2012 Ice Challenge (Senior B) in Graz, Austria + live video stream

Posted by unseenskaters on November 7, 2012

Ice Challenge is underway in Graz, Austria (Nov. 6-10), and is a Senior B for 10 Team USA members: Lynn Kriengkrairut & Logan Giulietti-Schmitt and Anastasia Olson & Keiffer Hubbell (making their international debut as a dance team), Armin Mahbanoozadeh and Douglas Razzano (men) and Gretchen Donlan & Andrew Speroff and Marissa Castelli & Simon Shnapir (pairs).

WEDNESDAY results for Team USA:
Short Dance: Kriengkrairut/Giulietti-Schmitt are in 1st (50.46), Olson/Hubbell are 13th (35.75).

THURSDAY results for Team USA:
Pairs SP: Castelli/Shnapir 1st (60.44, I think this is their highest international SP score to date though it doesn’t count as an ISU PB score) and Donlan/Speroff 3rd (41.36) of 5 teams.
Men’s SP unofficial: Razzano 1st (72.71; 3A, 3T+3T, 3Lo) and Mahbanoozadeh 2nd (72.14; 3A, 3Lz+3T, fell out of 3Lo) of 20.

FRIDAY results for Team USA:
Men FS: Razzano wins SILVER, Mahbanoozadeh BRONZE.
Free Dance: Logan & Logan win GOLD; Olson/Hubbell place 7th in FD & 10th overall.

SATURDAY results for Team USA:
Pairs FS: Castelli/Shnapir win GOLD and Donlan/Speroff SILVER.

Click here for Ice Challenge start orders/results/protocols

Click here for the Ice Challenge competition schedule (PDF); Austria is 6 hours ahead of Eastern time

Click here for a live stream and archived videos from Ice Challenge!

Click here to read Lynn & Logan’s blog from Graz


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