Z Yang (CP) 30.47, N Orellana 29.94, S Zhang (CP) 28.57, A Okamoto 27.59, E Blondeau (CAN?) 25.53, K Nowell (SW) 25.14, V Lawson (NWP) 21.95, A Teutsch (SA) 21.05, C Carreras 19.28, V Bourgault (CAN?) 16.21
Group C
1-17: I Smit 39.85, S Pan 37.01, H Han 33.51, J Benson 32.51, C Taylor 32.14, K Zhou 31.82, T Hannig (SW) 31.38, A Setoyama 30.63, N-Q Nguyen 28.92, B Mitchell 27.47, L Ellison (SW) 25.54, K Park (SW) 25.40, I Hills (NWP) 24.95, A Osborne 24.63, J DeContreaus (CP) 23.96, K Trepanier (CAN) 22.97, A Desrochers (CAN?) 21.65

Novice Men SP (SWP skaters are unmarked)
1-13: P Borromeo 49.46, L West (SW) 47.42, E Sjoberg (SA) 42.49, A Boucher (SW) 37.08, M Friess (CP) 36.96, M Tang 36.93, I Miyata (NWP) 36.45, D Weiss 32.63, R Burghart (NWP) 30.69, A Schmitt (NWP) 30.20, B Dang 28.62, M Valdez 27.46, M Rounis 26.27

Thank you to the person(s) in Anaheim, California who sent in result photos of one Thursday night event that’s been transcribed below (edited to add: the other 2 Junior event results turned up on Friday afternoon).

Note: All SWP region skaters are unmarked.

Junior Ladies SP
Group A
SP A results photo via @umbsgoblue
1-15: K Chen (CP) 61.38, A Shin (SW) 55.53, C Untalan (SW) 49.81, M Vinci (SA) 48.69, M Flood (SW) 45.74, E Nguyen 44.11, R Chen 39.68, K Ka (AUS) 33.52, B Shiue (NWP) 32.52, E Gabriele 31.43, A Lindgren 30.37, A Luong (SW) 30.21, P McNeil 28.14, L Bai 27.89, B Gianiorio 25.39 [WD: R Carey, A Hightchew, A Lin (CP), A Quan].
Group B
SP B results photo via @umbsgoblue
1-15: B Long (UGL) 57.89, J Delaurier (CAN) 51.41, L Austman (CAN) 41.89, M-G Hemond (CAN) 41.01, C England (CAN) 40.63, J Jurome (CAN) 40.39, E Pulkinen (CP) 40.25, A Park 39.22, C Cleveland (SA) 38.66, C Bell 37.70, D Bobyn (CAN) 36.17, S Casapao 34.92, T Vanta 32.81, Y Miao (SW) 31.99, J Jablon (SA) 29.26 [WD: A Kurtz (SW), K Shpilband (EGL)].

Junior Men SP (OLY rink late Thursday night)
2 Result sheet photos courtesy of @umbsgoblue: SP results & SP result details
1-13: N Chen (CP) 63.47, J Moeller (UGL) 56.39, N Phengsy 54.49, B Krentz (NE) 53.28, S Howe 52.88, C Belmontes (SW) 52.83, Y Paniot (UKR) 52.47, P Rupp (SA) 45.81, S Cuevas (CAN) 43.51, T Boore 43.04, A Cheng (CAN) 42.75, A Nagode (SA) 42.56, E Bender (CP) 40.74.

* = listed in USFS’ International Selection Pool

Senior Men (17 listed; SWP skaters unmarked)
*J Brown S8 (UGL), *R Dornbush S6, S Dyer, S Eldridge (NE), M Gordon (CAN S7), G Gosselin (CAN S10), B Guthrie (CAN), B Kerry (AUS), M C Martinez (PHI), *K Messing S16 (NWP), *B Mroz S9 (SW), *S Omori J2, R Przepioski (UGL), *D Razzano S12, P Warren S18, J Yostanto J6 (NA, has tested up), *V Zhou J1 (age-eligible for JGP next year, don’t know if he has tested up or plans to test up by Sept. 1).

Senior Ladies (22 listed; SWP skaters unmarked)
S Adams, C-A Alba, V Bergeron (CAN), F Chiera (SA), *P Edmunds J1 (CP), C Giese, L Goetz (CP), *C Hicks S4, A Hofmann (former NWP skater now training/competing in CAN), N Inoda (CAN), *L Keiser S-wd, K Kulgeyko, A Malkova, *D McIntee J7, R Mendelson, V Muniz (formerly PUR), *M Nagasu S7, S Reyna, T Sirset, B Ward, M Yang J9 (SA), *C Zhang S11 (not sure if she will compete here).

Junior Men (13 listed; SWP skaters unmarked)
C Belmontes (SW), E Bender (CP), T Boore, *N Chen J3 (CP), A Cheng (CAN N3), S Cuevas (CAN J7), *S Howe, *B Krentz J8 (has switched from UGL to NE), *J Moeller J5 (UGL), A Nagode (SA), Y Paniot (UKR), *N Phengsy J7, P Rupp (SA).

Junior Ladies A (just the ones listed in the ISP)
K Chen J4 (CP), M Flood N4 (SW), E Nguyen N5, A Lin N2 (CP)-WD, M Vinci J6 (SA).

Junior Ladies B (17 listed; SWP skaters unmarked)
L Austman (CAN J1), C Bell, D Bobyn (CAN), S Casapao, C Cleveland (SA), J Delaurier (CAN N3), C England (CAN), M-G Hemond (CAN), J Jablon (SA), J Jurome (CAN), *B Long J3 (UGL), Y Miao (SW), A Kurtz (SW), A Park, E Pulkinen (CP), K Shpilband (EGL), T Vanta.

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2013 Skate Detroit

Posted by unseenskaters on July 23, 2013

It is the goal for this week, from Wednesday, July 24 through Saturday, July 27, to compile and transcribe as many IJS Senior-Juvenile event results/scores as possible from official result sheet photos that are submitted to this site via Twitter ( @SylviaUnseen ) or e-mail. If you would like to contribute photos via e-mail, please CLICK HERE to do so (names/scores will be transcribed and edited into this blog post). A BIG THANK YOU in advance to anyone and everyone who is willing to help out this year! Score typos are possible and corrections are welcomed.

