2013 International Challenge Cup in The Hague, Netherlands

Posted by unseenskaters on February 22, 2013

Team USA is represented by Alexander Johnson (Brandon Mroz WD due to a sprained left ankle) in the Senior men’s event, and 3 Senior pairs — Tarah Kayne/Daniel O’Shea, Kiri Baga/Taylor Toth, and DeeDee Leng/Timothy LeDuc. This is the international and Team USA debut for Kayne and the international debut of all 3 new pairs as teams.

Team USA updates:
On Friday, Alex Johnson scored 76.53 (3A +1.33, 3Lz+3T -0.93, 3F) and is in 2nd place in the Senior Men’s SP behind Brian Joubert’s 78.21.
On Saturday, Johnson won the FS (152.01) and the SILVER medal (228.54 total), his first senior international medal!
On Sunday, Kayne/O’Shea moved up to take the SILVER medal in their international competition debut together! They were 2nd in the FS (113.71) and overall (167.82), Leng/LeDuc finished 5th overall (148.56) and Baga/Toth 6th (146.50), 4th in FS (102.75). Congratulations to all!

Check out all the competition-related tweets (hash tag is #ChallengeCup2013)

Results & Detailed Protocols

Competition Videos YouTube Playlist (hopefully missing audio will be fixed later?)

Kiri Baga’s blog for Team USA

Team USA photo gallery, plus pairs podium

USFS’ Team USA press release


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