JGP #3 in Gdansk, Poland

Posted by unseenskaters on September 15, 2011

Follow Sylvia on Twitter for results/scores from the JGP in Poland on Saturday & the Middle Atlantics club competition in NYC!

Team USA results:
MEN: J Farris GOLD 202.45 (126.76 FS), D Wang 5th 161.85 (106.73)
LADIES: S Cesario BRONZE 153.84 (101.62 FS), L Dinh 6th 123.20 (76.27)
PAIRS: Simpson/Blackmer GOLD (141.42; 92.53 FS), Calalang/Sidhu 4th (122.81; 80.70 FS), Aaron/Settlage 5th (118.51; 75.75 FS)
DANCE: Parsons/Parsons 9th (107.97), Mancini/Brooks 10th (103.49)

Click here to view Team USA backstage photos

Click here to view action photos of all the competitors plus podium shots

Click here to view Men’s SP & FS Videos (in skate order)

Click here to view Short & Free Dance Videos (in skate order)

Click here to view Ladies’ SP & FS Videos (in skate order)

Click here to view Videos of Pairs’ SP & FS (in skate order)

Thursday, September 15 Event Schedule converted to Eastern Time (Poland is 6 hours ahead):

5:00 am Junior Ladies Short Program top 8: J Lipnitskaia RUS 60.37, S Miyahara JPN 56.46, S Cesario USA 52.22, K Charbonneau CAN 48.91, M Sato JPN 47.20, L Dinh USA 46.93, A Ventard FRA 45.06, K Zaseeva RUS 45.00

9:30 am Junior Pairs Short Program top 5: Simpson/Blackmer USA 48.89, Tudvaseva/Lisiev RUS 45.17, Aaron/Settlage USA 42.76, Calalang/Sidhu USA 42.11, Bobak/Beharry CAN 41.63

12:15 pm Junior Men Short Program top 8: J Farris USA 75.69, A Dmitriev RUS 66.88, R Kihara JPN 59.98, V Tarasenko RUS 58.68 D Wang USA 55.12, S Angers CAN 51.44, C Tetar FRA 50.44, S Uno JPN 48.69

Click here for Starting Orders / “Live” Results / Detailed Protocols


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