Check SylviaUnseen’s’s Twitter feed for top results/scores & notable news – hash tag is #SkateDetroit

IceNetwork’s Senior Pairs SP recap article

IceNetwork’s Senior Men SP recap article

IceNetwork’s Senior Pairs FS recap article

IceNetwork’s wrap-up article (Davis/Brubaker focus; also Hochstein, mention of Sr. Ladies Final top 3)

IceNetwork’s Backstage Photo Gallery

HeatherC’s videos of some Senior Pairs, plus Hochstein & Dolensky

Senior Pairs FS videos & clips by teddyjo

Skate Detroit official results summary (PDF)(published on 8/4)

SATURDAY EVENTS & RESULTS (dependent on official result sheet photos being submitted to us – thanks to those at the rink helping out today!)
B Rink: Juv-Nov Pairs FS, Juv Boys FS, Int & Nov Men FS, Int Ladies Final, Juv Girls Final, Nov Ladies Final
C Rink: Jr Men FS, Jr Ladies Final, Jr & Sr Pairs FS, Sr Men FS, Sr Ladies Final, Jr & Sr Free Dance

Senior Ladies Final Round (FS)
1 G Daleman (CAN) 104.93 [59.00 TES/45.93 PCS] Polovetsian Dances – landed 3Lz+3T<, 2A+3T<<, 3F+2T+2T, 3Lz turnout, 3Lo, 3S, 2A (video of her earlier FS linked below);
2 A Chartrand (CAN) 98.50 [53.78/45.72 -1] Dr. Zhivago – 3Lz(hand?)-half loop-3S, 3F, 3Lo<< fall, 2A+3T<<, 3Lz, 3S+2Lo, 2A (video of her earlier 106.05 FS linked below);
3 Mariah Bell (SW) 90.22 Titanic soundtrack – 3Lz, 2A+3T<< fall, 3S turnout, 3F fall, 3Lz+2T turnout, 3F< fall, 2A [3 falls, -1 costume deduction];
4-12: M Rioux-Ouellet (CAN) 83.52, R Greben (CAN) 82.27, M Steward (CAN) 81.50, K Baga (NE) 80.97, A L Walczyk (EGL) 79.56, K McNeil (CAN) 78.67, C Christopher (EGL) 73.21, C McDonnell (CAN) 69.03, J Grey (CAN) 56.75

Senior Men FS
1 G Hochstein 214.75 1 1 (134.86 FS, 70.08 TES/65.78 PCS -1) – his jumps were: 4T fall out, 4T fall, 3A, 3Lz, 3F, 3Lo hung on, 3Lz+2T, 3T [Video by HeatherC here];
2-13: A Rogozine (CAN) 192.92 4 2 (128.97 66.57/62.40), T Dolensky 190.88 3 4 (126.35 60.95/66.40 -1), J Ten (CAN) 190.57 2 5 (123.87 59.63/65.24 -1), R Sadovsky (CAN) 190.54 8 3 (128.83 66.45/62.38), N Nguyen (CAN) 175.89 6 6 (112.50 56.52/56.98 -1), P Parkinson (ITA) 162.52 7 8 (99.40 45.14/54.26), L Kaugars 157.18 9 9 (95.74 42.10/53.64), D Raad 153.07 12 7 (101.89 52.49/49.40), S Davis (CAN) 150.17 11 10 (94.00 47.12/47.88 -1), A Kan (CAN) 137.36 10 12 (78.29 37.67/43.62 -3), R Yacobi-Harris (CAN) 129.79 14 11 (89.21 41.83/48.38 -1), D Rondeau (CAN) 119.18 13 13 (76.04 37.14/39.90 -1) [WD from FS: E Balde (CAN) 5th in SP]

Senior Pairs FS
1 Zhang/Bartholomay 116.87 [64.96 TES/51.91 PCS] Music is Les Misérables: [Video by teddyjo here];
2-14: Moore-Towers/Moscovitch (CAN) 113.80 [57.19/57.61 -1], Davis/Brubaker 106.84 [56.42/51.42 -1], Denney/Frazier 105.73 [57.92/48.81 -1], Leng/LeDuc 102.15 [54.33/48.82 -1], Donlan/Speroff 101.75 [53.85/47.90], Kayne/O’Shea 98.49 [51.68/47.81 -1], Calalang/Sidhu 98.23 [55.62/43.61 -1], Lawrence/Swiegers (CAN) 95.68, Purdy/Marinaro (CAN) 94.19, Rau/Rob Schultz (CAN) 89.39, Baga/Toth 81.63, Kemp/King (GBR) 78.74, Bobak/Penasse (CAN) 67.15

Junior Pairs FS
1-12: Seguin/Bilodeau (CAN, new) 88.84, Oltmanns/Santillan (M/P) 83.04, Liu/Perini (M/P) 77.48, de la Mora/Wilson (M) 73.06, Zaitsev/Stevens (M) 72.66, Budd/Cheban (M/E) 71.69, Orr/Simpson (CAN, new) 71.40, Takai/Johnson (M) 69.43, Weinberg/Lueck (M/E, new) 68.93, Dobson/Sheldrick (CAN) 66.29, Middleton/Evans (P/M, new) 56.68, McDouglal/Schatz (M/E) 49.16 [WD from FS: Dai/Fishman (M)]

Junior Ladies Final Round (FS)
1-12: S Zhao (SW) 100.95 (landed 2A+3T(-), 3Lz, 3Lo, 3F+2T+2Lo, 3Lz+2T, 3F, 3S), J Seguin (CAN) 88.82, A Shin (SW) 80.44, I Dow (UGL) 80.29, A Glenn (SW) 79.02, I Perkucin (CAN) 77.15, M Dunley (CAN) 74.80, M Flood (SW) 73.91, A Grymski (UGL) 67.29, Z Gong (CAN) 65.31, A Fu (SW) 62.30, L Nasu-Yu (CAN) 41.89

Junior Men Final standings
1-16: L Ip (CAN) 156.40 3 1, D Margalik (CAN) 155.10 1 3, B Toman (CAN) 149.34 8 2, T Hiwatashi (UGL) 145.18 4 5, B Jalovick (UGL) 139.89 13 4, N Tondreau-Alin (CAN) 138.20 2 6, B Johnson (EGL) 134.57 6 8, N Vrdoljak (UGL) 132.36 7 9, D Takayama (EGL) 131.92 5 11, D-O Boulanger-Trottier (CAN) 131.11 9 10, D Wolfe (CAN) 130.53 11 7, D Neudecker (NWP) 122.27 12 13, A Zahariev (CAN) 119.65 17 12, N Nadeau (CAN) 118.43 15 14, M Brennan (CAN) 108.88 16 15, C A Wong (CAN) 94.56 18 16 [WD from FS: C Belmontes (SW) 10, K Shropshire (UGL) 14

Novice Ladies Final Round (FS) (added on July 31)
1-18: P Rydberg (UGL) 68.49, A Schumacher (CAN) 64.79, G Lin (CAN) 61.53, A Hu (EGL) 56.86, M Arn (UGL) 56.09, L Ream (EGL) 54.79, K Doan (SW) 54.14, C Gillett (SA) 53.63, C Roslin (EGL) 53.43, K Decelles (CAN) 53.29, I Falsetti (EGL) 53.11, S Danh (SW) 52.04, M Keils (EGL) 51.60, C Rackley (EGL) 51.19, S Won (CAN) 50.83, G Le (UGL) 47.18, G Kaplow (SW) 43.03, P Lee (EGL) 42.13

Intermediate Ladies Final Round (FS)
E Wolak (EGL) 55.55, S Shi (EGL) 54.82, E Enebak (UGL) 52.95, A Demma (UGL) 51.24, L Weinstein (UGL) 50.90, L Kim (EGL) 49.62, J Hubbart (SA) 49.32, C Lau (SW) 48.04, A Dow (UGL) 7.61, J Tu (EGL) 46.57, A Proudlock (EGL) 46.11, K Yan (UGL) 44.77, T Bennett (EGL) 42.74, R Dobson (CAN) 42.52, A Herbison (EGL) 41.03

Juvenile Girls Final Round (awaiting results)

Novice Men FS (awaiting results)

