2011 Skate Detroit, July 19-23

Posted by unseenskaters on July 13, 2011

The Skate Detroit competition, hosted by the Detroit SC, will take place July 19-23 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Click here for Schedule and Roster/Groups

* = in USFS’ International Selection Pool

SENIOR MEN (10 registered)
Kevin Alves BRA, Elladj Balde CAN, William Brewster, *Jonathan Cassar, Shaquille Davis CAN, Garrett Gosselin CAN, *Armin Mahbnoozadeh, *Keegan Messing, Patrick Myzyk CAN, *Alex Zahradnicek.

B Bereswill, K Charbonneau CAN, C Christopher, A Cobb, A DeSanctis CAN, *A Gilles, V Grenier CAN, R Hamui MEX, *N Jiang, R Jones, M Kalina, K Kang CAN, J Kastely, D Koris, M Long, K McNeil CAN, A Najarro CAN, K Robinson, F Sheikh, M Ure CAN.

S Abou-Nasr, Z Brown CAN, M Chung CAN, *A Dobbs, G Glastris GRE, K Hole CAN, B Hughes, R Inoda CAN, C Katz, H Kimberly, M Koehler, J Lenuik CAN, A Miller, K Morawski, E Nishimura CAN, B Papp FIN, K Qian CAN, K Sobkowich CAN, S Sylvester, K J West.

SENIOR PAIRS (3 teams)
*Andrews/LeDuc, *Katz/Lynch, Marinaro/Purdy CAN.

JUNIOR PAIRS (6 teams)
Arpin/Jurkiewicz CAN, Brown/Deschamps CAN, *Calalang/Sidhu, Pearce/Norris, Powers/Powers, Simpson/Blackmer.

JUNIOR LADIES (4 qualifying groups) include:
M Bell & B Long in Group A; G Gold & K Shpilband in B; *H Miller in C; J Bauth in D.

Note: M Hubbell/Z Donohue (new) and *A Olson/J Cowan reportedly are scheduled for Senior Dance exhibitions.


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