Congratulations to the 2013 U.S. Intermediate & Juvenile Champions, Medalists & all competitors! (Part 2)

Posted by unseenskaters on January 27, 2013

Medals will be awarded on Sunday, January 27, 2013, in Intermediate Men and Ladies, as well as in Intermediate and Juvenile Dance.

Gold – Andrew Torgashev, Panthers FSC (Florida)
Silver – Eric Stinehart, Skokie Valley SC (IL)
Bronze – Micah Tang, Coyotes SC of Arizona
Pewter – Eric Sjoberg, Univ. of Delaware FSC

Gold – Anna Grace Davidson, Salt Lake Figure Skating
Silver – Anastasia Kortjohn, Broadmoor SC
Bronze – Emmy Ma, SC of New York
Pewter – Olivia Allen, DuPage FSC

Gold – Eliana Gropman & Ian Somerville, Washington FSC
Silver – Madison Fox & Val Katsman, Rocky Mountain FSC/Broadmoor SC
Bronze – Gwen Sletten & Elliot Verburg, Washington FSC
Pewter – Rebecca Lustig & Zachary Milestone, Univ. of Delaware FSC/Princeton SC

Gold – Caroline Green & Gordon Green, Washington FSC
Silver – Alina Efimova & Kevin Kwong, SC of North Carolina/Arctic FSC
Bronze – Elizabeth Addas & Jonathan Schultz, All Year FSC/FSC of Southern California
Pewter – Katherine Grosul & Cameron Colucci, IceWorks SC/Philadelphia SC & HS

IceNetwork’s Intermediate Men’s & Ladies’ FS and Intermediate & Juvenile FD recap article; click here for the action photo gallery.

INTERMEDIATE MEN Final (Sunday): Final Results (with links to protocols)
1-12: Andrew Torgashev 107.92 (68.07, 1st in FS), Eric Stinehart 98.00, Micah Tang 88.55, Eric Sjoberg 87.54, Liam Roumila 87.05, Derek Wagner 84.90, Justin Ly 82.62, Jun-Hong Chen 80.84, William Hubbart 73.72, Mitchell Friess 72.44, Mathew Graham 70.64, Ivan Mokhov 59.89

INTERMEDIATE LADIES Final (Sunday): Final Results (with links to protocols)
1-12: Anna Grace Davidson 99.52, Anastasia Kortjohn 97.41 (64.92, 1st in FS), Emmy Ma 95.59, Olivia Allen 94.27, Paige Rydberg 92.36, Riley Shin 91.27, Jin Baseman 90.22, Caitlin Nguyen 86.69, Ai Setoyama 86.07, Samantha Steeman 82.25, Samantha Scott 78.69, Hina Ueno 78.48

INTERMEDIATE DANCE Final (Sunday): Final Results (with links to protocols)
1-12: Gropman/Somerville 103.56 (50.89, 1st in FD), Fox/Katsman 97.63, Sletten/Verburg 89.75, Lustig/Milestone 87.61, Howland/Cohn 86.93, Klopstock/Leonesio 78.36, Middleton/Valdez 74.78, Babaev/Wenner 69.46, Leadmon/Schedl 68.51, Gart/Rosenthal 66.22, Fagan/Lockhart 48.01, Vassel-Beasley/Neff 47.63

JUVENILE DANCE Final (Sunday): Final Results (with links to protocols)
1-12: Green/Green 85.83 (46.60, 1st in FD), Efimova/Kwong 78.68, Addas/Schultz 77.68, Grosul/Colucci 76.07, Elder/Elder 72.76, Buckley/Niva 69.13, Wei/Fourati 67.66, Hagan/Michel 64.00, Klotz/Kirov 60.30, Smith/Sandraz 58.10, Kent/Middlekauf 55.47, Miller/Usanov 53.17

Click here for a list of medalists and final reusults in Intermediate Pairs and Juvenile Girls/Boys/Pairs, plus links to article recaps and photos posted earlier in this blog.


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