Intermediate Men Final standings (combined SP+FS)
1-10: J Wichmann (SW) 88.32, S Lunin (EGL) 85.21, W Hubbart (SA) 78.61, S Parks (EGL) 70.90, J DeWolfe (SW) 69.95, J Sedlar (EGL) 62.74, K Prochnow (UGL) 61.17, A Lam (CAN) 58.69, J Kahn (UGL) 41.74, D Erhardt (UGL) 41.71
Juvenile Boys FS
1-7: T-J Nyman (SA) 45.78, M Nielsen (EGL) 37.44, E Prober (SA) 36.86, C Finster (EGL) 34.36, L Ferrante (EGL) 33.66, L Davis (EGL) 28.58, I Smith (SW) 22.72

Novice Pairs FS
1-10: G Knoop/N Chinault (SA) 61.79, C Gillett/M Fernandez (SA, new) 60.70, M Gallagher/J Horton (EGL) 58.66, L Weinstein/J Simon (UGL, new) 55.23, A & J Schneider-Farris (SW) 53.14, A Bertsch/A Hale (EGL) 52.63, D Burke/G Schwab (NA) 50.87, R Wong/H Su (CAN) 47.40, A Eby/B Varley (CAN) 45.63, P DeMotte/P Culpepper (EGL) 45.59
Intermediate Pairs FS
1-6: J Hubbart/W Hubbart (SA) 51.04, J Tu/A Magnuson (EGL) 49.93, S Pearson/K Prochnow (UGL) 48.12, T Rankie/R Beauchesne (CAN) 37.86, R Bennett/J Nussle (EGL) 37.51, C Hawkins/E Hartley (EGL) 37.13
Juvenile Pairs FS
K Frantz/N Frantz (EGL) 34.75, S Rose/T-J Nyman (SA) 32.34, S-K Giles/L Ferrante (EGL) 30.88, C Quesada/A Shin (NA) 25.61, D Pascoe/S Parks (EGL) 25.09

FRIDAY EVENTS & RESULTS (many thanks to everyone who contributed their time & photos)
B Rink: Int Ladies FS D-E, Nov Ladies FS A-F
C Rink: Jr Ladies FS A-D, Sr Men SP, Sr Ladies FS A-B, Jr & Sr Short Dance

Senior Short Dance (Exhibition)
Hubbell/Donohue 54.61
Junior Short Dance
Hawayek/Baker 48.348, Lewis/Bye 39.70

Senior Ladies FS A & Final standings
Top 6 qualify for the Final: A Chartrand (CAN) 150.13 (106.05 FS, 3Lz-half loop-3S, 3F(-), Rippon 3Lo (2 arms clasped overhead) fall, 2A+3T, 3Lz, 3S+2Lo, 2A) [Video by danafan here]; M Bell 148.54, G Daleman (CAN) 147.13 (90.11 FS, landed opening 3Lz+3T & 2A+3T) [Video by HeatherC here]; C McDonnell (CAN) 118.11, R Greben (CAN) 114.21, M Steward (CAN) 111.42;
7-15: V Muniz (SWP) 111.39, M Long (CAN) 109.10, R Kono (SW) 108.36, C Gold (UGL) 107.26, G Mutlu (CAN) 104.96, K Colby (UGL) 100.49, D Sivak (UGL) 99.34, A Mieskoski (EGL) 98.00, F Sheikh (EGL) 94.70
Senior Ladies FS B & Final standings
Top 6 qualify for the Final: K Baga (NE) 130.53, M Rioux-Ouellet (CAN) 120.17, K McNeil (CAN) 115.04, A Walczyk (EGL) 107.62, J Gray (CAN) 102.80, C Christopher (EGL) 99.59;
7-13: L Verhulst (UGL) 99.28, R Fehr (UGL) 93.23, O Houston (CAN) 91.38, R Hamui (MEX) 87.43, D Koris (GRE) 84.96, R Musselwhite (UGL) 78.23, G Glastris (GRE) 75.19

Senior Men SP
1 G Hochstein (NA) 79.89 [45.56 TES/35.33 PCS -1] – last season’s La Califfa/Lady Caliph – landed 4T+3T (1st attempt in comp.) & 3Lz, fell on 3A [Video by HeatherC here];
2-14: J Ten (CAN) 66.70 [35.20/32.50 -1], T Dolensky (SA) 64.53 [30.02/34.51], A Rogozine (CAN) 63.95 [32.82/31.13], E Balde (CAN) 63.81 [32.92/30.89], N Nguyen (CAN) 63.39 [31.94/31.45], P Parkinson (ITA) 63.12 [32.43/31.69 -1], R Sadovsky (CAN) 61.71 [31.46/30.25], L Kaugars (SW) 61.44 [29.19/32.25], A Kan (CAN) 59.07 [29.56/30.51 -1], S Davis (CAN) 56.17 [31.91/25.26 -1], D Raad (SA) 51.18 [26.49/25.69 -1], D Rondeau (CAN) 43.14 [20.75/23.39 -1], R Yacobi-Harris (CAN) 40.58 [16.82/23.76]

Junior Ladies FS (top 3 advance to Final; EGL region skaters are unmarked)
Group A 1-14: A Glenn (SW) 148.61 (97.03 FS, landed 6 triples including 3F+3T hand, 3Lo & Rippon 3Lz with arms clasped overhead), S Zhao (SW) 132.41 (88.10 FS, landed 2A+3T), I Dow (UGL) 126.77, B Tennell (UGL) 126.38, P Antifaoff (CAN) 108.44, M Farinella (SA) 99.81, M DeLuca 98.95, M du Toit (RSA) 98.54, E Jour (CAN) 91.39, Z Bell (CAN) 83.96, K Korcsog (CAN) 76.93, A Azhari (MAS) 66.93, A Cohen 61.31, J Schaar 49.39
Group B 1-14: A Grymski (UGL) 119.58 (82.00 FS, landed 3S, 3Lo, 3T+2T), I Perkucin (CAN) 109.41, A Fu (SW) 101.86, L Shilling 100.92, R Chang (UGL) 99.31, C Yan (CAN) 98.22, K Kramble (CAN) 96.10, S Hardwick-Kelly (CAN) 94.09, O Keils 92.61, L Barnett (CAN) 89.31, L Smith 89.05, I Daskas 82.80, I Kalafatis 80.00, B Carroll (CAN) 77.89
Group C 1-14: M Flood (SW) 120.83 (72.13 FS, landed 3T+1T, 3S+2Lo+2Lo, 3S), M Dunley (CAN) 110.62, L Nasu-Yu (CAN) 102.08, E Decelles (CAN) 101.62, H Bell (CAN) 99.14, H Klein (CAN) 96.32, K Strong 85.40, M Ratkovich (UGL) 82.46, A Uzumcu (UGL) 81.63, K Greenfield (CAN) 81.28, M Poliziani (CAN) 69.50, C Ullyet (CAN) 66.78, I Reiches (UGL) 65.81 [WD from FS: N Slute]
Group D 1st was J Seguin (CAN) 148.71 (102.18 FS, landed 3Lz+2T, 3S, 3F(-), 2A+3T(-), 3Lz(-), 3Lo, 2A+2T+2Lo) [Video by danafan here];
2-12: A Shin (SW) 121.18, Z Gong (CAN) 119.31, C Ing (SIN) 112.63, B Pizzelanti (ITA) 106.75, T Smith (CAN) 86.86, K Marshall (CAN) 83.96, E Cullen (CAN) 81.06, M Ghanam (CAN) 80.79, Y Wada 79.40, Y Miao (SW) 67.41, N Deweyert (CAN) 63.27

