Good Luck to All Skaters at North Atlantic, Upper Great Lakes & Southwest Pacific Regionals!

Posted by unseenskaters on October 15, 2011

The second set of U.S. Regionals is taking place October 14-18, 2011 in Amherst, New York, Richfield, Minnesota, and Ontario, California, and competition starts on Saturday:

North Atlantic Regional Starting Orders/Live Results

Upper Great Lakes Starting Orders/Live Results

SWP Starting Orders/Live Results

Sylvia is tweeting Regionals highlights & high scores as time permits

Best wishes to each and every skaters at these 3 Regionals!

UPDATE: Many thanks to the person who sent in this report late Friday night (Oct. 15) for posting!

Just got back from watching the Senior Ladies short program at SWP Regionals. Sophia Adams was great, good speed and attack, and she always has such lovely spins. It was great to see Anna Malkova return to the ice, she nailed her jumps and seemed very confident. Danielle Kahle did not have the best outing I’ve ever seen from her, but she fought through her program. Significant withdrawals were Ellie Kawamura (not listed in the starting order) and Lindsay Davis (first in starting order).

I was really impressed with Leah Keiser. She has such nice control on her jumps, and really delivered a solid, graceful program, and smiled throughout her skate. The audience response was strong, and I was expecting a much higher score (as I think others were, because when her score was announced, people around me looked surprised.) There really seems to be a disconnect between what is seen from the stands and what the judges see, and I think that’s a problem for the sport – if you can’t “see” what the judges and technical panels are seeing, it will certainly make things confusing for fans.

Courtney Hicks was there watching the Senior Ladies wearing a cast on her leg, she was smiling and signing autographs. Such a shame that she got hurt and I’ll be rooting for her come back strong!

If anyone else would like to submit their first-hand reports or impressions from Regionals for public viewing in this blog, you can do so via the Contact or Submit Reply links on this site or via email here (and let us know how or if you would like to be credited).


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