2012 Boston Open (June 22-23) – live, free video stream

Posted by unseenskaters on June 22, 2012

The Boston Open, hosted annually by the Skating Club of Boston, has a free, live video stream on Friday, June 22 and Saturday, June 23, 2012, again this year.

Click here to view the free, live stream

Click here to view the event schedule (all times are Eastern)

Many thanks to the person who submitted the following observations and unofficial scores (corrections welcomed) from Friday’s and Saturday’s Boston Open video stream for posting here (notes added later by Sylvia [are in brackets]:

Senior Men SP (exhibition):
Harrison Choate: 3Lz+3T, solid 3F, spread eagle into 2A. 59.24 [Note: 31.40 TES/27.84 PCS; Latin medley of “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White” and “Mambo Jambo” by Perez Prado].

Senior Ladies SP (6 competed):
Rachel Zeppi: 2A weak landing, 3S good, 2Lz+2T Skating to a flowy piece by Secret Garden. 20.10 + 17.34 = 37.44

Haley Dunne: 3F fall, 3Lz+1T, 2A. Feed went out while scores were announced [Note: Dunne later tweeted her score – 44.74 – 24.80 TES/20.94 PCS – and confirmed her SP music is “Fascination” by Andre Rieu (originally from Love In the Afternoon).]

Lauren Lampiasi: 2F+2T, 2A fall, 2S fall. Violin music. 14.30 + 14.86 = 27.16

Jade Dube: 3Lo< step out, 2A< fall, big 2F with arms over head. 12.00 + 13.76 = 24.56

Alexandria Shaughnessy: 3S< fall, 2A, 2Lz. Pretty layback. Piano music. 17.00 + 17.98 = 33.88

Yasmin Siraj: 3T+2T, 3Lz fall, great layback spin, big 2A turn out. Last year's short program music [Ravel's "Daphnis and Chloe"] 25.80 + 20.26 = 45.06

Senior Ladies FS (4 competed)
Rachel Zeppi: 2A, 2Lz-2T, 3S step out, 1A, 2F arms over head, 3S step out, 2Lz-2T. smooth, light quality to her skating. 26.84 + 32.10 = 57.94

Haley Dunne: 3F, rockers into 3Lz fall, 3T, 3F-2T, 3S-2T, 2A, 1Lz, Very graceful, good choreography. 43.07 + 43.61 = 85.68 [Symphonic Dances by Rachmaninov]

Yasmin Siraj: 3T-2T, 3Lz fall, 2S, 2A, 1Lz, combo spin with change of direction, 2T, 2A-2T-2Lo. Certainly not her best jump wise, but it is her first competition and she tends to improve as the season goes on. Very musical as always. 40.12 + 45.03 = 84.15 [“Seven Years in Tibet” soundtrack]

Jenelle Herman: 3T-2T, 2A, walley 3T fall, 3S-2T, 2Lz-2T, 1A, 3S fall. Some jump issues, but again it’s early in the season. Very powerful skater. 35.91 + 34.82 = 68.73 [Tosca]

Alexia Rogers won Junior ladies, 30.09 + 35.73 = 65.82. skated to “Black Swan” 2A, 2Lz-2Lo, 2F-2Lo, 2Lz, 2F, 1A, 2Lo

Also: Harrison Choate skated his Senior Men FS exhibition to “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue” and he looked like he enjoyed performing “in character” and skating in a light-hearted, humorous manner. Think he landed 5 triples, two 2A, plus 1 fall (3F?) and his unofficial scores were 57.73 TES + 59.18 PCS (-1) = 115.91.


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