Novice Ladies FS & Final standings (top 3 advance to Final; EGL region skaters are unmarked)
Group A 1-14: K Doan (SW) 102.67, I Falsetti 87.15, L Ream 85.77, T LaFleche (CAN) 82.29, J Zwolski (UGL) 81.91, A D’Asti (CAN) 80.51, V Chen 78.42, T Weingarten 78.35, M Halaburda 76.48, A Harris (CAN) 76.18, G Woodland (CAN) 71.34, J Rachuk (CAN) 67.75, S Byerson-Butler (CAN) 59.27, T Steadman (CAN) 55.57 [WD from FS: K Moerchen (CAN)]
Group B 1-10: C Rackley 84.72, G Kaplow (SW) 83.45, C Gillett (SA) 82.88, E Walsh (CAN) 82.11, N D’Alessandro (CAN) 79.73, C Collins (CAN) 74.63, D Chiera (SA) 72.99, C Hui (CAN) 69.69, P Chupka (CAN) 61.97, A Vanwynsberghe (CAN) 61.74
Group C 1-14: K Decelles (CAN) 93.33, S Danh (SW) 92.26, S Won (CAN) 85.25,J Hussian (UGL) 82.07, M Boswell 80.74, E Dinda (CAN) 79.55, Q Herbison 73.62, A Dion (CAN) 72.59, A Takanami (JPN) 71.75, C Ablack (CAN) 70.43, M Solomon (SA) 67.74, A Lu (CAN) 66.37, J Day (CAN) 61.33, P Bartholomew 52.64
Group D 1-14: M Keils 101.15, A Hu 95.08, G Lin (CAN) 94.22, L Townsend (UGL) 86.77, M Lu (CAN) 85.81, H Watanabe (CAN) 84.10, M Lappin (CAN) 81.45, R Liberatore 78.39, C Campbell (CAN) 77.91, R Kamer (UGL) 69.07, M McCaw (CAN) 67.96, C L Seize (CAN) 67.17, L White (CAN) 55.26, B Kaplanis (CAN) 53.96
Group E (no results received)
Group F (no results received)

Intermediate Ladies FS & Final standings (top 3 advance to Final; EGL region skaters are unmarked)
Group D 1-11: L Weinstein (UGL) 84.41, T Bennett 75.38, C Lau (SW) 75.37, M Murray 72.80, L Gwinn 72.67, S Rose (SA) 66.08, A Paul (CAN) 59.64, A Pekkola 53.35, K Marcin (UGL) 50.28, C Yamakawa 47.37, A Komos 45.22
Group E 1-13: S Shi 80.25, A Proudlock 71.86, R Dobson (CAN) 67.01, M Flood (SW) 66.84, F Nguyen (UGL) 66.34, M Seck (CAN) 64.39, Z Wilson (CAN) 60.76, M Corbett 54.74, M de Jung (CAN) 53.71, K Germroth (SA) 50.97, K Beyer (SA) 48.93, I Steinman (CAN) 47.03, J Heck (SW) 45.34 [WD from FS: E Granata (SUI)]

THURSDAY EVENTS & RESULTS (courtesy of those nice enough to contribute official result sheet photos)
B Rink: Nov Ladies SP E-F, Juv Girls FS A-D, Int Ladies FS A-C, Int Men SP
C Rink: Nov Men SP, Jr Men SP, Nov Pairs SP, Int Pairs SP, Jr Pairs SP, Sr Pairs SP, Sr Ladies SP A-B

Senior Ladies SP A
1 Mariah Bell (SW) 60.44 [33.84 TES/26.60 PCS] – Spanish music/Malaguena in 2nd half – she landed 3Lz+’tano 2T, 3F, 2A
2 G Daleman (CAN) 57.02 [31.87/25.15] – 3Lz+3T<<, 3F, 2A (according to someone who saw her protocol)
3-15: V Muniz (SWP) 49.79, M Steward (CAN) 47.31, C McDonnell (CAN) 45.34, R Kono (SW) 44.20, A Chartrand (CAN) 44.08, K Colby (UGL) 37.78, M Long (CAN) 36.83, C Gold (UGL) 36.60, G Mutlu (CAN) 35.75, R Greben (CAN) 35.58, F Sheikh (EGL) 34.54, A Mieskoski (EGL) 33.46, D Sivak (UGL) 30.33
Senior Ladies SP B
1-13: K Baga (NE) 44.95, L Verhulst (UGL) 42.69, M Rioux-Ouellet (CAN) 42.27, K McNeil (CAN) 38.22, J Gray (CAN) 37.95, A Walczyk (EGL) 37.52, O Houston (CAN) 36.81, C Christopher (EGL) 36.00, R Hamui (MEX) 35.37, D Koris (GRE) 30.60, R Musselwhite (UGL) 29.04, G Glastris (GRE) 28.54, R Fehr (UGL) 27.37

Senior Pairs SP
1 Moore-Towers/Moscovitch (CAN) 70.76 [39.26 TES/31.50 PCS] – 3Tw, 3T, 3LoTh
2 Zhang/Bartholomay 64.41 [38.81/25.60] – 3Tw, 3T, 3FTh [Video by HeatherC here]
3 Donlan/Speroff 62.06 [35.76/26.30] – 3T(-), 3Tw, 3STh(+) [Video by HeatherC here]
4 Leng/LeDuc 61.57 [34.97/26.60] – 2Tw, 3T, 3STh
5 Kayne/O’Shea 61.25 [36.15/25.10] – 3Tw, 3S, 3LoTh [Video by HeatherC here]
6 Davis/Brubaker (new) 58.80 [34.25/24.55] – 3S, 2Tw, 3STh [Video by HeatherC here]
7-16: Lawrence/Swiegers (CAN) 54.64, Denney/Frazier 54.49 [31.54/22.95], Calalang/Sidhu 51.88, Purdy/Marinaro (CAN) 50.95, Baga/Toth 47.51, Brown/Furiano (CAN, new) 46.11, Rau/Schultz (CAN, new) 44.56, Kemp/King (GBR) 43.39, Bobak/Penasse (CAN, reteam) 41.31, Bereswill/Reagan (new) 36.11 [WD: Jones/Beharry (CAN)]

Junior Pairs SP
1-13: Liu/Perini 49.11, Seguin/Bilodeau (CAN, new) 47.34, Oltmanns/Santillan 46.46, Zaitsev/Stevens 44.87, Budd/Cheban 43.82, de la Mora/Wilson 43.40, Middleton/Evans (new) 43.15, Orr/Simpson (CAN, new) 41.58, Takai/Johnson 40.79, McDougal/Schatz 38.32, Dobson/Sheldrick (CAN) 35.37, Dai/Fishman 35.22, Weinberg/Lueck (new) 30.09
Novice Pairs SP
1-10: Gillett/Fernandez (new) 29.90, Bertsch/Hale 29.25, Knoop/Chinault 28.07, Gallagher/Horton 27.39, Eby/Varley (CAN) 24.35, Weinstein/Simon (new) 24.13, Wong/Su (CAN) 23.81, A & J Schneider-Farris 23.30, Burke/Schwab 19.39, DeMotte/Culpepper 18.38
Intermediate Pairs SP
1-6: J & W Hubbart (E) 29.06, C Hawkins/E Hartley (M) 23.11, J Tu/A Magnuson (M) 21.87 R Bennett/J Nussle (M) 20.96, T Rankie/R Beauchesne (CAN) 19.27, T Hliebay/J Schenten (M) 18.08

