A Note To Our Readers

Posted by unseenskaters on September 20, 2011

Thank you to everyone who has been sending us results from recent competitions, or letting us know that results have been posted. We wish we had the time to thank you individually, but we are working hard to get results into Scoretracker as quickly as possible. We appreciate your input!

Here are some answers to questions we have received recently regarding how Scoretracker works:

1. In general, Scoretracker lists the top twenty scores in the Juvenile, Intermediate and Novice categories by Region, and the top twelve scores in Junior and Senior. We list all pair scores.

2. It is our policy not to combine final round and preliminary round scores, except in the case where a preliminary round short program score is used as the qualifier to a free skate final round (as at the Middle Atlantic Championships.)

3. We are a volunteer operation, so we rely upon receiving official results from our readers if scores are not published on/linked from the Club Comps page. Please remember that we prefer scans or photos of official results sheets in their entirety (not just scores for one skater), and they can be sent to unseenskaters@gmail.com.

Thanks again, and keep an eye here as we update Scoretracker. There will be a lot of additions soon!


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