2013 U.S. Nationals Novice Short Programs underway! Junior Men SP

Posted by unseenskaters on January 20, 2013

Click here for Nationals page updated with links, articles, score tables for Novice/Junior singles skaters

Starting Orders / Official Results / Detailed Protocols

ALL RESULTS for Sunday, January 20, 2013:

1 Shotaro Omori 69.87 – 3A, 3Lz+3T, 3F
2 Vincent Zhou 66.31 – 2A, 3Lz+3T, ‘tano 3F
3 Nathan Chen 63.60 – 2A, 3Lz+3T<, 3F(-0.4), random fall
4-12: J Ma 57.88 (3Lz+2T, 3F(e), 2A), J Moeller 57.21 (2Lz+3T(-1.5), 3F, 2A), J Yostanto 55.05 (3A, 3Lz+2T, 3F<(e) fall), T Tomasello 53.77 (3T+3T, 3F<, 2A), L Kaugars 53.04 (2A, 3Lz+2T, 3F(e)-0.8), N Phengsy 51.30 (2A with arms clasped before & after, 3Lz+2T, 3F<(-2)), B Krentz 50.90 (3Lz+2T, 2A, 3F), M Mimidis 45.85 (3S+3T, 3F fall, 2A, 1 spin didn't count), J Schetelich 43.14 (3Lz(e)+2T, 1A, 3F fall)
IceNetwork’s Short Program recap article and action photo gallery
Golden Skate’s SP recap article

Click here to view Sunday’s backstage photos in the Kiss & Cry (Jr Men SP, Novice events) on IceNetwork.

NOVICE DANCE (after 2 Pattern Dances)
1-12: Patsis/Johnson 43.73, Lewis/Bye 41.25, Becker/Becker 40.94, Wren/Shchepetov 40.29, Feng/Ponomarenko 38.70, Gourianova/Petrov 38.37, Lucas/Kazansky 37.56, Leonesio/Chambers 37.47, Chadwick/Martin 35.59, Berkovich/M Jaffe 35.01, Luo/Cheung 28.69, Gaughan/Lithco 26.03
IceNetwork’s Pattern Dance recap article, Starlight Waltz photo gallery and Paso Doble photo gallery

1-11: T Pierce 45.66 (huge 3Lz(e)+2T, 3Lo, 2A), A Lin 44.86 (2A, 3S, 3T+2T), B Tennell 43.22 (3T+2T, 3S, 2A), E Nguyen 42.79 (3Lz+2T, 3S fall, 2A), M Wessenberg 37.21, E Chan 36.47, B McIsaac 36.37, R Peng 35.66, S Feng 35.44, M Flood 35.38, A Shin 28.69; WD: D Rivkin
IceNetwork’s Short Program recap article and action photo gallery

1-12: T Hiwatashi 52.05 (3T, 3S+2T, 2A, all level 4 spins & footwork), N Vrdoljak 49.53 (3Lz, 2A, 3F(e)+2T), O Melnyk 49.27 (3Lz+2T, 3F, 2A), D Samohin 47.67 (3Lz, 3S+2T, 2A-), D Kulenkamp 44.76, P Borromeo 43.65, L West 42.71, T Lu 38.71, C Singletary 37.43, D Petrenko 37.35, H Wong 36.04, A Zeng 32.10
IceNetwork’s Short Program recap article and action photo gallery

1-13: Budd/Cheban 36.42, Zaitsev/Stevens 35.21, Middleton/Hennings 33.74, Takai/Johnson 32.32, Dai/Fishman 30.89, Knoop/Chinault 26.64, Thomas/Botero 26.18, Herr/Lueck 25.68, Jennings/C Dolkiewicz 25.68, Gallagher/Horton 25.38, Erickson/Fleming 20.35, Donahoe/Rappold 17.80, Lee/Habeeb 17.83
IceNetwork’s Short Program recap article and action photo gallery


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