Junior Men SP
1-18: D Margalik (CAN) 54.03, N Tondreau-Alin (CAN) 50.04, L Ip (CAN) 49.99, T Hiwatashi (UGL) 48.98, D Takayama (EGL) 48.68, B Johnson (EGL) 47.18, N Vrdoljak (UGL) 46.36, B Toman (CAN) 46.27, D-O Boulanger-Trottier (CAN) 45.57, C Belmontes (SW) 44.99, D Wolfe (CAN) 42.74, D Neudecker (NWP) 42.13, B Jalovick (UGL) 40.38, K Shropshire (UGL) 38.82, N Nadeau (CAN) 38.77, M Brennan (CAN) 38.68, A Zahariev (CAN) 37.12, C A Wong (CAN) 32.19
Novice Men SP
1-14: E Stinehart (UGL) 39.10, C Johnson (UGL) 36.66, R Kahn (UGL) 36.22, E P Celestino (CAN) 35.28, D Wagner (UGL) 34.69, M Mitrofanov (SW) 32.90, J Simon (UGL) 31.41, Z Daleman (CAN) 30.65, K Wu (SW) 29.93, M Gorodnitsky (CAN) 27.36, A Balint (CAN) 27.18, I Kovler (CAN) 26.97, A Mains (SW) 25.00, A Magnuson (EGL) 23.40
Intermediate Men SP
1-10: J Wichmann (SW) 35.41, S Lunin (EGL) 30.49, W Hubbart (SA) 27.15, J DeWolfe (SWP) 24.27, A Lam (CAN) 23.13, S Parks (EGL) 22.19, J Sedlar (EGL) 21.95, K Prochnow (UGL) 21.53, D Erhardt (UGL) 18.01, J Kahn (UGL) 16.58

Novice Ladies SP, cont. (EGL region skaters are unmarked)
Group E 1-14: A Schumacher (CAN) 34.22, R Golubchik (RUS) 31.18, A Olson 28.13, K Stitz (CAN) 27.92, I Gamez (SA) 26.88, P Lee 26.72, H McLean (CAN) 26.58, G Le (UGL) 26.24 [higher TES[ M Gorodnitsky (CAN) 26.24, C Pekos (CAN) 25.52, A Parks 24.70, E Lui 24.50, C Ng (CAN) 23.46, M Ripley (CAN) 16.89
Group F 1-13: P Rydberg (UGL) 38.56, M Arn (UGL) 36.51, C Roslin 33.90, K Barta 29.25, J Rowland (SA) 28.72, H Aldahwi (SA) 27.59, K Mullen (CAN) 24.71, E Kovacevich (CAN) 23.57, B Race 23.56, C Power (CAN) 23.32, K Conway (CAN) 22.57, Z Gilligan (CAN) 18.88, D Sutherland (CAN) 18.73

Intermediate Ladies FS & Final standings (top 3 advance to Final; EGL region skaters are unmarked)
Group A 1-14: A Demma (UGL) 81.61, K Yan (UGL) 80.04, A Herbison 79.43, A Wang 76.99, T Wenger (SA) 70.83, A Gilmore 69.94, E Wellman 68.44, J Mendelsohn (UGL) 61.21, J Green 60.23, E Davidson (CAN) 58.67, I Schwob (UGL) 57.47, N Baumgartner 57.31, S Rice 52.20, A Mendez 48.88
Group B 1-13: E Enebak (UGL) 76.87, L Kim 76.44, A Dow (UGL) 74.60, W Reid 70.65, R Dashevsky 67.72, R Diemer (CAN) 62.50, S Pearson (UGL) 62.25, H Vanek (SW) 61.21, B Tudisco (CAN) 56.23, S Hice (NA) 54.08, T Beranger (SA) 53.69, M Mulligan 53.06, F Boden 44.81 [WD from FS: M Wheeler]
Group C 1-13: E Wolak 80.45, J Hubbart (SA) 79.01, J Tu 76.70, S Liberatore 75.78, R Baruch (UGL) 75.76, E Finger (UGL) 74.09, M Gagerman (UGL) 66.96, L Werner 66.30, A Gracheva (UGL) 62, D Fernandez (SA) 61, B Holleb (UGL) 58, M Fratczak 58 or 56?, O Strieleman (UGL) 40.70
(Groups D-E compete on Friday)

Juvenile Girls FS (EGL region skaters are unmarked)
Group A 1-13: E Belova (SW) 42.44, E Coleman (SA) 40.48, C Leonard (UGL) 39.99, D Szto (SW) 39.89, H Golden 33.36, M Tasich 31.51, A Kahaian 31.36, G Rossi (UGL) 29.73 [higher TES], G Gutierrez (UGL) 29.73, M Kaufman 28.35, T Yang (CAN) 25.45, N Fey 24.17, K Currie (SA) 21.04
Group B (photo not clear) 1-15: P James (SA) 44.01, M Mackinnon 42.18, D Wilson 39.44, J Vassel-Beasley 37.56?, H Vihnanek (UGL) 36?, L Jung (UGL) 35?, C Luck 33.23, K Keller 31, J Knoblauch (CAN) 30, C Benoit? (SW) 28, A Edmondson 27, M Fee? (UGL) 26, E Ng (CAN) 26, J Kaplowsky (UGL) 25, A Gillett (SA) 24
Group C 1-15: C Tenzin (UGL) 42.48, A Rich (SW) 42.30, C Mantsorov (SW) 39.63, E Takahashi (UGL) 35.38, K Matkin 35.15, S Abee 32.94, D Ward (SA) 31.94, B Miller 31.05, L Gibson 30.71, A Huang (UGL) 29.41, M Strieleman (UGL) 28.19, C Wagner 26.37, B Schapira 24.28, M Fox 23.16, P Gifford (UGL) 23.12
Group D (photo not clear) 1-14: A Cabacungen 41.40, S Lang (SW) 41.3?, C Williams 40.41, R Wall (UGL) 40.24, J Shi 40.20, S Hugec (UGL) 40.12, S Xia (UGL) 38?, A Le (UGL) 34, A Eby (CAN) 34, S Rose (SA) 31, G Miller 2?, S-K Giles 2?, L Peterson (SW) 27, C Apple 24

