Scoretracker & Top Ten Updated; Policy Change on combining scores from the same competition

Posted by unseenskaters on June 7, 2012

Both Scoretracker and Top Ten have been updated today with the official, published results from 4 of this past weekend’s competitions: Seattle SC’s Ice Fest, the All Year FSC Competition, White Rose Invitational, and Cherry Classic.

A BIG Thank You to the very nice person who sent us the complete results from the Santa Fe (New Mexico) SkateFest, as well as to the folks who have contributed official result sheets from Skate La Grande (Juvenile Girls) and Morris Open (Intermediate Ladies & Juvenile Girls). All of these scores have been entered into Scoretracker.

If anyone else would like to help us out with any still unpublished competition results (check the CLUB COMPS page to see which competitions are missing online results), please e-mail us a scan or a photograph of an official event results sheet to Unseen Skaters Online. Your contributions are always appreciated!

We would like to point out that a change was made recently to our “How Scoretracker Works” document as follows:

2012 CHANGE IN POLICY: If there are qualifying and final rounds for Intermediate, Novice, Junior and/or Senior ladies, the highest SP and highest FS score from the same competition now will be combined.

As always, please feel free to contact us with your feedback or any constructive comments about this site (as volunteers, we may not always be able to respond right away or to answer every e-mail, but we try our best to do so!).


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