2012 U.S. Challenge Skate Junior/Novice preliminary roster

Posted by unseenskaters on September 5, 2012

The inaugural U.S. CHALLENGE SKATE for invited U.S. Junior and Novice level singles skaters and pair/dance teams will be held in conjunction with the U.S. International Figure Skating Classic (new Senior B international competition) at the Salt Lake City Sports Complex from Wednesday, September 12 through Sunday, September 16, 2012.

Click here for the Challenge Skate official entry list, schedule & related info links

Click here for IceNetwork’s LIVE streaming schedule of the Novice, Junior & Senior events!

Click here for Junior & Novice starting orders for Thursday/Friday

Click here for an informational Challenge Skate Q & A with Kelly Vogtner, U.S. Figure Skating’s Senior Director of Athlete Development

Here is the preliminary roster, subject to change, courtesy of U.S. Figure Skating, with 2012 U.S. National and Junior National Championships placements by level and the skaters’ clubs added (J = Junior, N = Novice, I = Intermediate):

JUNIOR LADIES (11 entries)
Polina Edmunds J-6 (Peninsula SC)
Gwendolyn Prescott J-7 (Peninsula SC)
Jenelle Herman J-8 (SC of Boston)
Camille Davis J-12 (Salt Lake Figure Skating) *NEW* Article on this Univ. of Utah freshman
Amber Glenn N-2 (Dallas FSC) Team USA Bio
Amanda Gelb N-3 (Los Angeles FSC) Team USA Bio
Madison Vinci N-4 (Washington FSC)
Olivia Serafini N-5 (SC of New York)
Selena Zhao N-7 (Highland SC in Seattle, WA)
Avery Kurtz N-8 (Broadmoor SC)
Morgan Sewall N-11 (North Atlantic FSC in Maine)
Withdrawn: Barbie Long J-4 (Illinois Valley FSC) Team USA Bio (she has been assigned to JGP #5 in Bled, Slovenia)

JUNIOR MEN (6 entries)
Ryan Hartley J-9 (Queen City FSC in Cincinnati, Ohio)
Andrew Nagode J-10 (University of Delaware FSC)
Jimmy Ma N-5 (SC of New York)
Brian Krentz N-6 (Skokie Valley SC in Illinois)
Chase Belmontes N-8 (Broadmoor SC)
Kyle Shropshire N-9 (Wagon Wheel FSC in Illinois)

JUNIOR PAIRS (4 team entries)
Olivia Oltmanns & Joshua Santillan J-9 (Kansas City FSC/All Year FSC)
Team USA Bio
Cali Fujimoto & Nicholas Barsi-Rhyne J-11 (Peninsula SC/SC of Lake Placid)
old Team USA Bio
Caitlin Fields & Jason Pacini N-2 (Coyotes SC of Arizona/Fort Collins FSC)
Team USA Bio
Alexandria Shaughnessy & James Morgan N-3 (both SC of Boston)
Team USA Bio

NOVICE LADIES (9 entries)
Ashley Shin I-1 (Dallas FSC)
Selin Kang I-6 (Ice House of New Jersey FSC)
Morgan Flood I-7 (Dallas FSC)
Sarah Feng I-8 (Peninsula SC)
Cheyenne Taylor I-10 (Los Angeles FSC)
Kaitlyn Doan I-13 (Rocky Mountain FSC)
Michelle Hedges I-15 (FSC of Bloomington in Minnesota)
Elise Romola I-17 (Washington FSC)
Jessica Reili Santiago I-18 (Peninsula SC)

NOVICE MEN (4 entries)
Oleksiy Melnyk N-11 (Washington FSC)
Harrison Wong I-4 (La Jolla FSC in California)
Jason Cohn I-6 (St. Louis SC)
Sam Anderson I-9 (Broadmoor SC)

NOVICE PAIRS (7 team entries)
Elise Middleton & Robert Hennings N-5 (both Los Angeles FSC)
Madeleine Gallagher & Jonathon Horton I-1 (Sk8 Bay FSC/Detroit SC) Dec. 2011 local article
Sophia Dai & Jeffrey Fishman I-2 (both Arctic FSC in Michigan)
Annabelle & Joel Schneider-Farris I-7 (both Broadmoor SC)
Grace Knoop & Noah Chinault I-8 (both Southwest Florida FSC)
Linde LaChance & Kenneth Anderson I-9 (both Nashville FSC)
Juliette Erickson & Connor Fleming I-10 (both Peninsula SC)

NOVICE DANCE (3 team entries)
Chloe Rose Lewis & Logan Bye N-4 (All Year FSC/Broadmoor SC)
Sarah Feng & Anthony Ponomarenko I-5 (Peninsula SC/SC of San Francisco)
Lauren Leonesio N-11 & Quinn Chambers I-10 (Los Angeles FSC/Colorado College SC)

Best wishes to all the participating skaters!


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