2013 Chesapeake Open & notes from other competitions

Posted by unseenskaters on June 23, 2013

Chesapeake Open in Laurel, MD – here are some top scores in the Friday and Saturday singles events that were passed along to me (Note: consider these unofficial until the final results are published online).
Senior Ladies
SP top 4: M Yang 50.31 F Chiera 48.84, J Hu 46.45, M Chang (TPE) 40.79
FS top 4: I Williams (BRA) 99.22, Yang 91.77 (reportedly landed 3F+3Lo), H Mulera 78.57, Chiera 73,45
Senior Men SP (no FS event): A Zahradnicek (FRA?) 57.95, E Savary 48.81
Junior Ladies
SP top 3: B McIsaac 46.06, B Laxson 44.79, J Jablon 39.79
FS top 4: McIsaac 74.90, K Wen 71.17, Laxson 64.48, Jablon 61.76
Novice Ladies
SP A top 3: E Romola 40.96, A Rusetskaya 35.73, V Feigenbaum 33.67
SP B top 3: E Gonzalez 31.93, F Kim 28.77, S Chang 27.60
FS top 4: E Romola 71.20 FS, J Biechler 62.25 FS, S Steeman 59.10, A Rusetskaya 58.31
Novice Men
SP top 2: J Barrett 35.56, A Torgashev 35.45
FS top 2: Torgashev 88.80, Barrett 72.12
Intermediate Ladies
SP A top 4: S Kammann 27.09, J Wu 26.57, G Collins 25.91, C Colsia 25.41
SP B top 4: L Rosenberg 34.22, H Beavers 32.82, M Sumathipala 32.01, M Stanley 27.73
FS A top 4: Rosenberg 60.13, Beavers 52.87, K Buckalew 50.46, L Erdman 50.31
FS B top 3: C Kent 54.70, M Stanley 50.26, M-K Mulera 46.84
Juvenile Girls won by K Mai 46.20 and Juvenile Boys by R Dunk 40.53.

Result sheets photos for the Chesapeake Dance events can be found on Ice.dance.com’s Facebook page.

Hearsay notes from other competitions this weekend…

At the Grand Rapids Open in Michigan, Hannah Miller debuted her new programs, reportedly landing 3Lz+2T and 3Lo in Senior Ladies SP (51.19) and 5 triples in the Senior FS (109.61). Edited to add that she skated to “Firebird” by Igor Stravinsky (SP) & “Primavera” by Ludovico Einaudi (FS), choreographed by Daniil Barantsev, as posted in Miller’s 6/23 blog.

At the Southern California Interclub competition in Paramount, CA on Saturday night, Karen Chen, age 13, reportedly landed 3Lz+3T with + GOE and scored 61.34 in the Junior Ladies SP event. Vincent Zhou, age 12, competed in the Senior Men SP last night and reportedly scored ~72 (score still unconfirmed; don’t know if he has tested up yet or if he plans to test up).

At Summer Chiller in Fort Myers, Florida, Kayne/O’Shea (52.37) and Zhang/Bartholomay (52.08) competed in the Senior Pairs SP on Saturday. Edited to add that Zhang/Bartholomay (104.47) and Kayne/O’Shea (86.85) competed in the FS on Sunday morning – the official results/protocols link has been added to the CLUB COMPS page.

Other club competitions this weekend included Boston Open (see post below), Braemar McCandless in Edina, MN and Apple Classic in Wenatchee, WA (Canada’s Kelowna SC entered several skaters again this year).

POSTSCRIPT: Official result sheet photos from the Braemar and Apple Classic competitions have been received (along with Intermediate Ladies results from Southport Summer Classic and Garden State Games) and are all gratefully acknowledged! Results from SoCal Interclub would also be welcomed!


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