2012 Golden West live video stream 8/30-9/2; Scoretracker/Top Ten update

Posted by unseenskaters on August 30, 2012

The 2012 Golden West Championships, hosted by the All Year FSC, starts today, Thursday, August 30, and runs through Sunday, Sept. 1. The new rink being used is Center Ice in Ontario, California.

Click here for a link to the the online event schedule (Pacific time)

Click here for the free, live video stream of the competition!

Official results are being posted daily!

Thursday’s events are Juvenile and Intermediate Ladies’ FS A-C qualifying.
Senior and Junior singles events take place on Saturday & Sunday.
Senior Men include: D Razzano, J Cassar, R Dornbush, P Warren, S Rabbitt, A Gonzales
Senior Ladies include: L Keiser, K Kulgeyko, S Adams, Y Tran
Senior Pair: Vise/Baldwin
Junior Men: N Chen, V Zhou, S Omori, N Phengsy, D Samohin
Junior Ladies include: K Chen, K Shpilband
Junior Pairs: C Fields/J Pacini, A Kinney/J Schumann (new)
Novice Pairs: E Middleton/R Hennings, S Rothenberg/C Phillips (new)

DuPage Open scores (Juvenile-Novice) have been added to Scoretracker; Senior/Junior scores are being added to Scoretracker and Top Ten will be updated by Friday. Scores for Skate Chautauqua and Onyx Challenge are next to be added as time permits. Thank you to the person who submitted photos of the official results sheets for Cup of Colorado Intermediate Ladies via e-mail!


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