2013 U.S. Nationals Intermediate Men Bios/Program Music

Posted by unseenskaters on January 25, 2013

Here are profiles of all the Intermediate men listed alphabetically (additional info will be edited in later):

Jun-Hong Chen
Age 11
Hometown: Sante Fe, NM
Club: Broadmoor SC
Coaches: Damon Allen, Ryan Jahnke
Choreographers: Damon Allen, Ryan Jahnke
SP Music: “St. Louis Blues March” by W.C. Handy
FS Music: Dragon soundtrack by Randy Edelman

Mitchell Friess
Age 15
Hometown: Layton, UT
Club: Wasatch FSC
Coaches: Amanda Kovar, Karel Kovar
Choreographers: Simone Alexander, Amanda Kovar
SP Music: “Hernando’s Hideaway” by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross
FS Music: “Crazy Benny” and Samb-Adagio” by Safri Duo

Mathew Graham
Age 15
Hometown: Idaho Falls, ID
Club: Idaho Falls FSC
Coaches: Amanda Kovar, Karl Kovar
Choreographers: Amanda Kovar, Simone Grigorescu
SP Music: “Libertango” by Astor Piazzolla
FS Music: Theme from Peter Gunn by Henry Mancini

William Hubbart
Age 15
Hometown: Palm Harbor, FL
Club: Southwest Florida FSC
Coaches: Alexander Vlassov, Laura Amelina
Choreographer: Laura Amelina
SP Music: “Warrior” by various artists
FS Music: “Spellbound” by various artists

Justin Ly
Age 15
Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Club: Salt Lake Figure Skating
Coach: Lisa Kriley
Choreographers: Lisa Kriley, Olga Volozhinskaya
SP Music: “Big Noise” by Al Caiola
FS Music: Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Ivan Mokhov
Age 13
Hometown: Mason, MI
Club: Lansing SC
Coaches: Oksana Yakusheva, Andrey Mokhov
Choreographers: Oksana Yakusheva, Andrey Mokhov
SP Music: “Unreal” by Kevin Riepl
FS Music: Don Quixote by Leon Minkus

Liam Roumila
Age 12
Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ
Club: Ice House of New Jersey FSC
Coaches: Craig Maurizi, Igor Krokavec
Choreographer: Galit Chait
SP Music: “On the Run” by Boris Blank and Dieter Meier
FS Music: “Guillermo Tell” by Guillermo Rossini

Eric Sjoberg
Age 11
Hometown: Middleton, MD
Club: Univ. of Delaware FSC
Coach: Tiffany Scott
Choreographer: Irina Romanova
SP Music: “Stray Cat Strut” by Dr. Toot Musical Medicine Show
FS Music: “Fuego Malagueña” and “Bésame Mucho Interlude” by Esteban

Eric Stinehart
Age 15
Hometown: Wilmette, IL
Club: Skokie Valley SC
Coaches: Alexandre Fadeev, Cydele Fadeeva
Choreographer: Cydele Fadeeva
SP Music: “Reflections of Earth” by Gavin Greenaway
FS Music: The Firebird by Stravinsky

Micah Tang
Age 13
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
Club: Coyotes SC of Arizona
Coaches: Doug Ladret, Lara Ladret
Choreographers: Doug Ladret, Phillip Mills
SP Music: “Too Many Notes, Not Enough Rests” by Hans Zimmer
FS Music: Theme from Conan the Barbarian by Tyler Bates

Andrew Torgashev
Age 11
Hometown: Coral Springs, FL
Club: Panthers FSC
Coaches: Ilona Melnichenko, Artem Torgashev
Choreographers: Ilona Melnichenko, Scott Brown
SP Music: “Nostradamus” by Tonci Huljic
FS Music: “Slow Walk” by Sil Austin, “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis Presley

Derek Wagner
Age 13
Hometown: Geneva, IL
Club: Northern Ice SC
Coach: Denise Myers
Choreographers: Susie Wynne, Scott Brown
SP Music: “Heroes” by William Joseph
FS Music: Henry V by Patrick Doyle


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