Congratulations to the 2013 U.S. Intermediate & Juvenile Champions, Medalists & all competitors! (Part 1)

Posted by unseenskaters on January 26, 2013

Gold – Alicia Bertsch & Austin Hale, Ann Arbor FSC/Fort Wayne ISC
Silver – Darbie Burke & Griffin Schwab, SC of New York
Bronze – Gabriella Marvaldi & Kyle Hogeboom, SC of Southern New Jersey
Pewter – Alexandria Schmainda & Matthew Scoralle, South Bay FSC/All Year FSC

NOTE: Intermediate Ladies and Men, and Intermediate and Juvenile Dance finish on Sunday, Jan. 27.

Gold – Karolina Calhoun, Los Angeles FSC
Silver – Maxine Marie Bautista, DuPage FSC
Bronze – Akari Nakahara, All Year FSC
Pewter – Krystal Edwards, SC of North Carolina

Gold – Maxim Naumov, Charter Oak FSC
Silver – Kendrick Weston, Salt Lake Figure Skating
Bronze – Sasha Lunin, Fort Wayne ISC
Pewter – Dinh Tran, SC of San Francisco

Gold – Joanna & William Hubbart, Southwest Florida FSC
[Click here to read a local Florida article about the Hubbarts (Feb. 6, 2013)]
Silver – Cate Hawkins & Eric Hartley, Queen City FSC
Bronze – Jasmine & Joshua Fendi (twins), Los Angeles FSC
Pewter – Greta & John Crafoord (twins), ISC of Indianapolis

IceNetwork’s Intermediate & Juvenile Pairs Free Skate/Intermediate Ladies/Men SP; Pattern Dance article by Mimi Whetstone

(01/26/2013) – The 2013 U.S. juvenile and intermediate pairs champions were crowned Friday at Omaha’s Civic Auditorium as juvenile siblings Joanna Hubbart and William Hubbart and intermediate competitors Alicia Bertsch and Austin Hale each won their respective events by an impressive eight points.
As Joanna celebrated her 14th birthday, the Hubbart siblings executed a near flawless free skate to selections from Riverdance, which included side-by-side double Lutzes and earned 48.16 points.
“We did a great throw double flip and we skated really well,” William said. “I think being brother and sister gives us an advantage because we’re around each other all the time.”
The silver medal went to Cate Hawkins and Eric Hartley, who earned 39.91 points for their “Samson and Delilah” free skate, while 38.84 points and the bronze medal went to twins Jasmine and Joshua Fendi.
Bertsch and Hale earned 67.83 points for their performance to “Once Upon a Time in America” by Ennio Morricone, a score that bested the 2012 U.S. intermediate pairs title by more than five points.
“They nailed the throws and the twists,” coach Alena Lunin said. “We owe the score to a lot of hard work.”
In second place with 59.69 points, Darbie Burke and Griffin Schwab executed their performance to music from the films of Charlie Chaplin, followed by Gabriella Marvaldi and Kyle Hogeboom, who nabbed the bronze medal with 53.59 points.

Heading into Sunday’s free skates, competitors laid the groundwork for the intermediate ladies and men’s podium with Anna Grace Davidson and Andrew Torgashev leading the way, respectively.
Davidson, who earned an impressive 35.36 points for her “Ragtime” short program, will have tough competition as less than one point separates first through third place.
“I felt kind of shaky,” Davidson admitted. “I was pretty scared. Last year, I competed as a juvenile, but I think I’ll feel good for the free skate.”
Within striking distance are 2013 Midwestern Sectional champion Olivia Allan with 35.30 points, and 2013 Eastern Sectional silver medalist Emmy Ma with 35.16 points.
Torgashev, who is coached by his parents, made the event a family affair, taking in a hug from his little sister in the stands post-performance. His program garnered 39.85 points and featured a double Lutz-double loop combination and two Level 4 spins.
“That was the best I’ve skated all season, so I’m really proud of it,” Torgashev said. “I don’t go for the points, I just want to skate the best that I can so the points take care of themselves.”
In second place with a season-best 37.29 points is Liam Roumila, with Eric Stinehart’s 34.66 points rounding out the top three.

