2013 Boston Open (June 21-22)

Posted by unseenskaters on June 20, 2013

The Boston Open, hosted annually by the Skating Club of Boston, has a free, live video stream of their competition again this year, scheduled to start at 9 am Eastern on Friday morning, June 21, and running through Saturday evening, June 22, 2013. The stream will not be archived for on demand viewing, however.

Link to the free, live stream that was supposed to go live on Friday at 9 am ET (refer to the video company’s bolded note, copied below)

“DUE TO CONNECTIVITY ISSUES AT THE RINK WE ARE CURRENTLY UNABLE TO LIVESTREAM THIS EVENT. We are continuing to work on the problem and will get it up if it is at all possible. Our apologies!”

Click here to view the event schedule (all times are Eastern)

Senior Ladies scheduled to compete include: Yasmin Siraj, Kiri Baga, Jennifer Parker (GER)
Senior Men (exh.): Stephen Carriere
Senior Pairs: Baga/Toth (SP), Donlan/Speroff (FS)
Junior Ladies include: Rebecca Jacobs, Heidi Munger, Megan Wessenberg

UNOFFICIAL RESULTS submitted to this blog:

Senior Ladies Free Skate (SC of Boston member unless otherwise noted)
1. Kiri Baga 95.22 (TES=50.41)
2. Yasmin Siraj 86.12 (TES=41.21)
3. Olivia Pastore 60.03
4. Christine Magill 59.36
5. Taylor McDonough (SC of NY) 50.19

Senior Ladies Short Program:
1. Yasmin Siraj 54.32 (TES=30.60)
2. Kiri Baga 50.92 (TES=28.10)
3. Emily Catenzaro 24.56


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