2011 Ice Challenge (Senior B in Graz, Austria) + live video stream

Posted by unseenskaters on November 1, 2011

Ice Challenge is taking place this week in Graz, Austria, and is a Senior B competition for 5 U.S. entries – Stephen Carriere, Caroline Zhang, Andrea Poapst/Christopher Knierim (their international debut), Lynn Kriengkrairut/Logan Giuietti-Schmitt & Isabella Cannuscio/Ian Lorello.

Starting Orders/Results/Protocols

Event site with link to LIVE VIDEO STREAM (Exhibition Gala can be rewatched now)

Team USA backstage photos

Blog by Lynn & Logan

Photos by Lynn & Logan

Isabella’s Blog & Photos

Thursday's Team USA results:
Sr Pairs SP: Poapst/Knierim 1st (51.71)
Sr Short Dance: Cannuscio/Lorello 1st (52.75); K/G-S 2nd (51.88)
Sr Men SP: Carriere 1st (71.96)

Friday's Team USA results:
Sr Ladies SP: Zhang 1st (52.82)
Sr FD: K/G-S win Gold (86.19 1st in FD, 138.07 overall), C/L win Silver (82.13 2nd in FD, 134.88)
Sr Pairs FS: P/K win Gold (91.42 1st in FS, 143.14 overall)

Saturday's Team USA results:
Sr Ladies FS: Zhang wins Gold (99.90 2nd in FS, 152.72 overall)
Sr Men FS: Carriere wins Gold (143.24 1st in FS, 215.20)


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