In addition to singles and pairs events, the ice dancers established their positions for Sunday’s free dances with the juvenile and intermediate pattern dance competitions.
Performing the Willow Waltz and the Foxtrot, siblings Caroline Green and Gordon Green took the juvenile dance lead with a collective 39.23 points, nearly five points ahead of the field.
“I enjoy the compulsory dances,” Caroline said. “It feels like there’s not as much pressure on you and you can just have fun.”
In second place with 34.71 points are Elizabeth Addas and Jonathan Schultz, followed by the brother-sister team of Sophia and Christopher Elder with 33.48 points.
After performing the Rocker Foxtrot and European Waltz, Eliana Gropman and Ian Somerville lead the intermediate dance event with a total of 52.67 points. Their elegant and poised European Waltz earned 28.14 points, besting their competitors by nearly five points.
“We’ve been training really hard with our coaches and they’ve been pushing us to do our best,” Gropman said. “We want to go to the Olympics some day.”
Holding second place are Madison Fox and Val Katsman with 48.37 points, while Rebecca Lustig and Zachary Milestone hold third with 42.07 points.

Friday’s Intermediate & Juvenile Pattern Dance/Pairs FS action photo gallery

INTERMEDIATE PAIRS Final 1-8 (Friday): FS protocols (direct link)
Bertsch/Hale 67.83, Burke/Schwab 59.69, Marvaldi/Hogeboom 53.59, Schmainda/Scoralle 44.23, Yack/Ogren 40.07, Olson/Nussle 39.58, Bowden/Chang 36.24, Nandy/Nandy 33.51

JUVENILE PAIRS Final 1-12 (Friday): FS protocols (direct link)
Hubbart/Hubbart 48.16, Hawkins/Hartley 39.91, Fendi/Fendi 38.84, Crafoord/Crafoord 38.43, Lockley/Bedard 35.49, Griffin/Civiello 35.09, Esposito/Rensing 33.59, Guo/Tong 28.95, Wright/Wright 26.98, Kuhlman/Zadrozny 26.30, Hliebay/Schenten 26.11, Evett/Dennler 25.51

IceNetwork’s Juvenile Girls & Boys Free Skate recap article by Mimi Whetstone

(01/26/2013) – The juvenile girls and boys titles were awarded Saturday at the 2013 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, where Karolina Calhoun won a ladies event laced with grace and style.
“It feels really exciting,” Calhoun said. “After I landed my last jump, I went into my layback spin and I knew that I had done a really good job.”
Calhoun earned 49.25 points for her free skate to “Ave Maria,” which included a double Lutz-double loop combination, and bested her competitors by nearly three points. In addition to technical content, Calhoun’s seamless transitions and twizzles earned a program components score of 25 points, the highest of the event.
Winning the silver medal, Maxine Marie Bautista finished her free skate with a Level 4 combination spin that showcased her outstanding flexibility. Bautista finished with 46.76 points, edging bronze medalist Akari Nakahara, who netted 46.66 points. In fourth place, Krystal Edwards finished with 44.12 points.
The juvenile boys event, won by 12-year-old Maxim Naumov, was highlighted by an abundance of showmanship and pizazz. Less than one point separated the top three skaters, each of whom earned more than 20 points for their program components.
“I’m really happy,” Naumov said. “All the work that I’ve done paid off, and I’m really excited.”
Naumov’s free skate, set to “Rock Prelude” by David Garrett and “Dramatico” by Edvin Marton, featured two double Axels, including a double Axel-double toe combination that netted 3.70 points. He earned 46.59 points for the day and won the gold medal after a seventh-place finish at last year’s U.S. Junior Championships.
Less than a point behind, silver medalist Kendrick Weston earned 46.28 points for his “Brigade” free skate, which included an impressive double Axel-double loop combination. In third place, Sasha Lunin finished with 46.11 points, just ahead of Dinh Tran, who finished fourth with 45.77 points.

Action photo gallery

JUVENILE GIRLS Final 1-12 (Saturday): FS protocols (direct link)
Karolina Calhoun 49.25, Maxine Marie Bautista 46.76, Akari Nakahara 46.66, Krystal Edwards 44.12, Pooja Kalyan 43.11, Ella Ales 42.14, Ashley Lin 41.97, Selina Shi 41.71, Gabriella Izzo 41.68, Emilee Zhang 41.29, Amalia Friess 40.91, Tori Rotella 39.85

JUVENILE BOYS Final 1-12 (Saturday): FS protocols (direct link)
Maxim Naumov 46.59, Kendrick Weston 46.28, Sasha Lunin 46.11, Dinh Tran 45.77, Camden Pulkinen 41.67, Ken Mikawa 39.93, Ryan VanDoren 39.64, John Farres 39.45, Billy Stone 38.81, Luke Ferrante 38.72, Ryan Bedard 38.61, Mikhail Gumba 30.29


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