2012 U.S. Junior Figure Skating Championships: the “final edition” in this format!

Posted by unseenskaters on December 9, 2011

BEST WISHES to everyone participating in the 2012 U.S. Junior Figure Skating Championships (“Junior Nationals” for the Intermediate and Juvenile levels), December 10-14, 2011, in East Lansing, Michigan. This will be the final edition of this competition in its current format — hope it’s a good one!

Visit our Junior Nationals event page for a list of skater & event article links and the Regional scores (singles) and Sectional scores (pairs/dance) of all the Juvenile and Intermediate level qualifiers.

Starting Orders/Results page

IceNetwork’s Videos

Official practices start on Saturday, December 10; Intermediate singles qualifying rounds take place on Sunday, December 11; and Juvenile singles qualifying rounds are on Monday, December 12. IceNetwork will stream all the Intermediate events live on Tuesday and Wednesday. GOOD LUCK and may you ALL skate to the BEST of your abilities! 🙂

2012 U.S. MEDALISTS (added on 12/15/11)
Intermediate Ladies: Ashley Shin (99.41), Elizabeth Nguyen (99.06), Tyler Pierce (95.89), Dalia Rivkin (95.24)
Intermediate Men: Tomoki Hiwatashi (102.34), Sean Conlon (84.68), Paolo Borromeo (81.84), Harrison Wong (81.23)
Intermediate Pairs: Madeleine Gallagher/Jonathon Horton (62.60), Sophia Dai/Jeffrey Fishman (58.00), Caroline Yu/Brian Johnson (52.20), Juliana May/Cody Dolkiewicz (51.86)
Intermediate Dance: Gigi Becker/Luca Becker (96.21), Julia Biechler/Alexander Petrov (94.07), Sammi Wren/Alexey Shchepetov (88.37), Kimberly Berkovich/Micah Jaffe (86.30)
Juvenile Girls: Caitlin Nguyen (49.65), Tessa Hong (48.05), Ashlee Raymond (45.46), Aurora Abraham (45.27)
Juvenile Boys: Andrew Torgashev (54.02), Kellen Johnson (51.59), Jun-Hong Chen (51.02), Eric Sjoberg (49.12)
Juvenile Pairs: Gabriella Marvaldi/Kyle Hogeboom (38.23), Alicia Bertsch/Austin Hale (37.62), Joanna Hubbart/William Hubbart (36.74), Darbie Burke/Griffin Schwab (35.64)
Juvenile Dance: Eliana Gropman/Ian Somerville (83.71), Gwen Sletten/Elliot Verburg (80.63), McKenzie Schurman/Chandler Schaak (77.80), Madison Fox/Val Katsman (70.36)


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