2012 May Day Open unofficial results/scores

Posted by unseenskaters on May 12, 2012

Thanks to the helpful person who sent me these unofficial results/partial scores from the May Day Open competition in Laurel, Maryland.

Skaters from North Atlantic (NA) and Eastern Great Lakes (EGL) clubs are indicated; the rest (unmarked) are skaters from South Atlantic clubs.


Novice Ladies SP:
1-5 scores: M Carter 34.40, E Romola 33.84, M O’Connell 33.42, B McIsaac 31.74, D Rivkin (NA) 30.39;
6-22: K Curran, T Terpos, J McNamara (NA), V Boinest, K Morris, M Kiatrungrit, C Burkhardt (EGL), I Blank, L Nara-Yoshimura, M Newlin, G Bloomfield, A Rendina (NA), L Hamner, G Presto (NA), K Duncan, K Rasmussen (NA), A Alexander.

Junior Ladies SP:
1-5 scores: M Yang 39.36, E Agler (NA) 32.95, M Chang 30.11, B Lee 29.40, D Rivkin (NA) 27.07;
6-7: C Cleveland, Al. Chow (NA).

Junior Men SP (2): M Mimidis 42.04, J Schetelich (NA) 41.04

Intermediate Men SP (4): E Sjoberg 29.36, W Uhrig 21.46, N Krupnick (NA) 20.62, L Gold 16.69


Intermediate Men FS (2): E Sjoberg 55.56, W Uhrig 38.14

Juvenile Boys FS (2): K Mikawa 30.36, R Dunk 23.94

Intermediate Ladies SP A:
1-6 scores: M Leighow 28.54, G Bozzetti (NA) 26.01, E Mikawa 25.84, C Wozniak 25.25, M Plank 23.90, L Marks 23.44;
7-13: J Oh, A Qiao, S Hampton, T DuBois, E Hautbois, L Levinson, A Ambrose.

Intermediate Ladies SP B:
1-5 scores: M Shi 28.27, S Chang 25.69, J Albaugh 25.21, A Teutsch 25.01, K Timlen 23.60;
6-13: G Rathbun, L Lapane, D Cox, D Digirolamo, J Choi, K Clifford, L Xie, L Bretscher.

Intermediate Ladies SP C:
1-6 scores: C Kent 27.57, M Sumithipala 26.66, E Anderson 25.82, S Park 25.58, M Lee 25.16, Z Humeau 25.15;
7-13: K Robey, N James, S Young, T Wang, K Germroth, S Dower, N Tinkelman.

Novice Ladies FS:
1-5 scores: D Rivkin (NA) 63.92, E Romola 60.58, T Terpos 56.04, B McIsaac 55.72, L Nara-Yoshimura 50.18;
6-22: K Curran, A M Seifert, M Carter, K Morris, M O’Connell, M Kiatrungrit, C Burkhardt (EGL), J McNamara (NA), V Boinest, G Bloomfield, I Blank, K Rasmussen (NA), M Newlin, A Rendina (NA), L Hamner, G Presto (NA), S Sacher.

Senior Ladies SP:
1-5: C Taylor (NA) 39.91, K McBeath (NA) 39.04, E Komes 36.18, An. Chow (NA) 25.79, R Jones (EGL) 24.14.

Junior Ladies FS:
1-5: M Yang 67.97, B Lee 63.79, E Agler (NA) 61.84, M Chang 51.61, Al. Chow (NA) 46.60 (rest withdrew).

Junior Men FS (1): J Schetelich (NA) 101.81
Novice Men FS (1): O Melnyk 59.60


Intermediate Ladies SP Final:
C Kent 29.35, M Leighow 28.83, E Mikawa 27.38, J Albaugh 27.04, S Park 27.04;
6-12: M Sumathipala, M Shi, E Anderson, C Wozniak, G Bozzetti (NA), A Teutsch, S Chang.

Juvenile Girls FS A:
1-5 scores: C Colsia 38.90, M Shi 38.66, N Bizzano 33.35, C Sterman 32.21, M Stanley 31.16;
6-17: S Furman, M Ignacio, J Wu, J Bozzetti (NA), M Carlon, G Stulman, S Gold, A Beebe, R Ellis, H Martin, A Bruder, V Richardson.

Juvenile Girls FS B:
1-5 scores: C Kent 44.40, A Mitchell 34.40, K Mai 33.71, S Park 33.54, L Erdman 32.89;
6-17: S Kammann, K Jolly, C Strong, G Collins, G Rathbun, M Du, B Santiago (NA), M Burghdorf, L Xie, H Mahle, B Cosentino (NA), K Cabrera.

Intermediate Ladies FS A:
1-5 scores: M Leighow 53.84, C Wozniak 48.37, E Mikawa 44.67, S Chang 44.48, M Plank 44.45;
6-14: A Qiao, L Marks, J Albaugh, R Premaratne, J Oh, D Cox, G Bozzetti (NA), S Hampton, T Dubois.

Intermediate Ladies FS B:
1-5 scores: M Sumathipala 49.27, E Stoupaki 43.39, M Lee 43.21, Z Humeau 43.00, E Anderson 41.43;
6-16: S Young, K Robey, A Teutsch, K Germroth, T Wang, N James, K Timlen, J Digirolamo, L Lapane, S Dower, K Clifford.

Senior Ladies FS:
1-5 scores: K McBeath (NA) 62.62, C Taylor (NA) 61.34, E Komes 51.92, R Jones (EGL) 45.10, An. Chow (NA) 43.00.


Intermediate Ladies Final:
1-5 scores: M Leighow 51.64, M Lee 47.06, C Wozniak 46.83, Z Humeau 45.61, E Stoupaki 43.90;
6-12: M Sumathipala, E Mikawa, A Qiao, E Anderson, S Chang, S Young, M Plank.

Juvenile Girls Final
1-5 scores: C Kent 44.85, M Shi 36.68, L Erdman 35.40, K Mai 34.44, C Colsia 32.77;
6-12: S Furman, C Sterman, M Stanley, S Kammann, A Mitchell, N Bizzano, S Park.

UPDATE: A link to the official, complete May Day Open results can be found on the CLUB COMPS page. Scoretracker will be updated by May 21, 2012.


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