2013 U.S. Nationals Novice Pairs Bios/Program Music

Posted by unseenskaters on January 21, 2013

Here are profiles of all the Novice pair teams listed alphabetically by the female partner’s last name:

Kaitlin Budd & Nikita Cheban
Ages: 16 & 20; Birthdates: 8/11/96; 7/3/92
Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI
Clubs: Detroit SC; Washington FSC
Coaches: Sergey Petrovskiy, Rashid Kadyrkaev
Choreographers: Olga Volozhinskaya, Zuzanna Szwed Parchem
SP Music: Gershwin’s “Summertime” by Giovanni
FS Music: “Ice Symphony” by Edvin Marton

Sophia Dai & Jeffrey Fishman
Ages: 13 & 17; Birthdates: 7/20/99; 8/31/95
Hometown(s): Canton, MI; Wixom, MI
Club: Arctic FSC
Coaches: Johnny Johns, Steven Pottenger
Choreographers: Marina Zoueva
SP Music: The Addams Family soundtrack by Marc Shaiman
FS Music: “The Entertainer” by Marvin Hamlisch

Alexis Donahoe & James Rappold
Ages: 18 & 24; Birthdates: 4/18/94; 5/25/88
Hometown: Huntington, WV
Clubs: SC of Central Ohio; Charleston FSC
Coaches: Lee Harris, Marcy Hinzmann Harris
Choreographers: Lee Harris, Marcy Hinzmann Harris
SP Music: “Black Magic Woman” by Carlos Santana
FS Music: “Art on Ice” by Edvin Marton
2012 U.S. Novice Nationals placement: 10th (63.08)

Juliette Erickson & Connor Fleming
Ages: 13 & 19; Birthdates: 10/15/99; 11/7/93
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Club: Peninsula SC
Coaches: David Delago, Tracy Prussack
Choreographers: Tracy Prussack, David Delago
SP Music: “Charleston” from Midnight in Paris by Enoch Light
FS Music: Mission: Impossible 3 soundtrack by Michael Giacchino

Madeleine Gallagher & Jonathon Horton
Ages: 14 & 19; Birthdates: 4/1/98; 11/17/93
Hometowns: Bay City, MI; Clawson, MI
Clubs: Sk8 Bay FSC; Detroit SC
Coaches: Craig Joeright, Teri Haag, Stephanie Kalesavich Buono, Larisa Spielberg Joeright
Choreographers: Tanith Belbin, Zuzanna Szwed Parchem
SP Music: “Fever” by Big Kahuna and the Copa Cat Pack
FS Music: The Prince of Egypt soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and Stephen Scwartz
They are the 2012 U.S. Intermediate champions.

Riley Herr & Michael Lueck
Ages: 16 & 24; Birthdates: 5/12/96; 11/4/88
Hometowns: Leawood, KS; Burnsville, MN
Clubs: Silver Blades FSC of Greater KC; Yarmouth IC
Coaches: Trudy Oltmanns, Wendy David
Choreographer: Trudy Oltmanns
SP Music: “Requiem for a Dream” by Clint Mansell
FS Music: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack by Tan Dun

Kristen Jennings & Cody Dolkiewicz
Ages: 18 & 17; Birthdates: 11/26/94; 2/6/95
Hometowns: Bluffton, IN; Burlington, NJ
Clubs: Fort Wayne ISC; SC of Southern New Jersey
Coaches: Rocky Marval, Isabelle Brasseur, Natalie Seybold-Catron
Choreographer: Kim Catron
SP Music: “Witches of Eastwick” by John Williams
FS Music: Batman Begins soundtrack by John Williams and Hans Zimmer

Grace Knoop & Noah Chinault
Ages: 12 & 17 ; Birthdates: 7/28/00; 5/3/95
Hometowns: Sarasota, FL; Ellenton, FL
Club: Southwest Florida FSC
Coaches: Jim Peterson, Lyndon Johnston, Amanda Evora
Choreographer: Jim Peterson
SP Music: “Rodeo Suite” by Aaron Copeland
FS Music: Selections from Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky

Nicole Lee & Timothy Habeeb
Ages: 15 & 20; Birthdates: 9/18/97; 11/3/92
Hometowns: Quincy, MA; Hanover, MA
Clubs: SC of Boston; Colonial FSC
Coaches: Ronna Gladstone, Chad Brennan
Choreographers: Sheryl Franks, Chad Brennan
SP Music: “Happy Valley” by Vanessa-Mae and Andy Hill
FS Music: Havana soundtrack by Dave Grusin – Main Title, “Night Walk” & “Cuba Libre”; “Johnny’s Mambo” by Michael Lloyd, John D’Andrea & E. Bulling; Medley by The Gipsy Kings

Elise Middleton & Robert Hennings
Ages: 13 & 16; Birthdates: 12/8/1999; 10/9/1996
Hometowns: Fullerton, CA; Long Beach, CA
Club: Los Angeles FSC
Coaches: Peter Oppegard, Karen Kwan-Oppegard
Choreographers: Peter Oppegard, Karen Kwan-Oppegard
SP Music: “The Skater’s Waltz” by Emile Waldteufel
FS Music: Selections from Beethoven in Immortal Beloved soundtrack
2012 U.S. Novice Nationals placement: 5th (104.31)

Aya Takai & Brian Johnson
Ages: 15 & 17 ; Birthdates: 3/19/97; 11/5/95
Hometowns: Ann Arbor, MI; Northville, MI
Club: Detroit SC
Coaches: Jason Dungjen, Sergey Petrovskiy, Ethan Burgess
Choreographers: Massimo Scali, Olga Volozhinskaya
SP Music: “Jump Swing Blues” by Rick Krive
FS Music: “Hungarian Blue” by Christian Kolonovits

Lianna Thomas & David Botero
Ages: 18 & 20; Birthdates: 12/28/94; 1/9/93
Hometown(s): Congers, NY; Greensboro, NC
Clubs: SC of New York; All Year FSC
Coaches: Jenni Meno, Todd Sand
Choreographers: Christine Fowler-Binder, Renee Roca
SP Music: Jazz medley by various artists
FS Music: “Allegretto” by Karl Jenkins

Christina Zaitsev & Ernie Utah Stevens
Ages: 13 & 19; Birthdates: 4/16/1999; 12/31/1993
Hometowns: Indianapolis; Louisville, KY
Club: Indiana World Skating Academy FSC
Coaches: Serguei Zaitsev, Elena Zaitsev
Choreographer: Serguei Zaitsev
SP Music: “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” by ABBA performed by the London Symphony Orchestra
FS Music: “Toccata” by Bach
2012 U.S. Novice Nationals placement: 4th (107.70); 2012 Junior Grand Prix debut in Zagreb, Croatia, 11th


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