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Posted by unseenskaters on July 9, 2012

I received this mini-report about Vanessa Lam’s debut of her new Senior free skate to the film soundtrack of The Artist on Sunday afternoon (July 8) at the 2012 Hidden Valley Open (HVO) in Escondido, California:

She landed every jump including her signature double axel/double axel and traveling three turns into a triple loop. But it was her program that really caught my eye. Her performance was a big change, very fun, very personable. She had a big smile on her face many times, connected with the music and audience and had a lot of dance moves to the music. Very different from her usual classical numbers. I really liked it a lot.

ADDED HVO results/scores:
Vanessa Lam scored 57.67 in her SP [32.27 TES/25.40 PCS] & 114.63 in her FS [61.57 TES/53.06 PCS].
Caroline Zhang scored 52.54 in her SP [26.60 TES/25.94 PCS] & 97.33 in her FS [52.00 TES/47.33 PCS, -2].

Click HERE to watch Hidden Valley Open videos of Lam’s FS and Zhang’s SP & FS posted on jarrettz’s YouTube account.

Check out the latest updates posted on Sylvia’s Twitter feed.

Results from the Azalea Classic currently are being added to Scoretracker and should be published online in the next day or so.


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