WEDNESDAY RESULTS (thank you to everyone who contributed result sheets!)
Intermediate Ladies SP (EGL region skaters are unmarked)
Group A 1-14: K Yan (UGL) 28.74, A Herbison 28.36, T Wenger (SA) 27.73, A Wang 27.59, A Demma (UGL) 27.43, E Wellman 25.05, J Green 24.72, A Gilmore 23.70, J Mendelsohn (UGL) 22.98, I Schwob (UGL) 20.57, E Davidson (CAN) 18.51, S Rice 17.64, N Baumgartner 16.79, A Mendez 16.14
Group B 1-14: L Kim 27.95, W Reid 27.25, A Dow (UGL) 25.42, E Enebak (UGL) 25.04, R Diemer (CAN) 24.80, R Dashevsky 23.49, S Hice (NA) 22.62, M Wheeler 22.34, H Vanek (SW) 21.88, B Tudisco (CAN) 21.77, S Pearson (UGL) 20.57, M Mulligan 19.65, F Boden 17.81, T Beranger (SA) 17.69
Group C 1-14: E Finger (UGL) 30.51, J Hubbart (SA) 29.76, E Wolak 28.85, R Baruch (UGL) 28.67, J Tu 28.50, S Liberatore 27.77, M Gagerman (UGL) 26.30, L Werner 25.84, D Fernandez (SA) 25.56, A Gracheva (UGL) 23.76, B Holleb (UGL) 22.93, M Fratczak 21.07, P Conrad 18.50, O Strieleman (UGL) 15.69
Group D 1-11: L Weinstein (UGL) 30.37, C Lau (SW) 28.22 [higher TES], M Murray 28.22, L Gwinn 26.83, T Bennett 26.64, S Rose (SA) 23.24, A Paul (CAN) 22.63, C Yamakawa 18.83, A Pekkola 17.95, K Marcin (UGL) 16.71, A Kormos 15.21
Group E 1-14: S Shi 31.50, A Proudlock 27.93, F Nguyen (UGL) 25.09, R Dobson (CAN) 24.78, M Seck (CAN) 24.68, M de Jong (CAN) 22.89, E Granata (SUI) 22.08, M Flood (SW) 22.06, M Cornett 21.12, Z Wilson (UGL) 20.92, K Germroth (SA) 20.09, K Beyer (SA) 19.55, J Heck (SW) 17.32, I Steinman (CAN) 16.95

Novice Ladies SP (EGL region skaters are unmarked)
Group A 1-15: K Doan (SW) 37.92, I Falsetti 32.02, V Chen 31.82, L Ream 30.96, T Weingarten 30.12, R LaFleche (CAN) 28.44, A D’Asti (CAN) 28.34, J Zwolski (UGL) 27.18, G Woodland (CAN) 26.94, J Rachuk (CAN) 26.67, M Halaburda 25.93, A Harris (CAN) 25.84, S Byerson-Butler (CAN) 24.05, T Steadman (CAN) 22.65, K Moerchen (CAN) 21.79
Group B 1-10: C Rackley 33.09, C Gillett (SA) 30.66, G Kaplow (SW) 30.40, D Chiera (SA) 30.20, E Walsh (CAN) 29.96, N D’Alessandro (CAN) 27.62, C Hui (CAN) 27.23, C Collins (CAN) 25.82, A Vanwynsberghe (CAN) 20.19, P Chupka (CAN) 19.30
Group C 1-14: S Danh (SW) 36.68, S Won (CAN) 34.92, K Decelles (CAN) 34.61, J Hussian (UGL) 30.13, M Boswell 30.12, A Lu (CAN) 26.66, Q Herbison 26.39 [higher TES], A Dion (CAN) 26.39, E Dinda (CAN) 26.07, C Ablack (CAN) 24.68, A Takanami (JPN) 24.27, J Day (CAN) 23.23, M Solomon (SA) 22.65, P Bartholomew 20.14
Group D 1-14: G Lin (CAN), 35.06, A Hu 34.31, M Keils 32.50, M Lo (CAN) 31.27, L Townsend (UGL) 29.77, H Watanabe (CAN) 29.19, M Lappin (CAN) 28.78, R Liberatore 28.28, R Kamer (UGL) 27.33, C Campbell (CAN) 27.05, C Seize (CAN) 26.37, M McCaw (CAN) 22.97, L White (CAN) 19.45, B Kaplanis (CAN) 18.35
[Groups E & F compete on Thursday]

Junior Ladies SP (EGL region skaters are unmarked)
Group A 1-14: A Glenn (SW) 51.58, I Dow (UGL) 44.82, S Zhao (SW) 44.31, B Tennell (UGL) 43.55, M DeLuca 39.08, M Farinella (SA) 36.59, M du Toit (RSA) 35.27, E Jour (CAN) 35.05, P Antifaoff (CAN) 35.02, Z Bell (CAN) 32.11, K Korcsog (CAN) 28.55, A Azhari (MAS) 24.14, A Cohen 21.85, J Schaar 17.20
Group B 1-14: I Perkucin (CAN) 42.75, C Yan (CAN) 38.86, R Chang (UGL) 38.39, A Grymski (UGL) 37.58, S Hardwick-Kelly (CAN) 34.60, L Shilling 33.60, A Fu (SW) 33.39, O Keils 33.31, L Barnett (CAN) 33.04, K Kramble (CAN) 31.98, B Carroll (CAN) 29.60, I Kalafatis 28.67, L Smith 27.85, I Daskas 27.52
Group C 1-14: M Flood (SW) 48.70, M Dunley (CAN) 42.90, E Decelles (CAN) 40.35, L Nasu-Yu (CAN) 36.17, H Bell (CAN) 35.02, H Klein (CAN) 33.87, A Uzumcu (UGL) 32.41, M Ratkovich (UGL) 31.18, K Strong 30.15, K Greenfield (CAN) 29.93, N Stute 29.91, M Poliziani (CAN) 27.68, I Reiches (UGL) 27.62, C Ullyett (CAN) 25.53
Group D 1-12: A Shin (SW) 49.93, Z Gong (CAN) 46.71, J Seguin (CAN) 46.53, C Ing (SIN) 40.73, B Pizzelanti (ITA) 36.79, K Marshall (CAN) 33.02, Y Wada 30.24, T Smith (CAN) 29.58, M Ghanam (CAN) 29.08 [higher TES], E Cullen (CAN) 29.08, Y Miao (SW) 27.48, N Deweyert (CAN) 24.99

The following list of entries was typed up from photos of selected parts of the 2013 Skate Detroit program book (many thanks to the person who sent them!). Competitors outside the Eastern Great Lakes (EGL) region have their region or country noted in parentheses below (sections are noted for U.S. pairs); the rest (unmarked) belong to EGL clubs. 2013 U.S. & Canadian National Nov.-Sr. placements are also included.

