Skate Wilmington Added to Scoretracker

Posted by unseenskaters on August 3, 2010

Red, White and Blue Ice, hosted by Vaca Valley FSC, has been added as well.

NOTE: Each time Scoretracker is updated, the official results links (where available) are added to the COMPETITIONS section of this site.

THANKS to the person who sent in these jump notes/some of the singles highlights from Skate Wilmington for posting here. Corrections are welcomed (you can submit your comments by using the form below; comments are not made public).

Novice Men’s SP:
M Mimidis was clean with 3Lo+2T, 3F, and 2A. Quite a lot of one-foot footwork in the step sequence. Score was 43.40.

Junior Men’s SP:

A Zahradnicek: 3F+2T, 3Lo, 2A. A very long step sequence. Finished a bit behind the music [“Libertango” by Piazzolla]. 27.73 (TES) + 24.50 (PCS) = 52.23

A Wagner: 3F+3T, 3Lo, 2A. Some issues on the flying camel (though it began in quite a nice position) and the combo spin (for which he received no credit). Music was from the Out of Africa soundtrack. 24.36 + 24.26 = 48.62

C Berneck (GER): 3F+2T, 3Lo fall out, 2A. 23.07 + 23.07 = 46.14

Senior Ladies SP:
A Wagner: 3F+2T, 3Lz, 2A. The edge on the Lutz is clearly improved. The technical panel didn’t ding her on it, and there were no negative GOEs — actually, she had no negatives on any element. She warmed up single Lutzes, obviously concentrating on the edge. Music was Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.” 28.67 + 24.14 = 52.81

Senior Men’s SP:
A Mahbanoozadeh: 3A leaning, popped Lz (no combo), 3F. +1 GOE from all judges on the Level-4 steps, which began with a lot of one-foot footwork. “Mario Takes a Walk” and “Prelude” (Spanish guitar music) by Jesse Cook. 28.57 + 31.34 = 59.91

Junior Men’s FS:

Zahradnicek: 3F+3T, 3Lo, 3Lz, 3F, 3Lz+2T, 3S, 2A, 2A. Some -1 GOEs on both Lutz passes; otherwise, the only negatives were on the closing flying sit spin. Ended after the music [Puccini’s Tosca]. He’s really powering into the opening (intended) 3F+3T in both programs. The 3F covers a lot of ice. 59.72 + 54.00 = 113.72

Senior Ladies FS:

F. Zhang (season debut of her FS, music unknown): 3F tilted/reaching, 3Lz fall, 3T+2T, 2Lz(I think) tilted/step out, spread eagle to 2A with turn-out?, spiral to 3T, 2A+2T+2T with turnout. Program flowed well. 42.83 + 38.27 (-1) = 80.10

Wagner: 3F+2T (not quite enough flow to go for 3-3), Y-spiral into 2A, 3Lz fall, 3-turns into 3Lo step-out, 3S, 3Lo+2T, 1F+1T (looked intentional, possibly so she could do justice to the step sequence immediately following). 48.03 + 53.33 (-1) = 100.36
She was clearly having to think about the choreography [this was her season debut of “Malaguena” by Lecuona]; I couldn’t really get a feel for the program at this point. She has tweeted about having done very, very few run-throughs. Again, she warmed up a couple of single Lutzes, staying on the outside edge.

Senior Men’s FS:
Mahbanoozadeh: 3F, 3A bending (not enough flow for combo), 3Lz+2T (not enough flow for 3-3), slow 3-turns to 3Lo turn-out, 3A+2T, spread eagles into 3F step-out immediately into flying combo spin, 3S, 2Lz+2T (looked intentional). 68.26 + 64.84 = 133.10

Music from Avatar soundtrack begins with a sort of flute (pan pipe?), then eventually segues into a fuller orchestral sound. As this was the season debut of his program, he is not yet skating the program with the conviction he’ll have as the season progresses, but it seems to be coming along well.


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