Scoretracker & Top Ten are updated for the new season!

Posted by unseenskaters on May 13, 2013

Scoretracker and Top Ten have been updated for the first time in the new season! Please refer to the Club Comps page for the current list of competitions that have published results online to date.

A BIG thanks to the helpers who sent in photos of many short program scores from Skate Dallas, some results from Morris Open, and results sheets from Northern Blast (still missing Sr/Jr Ladies SP & Int/Juv final rounds on Sunday – official results are yet to be published online).

Additions/corrections are welcomed!

POSTSCRIPT: Thanks to everyone who has sent in corrections and contributed additional scores (such as La Jolla Open Juvenile Girls) so far!

At the time of this first Scoretracker update, the highest known Senior Ladies FS score of the early season is by Panthers FSC’s Franchesca Chiera (96.01) with 4 clean triples landed: 3Lz+2T, 3F+2T, 3Lz<, 3F, 3Lo+2Lo+2Lo<, 2A, 1S. Chiera had placed 5th in a competitive field of Novice Ladies at 2013 South Atlantic Regionals in October 2012. Her Senior FS at the Florida Open was to Gershwin's famous "Rhapsody in Blue" [Video here].


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