Senior Men (16 registered)
E Balde (CAN 4), S Davis (CAN 15), T Dolensky (SA), A Gonzales (SWP), G Hochstein 15 (NA), A Kan (CAN J1), L Kaugars J11 (SW), N Nguyen (CAN 6), P Parkinson (ITA), I Petkov (BUL), D Raad (SA), A Rogozine (CAN 3), D Rondeau (CAN), R Sadovsky (CAN J-wd), J Ten (CAN 8), R Yacobi-Harris (CAN)

Senior Ladies Group A (16)
Mariah Bell J2 (SW), A Chartrand (CAN 3), K Colby (UGL), G Daleman (CAN 2), C Gold (UGL), R Greben (CAN), R Kono (SW), M Long (CAN), C McDonnell (CAN J6), A Mieskoski, V Muniz (SWP), G Mutlu (CAN), [J Parker (GER)-wd], F Sheikh, D Sivak (UGL), M Steward (CAN J2)
Senior Ladies Group B (16)
[J Bauth (NA)-wd, Morgan Bell 18 (SW)-wd, K Charbonneau (CAN 9)-wd], C Christopher, R Fehr (UGL), G Glastris (GRE), J Gray (CAN), O Houston (CAN), D Koris (GRE), [K McBeath (NA)-wd], K McNeil (CAN 11), R Musselwhite (UGL), [E Nishimura (CAN)-wd], M Rioux-Ouellet (CAN J5), L Verhulst (UGL), A Walczyk

Senior Pairs (17 teams)
Baga/Toth 8 (E), Bereswill/Reagan (M, new), Bobak/Penasse (CAN, re-team), Brown/Furiano (CAN, new), Calalang/Sidhu J2 (M/P), Davis/Brubaker (P, new), Denney/Frazier 5 (E/P), Donlan/Speroff 6 (E), [Jones/Beharry (CAN S4)-wd], Kayne/O’Shea 7 (E/M), Kemp/King (GBR), Lawrence/Swiegers (CAN 3), Leng/LeDuc 9 (M), Moore-Towers/Moscovitch (CAN 2), Purdy/Marinaro (CAN 5), Rau/Rob Schultz (CAN, new), Zhang/Bartholomay 3 (E)

Junior Men (20)
C Belmontes (SW), D-O Boulanger-Trottier (CAN N1), M Brennan (CAN N4), J Highgate-Brutman, T Hiwatashi N1 (UGL), L Ip (CAN J4/HKG J1), B Jalovick (UGL), B Johnson, D Margalik (CAN J2), T Michaud (CAN N8), N Nadeau (CAN J6), D Neudecker (NWP), K Shropshire (UGL), D Takayama, B Toman (CAN J11), N Tondreau-Alin (CAN J9), N Vrdoljak N3 (UGL), D Wolfe (CAN J12), C A Wong (CAN N14), A Zahariev (CAN J13)

Junior Ladies Group A (16)
P Antifaoff (CAN N9), A Azhari (CAN/MAS), Z Bell (CAN), A Cohen, M DeLuca, I Dow (UGL), M du Toit (RSA), M Farinella (SA), A Glenn J5 (SW), E Jour (CAN), K Korcsog (CAN), [L Petkovic-wd, M Poliziani (CAN N2)-moved to Grp C], J Schaar, B Tennell N3 (UGL), Selena Zhao (SW)
Junior Ladies Group B (15)
L Barnett (CAN), [S Cabiles (PHI)-wd], B Carroll (CAN), R Chang (UGL), I Daskas, A Fu (SW), A Grymski (UGL), S Hardwick-Kelly (CAN), I Kalafatis, O Keils, K Kramble (CAN), I Perkucin (CAN), L Shilling, L Smith, C Yan (CAN)
Junior Ladies Group C (15)
H Bell (CAN J16), E Decelles (CAN N6), M Dunley (CAN J3), M Flood N4 (SW), K Greenfield (CAN), H Klein (CAN), L Nasu-Yu (CAN), M Ratkovich (UGL), I Reiches (UGL), [S Shim (CAN)-wd], K Strong, N Stute, [A Takai-wd], C Ullyett (CAN), A Uzumcu (UGL)
Junior Ladies Group D (16)
E Cullen (CAN), [K DeGuise Leveillee (CAN J17)-wd], N DeWeyert (CAN), M Ghanam (CAN), Z Gong (CAN N1), C Ing (SIN), K Marshall (CAN), Y Miao (SW), [C Nemastil=wd], B Pizzelanti (ITA), [B Safer (UGL)-wd], J Seguin (CAN S6), A Shin J11 (SW), T Smith (CAN), [T Steward (CAN)-wd], Y Wada

Junior Pairs (13 teams)
Budd/Cheban N2 (M/E), Dai/Fishman N5 (M), de la Mora/Wilson J5 (M), Dobson/Sheldrick (CAN N1), Liu/Perini J4 (M/P), McDougal/Schatz (M/E), Middleton/Evans (P/M, new), Oltmanns/Santillan J11 (M/P), Orr/Simpson (CAN, new), Seguin/Bilodeau (CAN, new), Takai/Johnson N4 (M), Weinberg/Lueck (M/E, new), Zaitsev/Stevens N1 (M)

Novice Pairs (10 teams)
Bertsch/Hale (M), Burke/Schwab (E), DeMotte/Culpepper (M), Eby/Varley (CAN), Gallagher/Horton N8 (M), Gillett/Fernandez (E, new), Knoop/Chinault N6 (E), A & J Schneider-Farris (P/M), L Weinstein/J Simon (M, new), Wong/Su (CAN N6)

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2013 Liberty Summer Competition results

Posted by unseenskaters on July 18, 2013

IJS events are Wednesday, July 17 through Saturday, July 20, 2013. Click here for Liberty event information (7/23/13 update: IJS results and detailed protocols are published on the Schedules & Results page). Scoretracker and Top Ten will be updated by July 28).

IceNetwork’s Senior Ladies’ FS recap article

IceNetwork on Senior Men’s FS (Manella, Messing), Junior/Novice roundup & more

IceNetwork’s Backstage Photo Gallery

Liberty results & news via SylviaUnseen’s Twitter

Some Senior Ladies/Men SP & FS videos

Saturday Results sheet photos:
Senior Ladies FS 1-23 & Senior Ladies FS 24-32
Senior Men FS
Junior Ladies FS Final ; Novice Ladies FS Final; Intermediate Ladies FS Final ;Juvenile Girls FS Final
Friday Results sheet photos:
Senior Pairs FS (see below for Senior Pairs SP results)
Senior Men SP (see below for Senior Ladies SP results)
Junior Men FS
Junior Ladies FS A & Junior Ladies FS B (top 9 in each qualified for Final)
Thursday Results sheet photos:
Junior Men SP ; Junior Ladies SP Final
Novice Men SP (see below for Friday’s Novice Men FS results)
Novice Ladies SP Final ; Intermediate Ladies SP Final
Intermediate Men SP & Juvenile Boys FS (see below for Int. Men FS results)
Wednesday Results sheet photos:
Junior Ladies SP A & Junior Ladies SP B (top 9 in each qualified for Final)

More Friday results:
Senior Pairs FS (2 teams, both new): Natalja Zabijako/Aleksandr Zaboev (EST) 89.13, Anya Davidovich/Evgeny Krasnopolsky (ISR) 66.40
Senior Men SP:
1-3: L Manella (BRA) 66.28 – Beatles’ “A Day in the Life” by Jeff Beck – 3A, 3Lz turnout 3T, 3F;
K Messing (NWP) 65.00 – “Sing Sing Sing” from last season – 1A, 3Lz+3T nice, big Russian split jump to 3F;
A Zahradnicek (FRA) 58.02 – race car theme – 3A, 3F+3T<?, 2Lz;
4-10: C Dion (CAN) 56.54 3F+2T, 2A, 3Lz; B Vigorito (NE) 48.95 3Lo+2T step out, 3F, 2A; E Savary (SA) 47.31 3S, 2A, 3F+3T fall; M Atanassov (BUL) 45.81, M Silecky (NA) 44.95, O Bychenko (ISR) 44.03, K Alves (BRA) 39.44 [WD: S Carriere (NE)]
Senior Ladies SP
Note: Competitors outside the South Atlantic (SA) region have their region or country noted in parentheses; the rest belong to SA clubs.
1-6: S Cesario (NA) 57.05 – “Fever” – 3Lo+3Lo<, 3F high, 2A [Video here];
V Mallet (CAN) 51.77 – lyrical piano & violin piece – 3Lo+2T, 3T, 2A;
Y Siraj (NE) 46.95 – Delibes' "Flower Duet" I think – 3T hand down 2T, 3Lo, 2A step out [Video here];
F Maxwell (LUX) 46.34 – "I'll Stand By You" instrumental – 3S+2T, 2A, 3T;
R Cournoyer (CAN) 45.73 – 3F+2T, 3Lo, 2A fall;
A Cain (SW) 43.66 – Flamenco – 1Lz, 3F fall [stopped program due to boot issue; resumed after boot was taped up], finished rest of program & landed 2A;
7-12: R Rheault (CAN) 43.46 3T+2T, 3F? fall, 2A; I Williams (BRA) 43.42 – "Dark Eyes" – 3Lz turnout 2T, 3S, 2A step out; M Yang 42.91 pretty good 3F+3Lo attempt; C Ruest (CAN) 41.96, J Gosselin (CAN) 40.67, E Gedevanishvili (GEO) 40.38 – Sviridov's "Romance" from The Snowstorm – 3Lz fall, 2T+2T, 1A;
13-34: N Rajic (SVK) 38.55, A Buchanan (NE) 38.28, A Kononenko (UKR) 36.59, L Thomas 36.00, I Gonzalez Sigler 35.37, E Agler (NA) 34.62, E Eng (NA) 34.12, M Crawford 33.96, D Montalbano (ISR) 32.88, E Komes 31.72, M Chang (TPE) 31.43, H Serafini (NA) 31.24, K Bergdolt 31.18, J Hu 30.38, B Skarulis (NA) 28.89, D Fanelle 27.66, S Yasenka 26.86, C Trimilove 26.16, K Maratea (NA) 26.16, C Magill (NE) 25.08, E McNally (NE) 23.93, S Hsieh (NA) 20.11
Novice Ladies FS (top 4 advance to Final on Saturday; top 6 in each group plus all scores above 50.00 listed below)
Group A 1-4: E Ma (NA) 69.54, R Peng (NE) 67.47, G Moyer 53.94, I Schwarz (NA) 52.53; 5-7: N Wang (NA) 52.53, R Onuma (NA) 50.68, J Chen 50.22
Group B 1-4: C Berrios 84.64 (3Lz+2T, 3F, 3Lo+2Lo, 2A+2T+2Lo, 3S & 2A), J Baseman (NE) 63.36, C Rodriguez (SW) 60.14, E Mikawa 59.32; 5-6: A Young 45.35, E Duong 42.57
Group C 1-4: A Qiao 61.78, K Nanista (NA) 60.69, I Dost (NE) 60.34, J Biechler 60.01;
5-6: R Chabot (CAN) 59.47, J Steeger (NE) 54.45
Group D 1-4: H Peterson (NA) 65.39, E Romola 61.59, S Steeman 54.22 B Bennett 54.01; 5-6: E Boas 51.13, K D’Agostino (NE) 45.77
Novice Men FS
1-7: S Conlon (NA) 81.97, E Sjoberg 71.15, J Barrett 68.11, A Uhrig 61.20, M Belovol (UGL) 59.19, R Burghart (NWP) 57.70, S Judd 48.22
Intermediate Ladies FS (top 4 advance to Final on Saturday; top 6 in each group listed below)
Group A 1-4: A Paganini (NA) 56.10, C Kent 55.53, M-K Mulera 50.86, S Colon (SW) 45.06; 5-6: G Dixon (SW) 43.86, I Sherman (NA) 43.53
Group B 1-4: T Roohan (NA) 52.55, A Kubik (NE) 51.60, T Rotella (NE) 50.80, H Beavers 50.36; 5-6: M Crawford 45.10, L Erdman 43.82
Group C 1-4: B Adler (NA) 52.88, D Anzalone (NA?) 46.96, G Tate Collins 45.05, H Shelly 43.12; 5-6: L Zhong 41.93, M Belgrave (NA) 41.67
Group D 1-4: M Zhang Nacke 51.31, M Leighow 49.90, R Seavey (NA) 44.13, L Anderson (NE) 43.17; 5-6: A Zimmerman (NA) 39.13, M Brown 38.32
Intermediate Men FS
1-6: S Rossi (NA) 46.03, K Mikawa 44.02, P Liu 42.63, D Varghese (NA) 28.33, D Shapiro 27.89, C-H Liao (TPE) 26.37

Thursday results, cont.:
Senior Pairs SP (EST & ISR teams):
Zabijako/Zaboev (EST) 42.07, Davidovich/Krasnopolsky (ISR) 39.99
Junior Ladies SP Final
Jump notes for top 7 from the detailed protocol: S Martin (CAN) 46.55 – Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” – 3T+2T, 3Lo, 2A; B Laxson 45.93 3Lz<+2T, 3Lo, 2A fell after landing; O Serafini (NA) 45.41 3T+'tano 2T, 3Lo, 2A; E Taylor (SW) 44.54 – Debussy's "Reverie" – 2Lo, 3T+2T, 2A; B McIsaac 43.80 – The Cotton Club soundtrack – 2A<, 3Lz<(e)+2T, 3Lo< ; K Cheremsky (ISR) 42.86 – Carmen – 3Lz<+2T, 3Lo<, 2A; M Vinci 42.81 – Cinema Paradiso soundtrack – 3S+2Lo, 3Lo< fall, 2A<. Note: M Flood (SW) was the only one to attempt a 3-3, landing 3T+3T<.
Juvenile Girls FS qualifying (top 4 advance to Final on Saturday; top 6 in each group plus all scores above 32.00 listed below)
Note: Competitors outside the South Atlantic (SA) region have their region noted in parentheses; the rest belong to SA clubs.
Group A 1-4: T Cui 43.48, A Shin (NA) 42.37, N Albrechtovics (NA) 36.46, S Cooke (NE) 35.37; 5-7: E Murdock (NA) 35.36, S Tapia (NE) 33.26, A Le (NA) 32.39
Group B 1-4: M Burghdorf 41.00, M Ignacio 40.54, S Insinger (NA) 34.09, E Schacher (NA) 33.69; 5-6: A Chen (NA) 33.38, E Ferwerda 32.23
Group C 1-4: K Mai 45.43, H Rotman 42.75, H Jo 41.51, J Bozzetti (NA) 40.32; 5-6: M Du 34.98, L Crocker 32.41
Group D 1-4: L Hayes (NE) 47.24, H Feng 41.8, J Passaro (NA) 37.51, J Jahng (NA) 37.36; 5-8: R Ashapatov (NA) 33.79, B Catalano (NE) 32.98, E Kavitt 32.18, M Nickel (NA) 32.12
Group E 1-4: K Nakao (NA) 40.45, S Granger 40.27, D Chang (NE) 37.56, S Colon (SW) 37.54; 5-6: E Dean (NA) 33.83, J Katz (NA) 30.01

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