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2013 Golden West live video stream 8/29-9/1

Posted by unseenskaters on August 29, 2013

The 2013 Golden West Championships, hosted by the All Year FSC, started today, Thursday, August 29 and runs through Sunday, Sept. 1, in Ontario, California.

Click here for the free, live video stream of the competition

Click here for a link to the the online event schedule (Pacific time)

Click here for official results links

Senior and Junior singles events take place on Saturday & Sunday.
Senior Men: D Razzano, P Warren, D Murakami (JPN)-WITHDRAWN, C Caluza (PHI), J Ju (TPE);
Senior Ladies includes V Lam;
Senior Pair (exhibition): Bestandig/Mansiz (TUR)-WITHDRAWN;
Junior Pair (FS exh. added Sat.): Liu/Perini
Junior Men (exh.): Y Paniot (UKR);
Junior Ladies include: T Pierce, E Nguyen, R Kato (JPN), M Ma (HKG), C England (CAN).

Note: Withdrawals are not uncommon.

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2013-14 JGP Season begins in Riga, Latvia + videos

Posted by unseenskaters on August 29, 2013

The 2013-14 ISU Junior Grand Prix season has begun in Riga, Latvia (the first of seven competitions), and the ISU is uploading videos of each skater/team on their YouTube channel for the third straight year!

Click here to view playlist of JGP Latvia Ladies SP & FS videos (in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Latvia Pairs SP & FS videos in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Latvia Men’s SP & FS videos (in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Latvia Short & Free Dance videos (in skate order)

Click here for JGP Latvia start orders, results & detailed protocols (Riga is 7 hours ahead of Eastern time)

Click here to read Jordan Moeller’s Blog for IceNetwork

View Team USA backstage photos on IceNetwork &

read a competition recap

View Award Ceremony photos on this Russian skating site

Team USA members are: Karen Chen (her JGP debut), Yasmin Siraj; Jordan Moeller, Jimmy Ma (JGP debuts for both men); Christina Zaitsev/Ernie Utah Stevens in pairs; Lorraine McNamara/Quinn Carpenter and Elliana Pogrebinsky/Ross Gudis in dance.

Ladies top 4: M Sotskova RUS 59.45, K Chen USA 58.21, E Medvedeva RUS 55.17, L Efimenko FIN 51.80;
Pairs top 3: Yu/Jin CHN 56.25, Tarasova/Morozov RUS 52.96, Vigalova/Zakroev RUS 51.46;
Men top 4: MC Martinez PHI 64.03, B Jin CHN 63.19, B Kerry AUS 61.17, JS Kim KOR 60.69.

Chen is 2nd (58.21; 3Lz+3T<, 2A, 3Lo) & Siraj 5th (51.70; 3T+2T, 3Lo-, 2A) of 27 after the Ladies SP; Zaitsev/Stevens 8th (37.35) of 10 teams after Pairs SP; Ma 10th (56.31; 3Lz+3T, 3Lo, 2A) & Moeller 12th (52.98; 2A, 3Lz+3T<, 3Lo<) of 27 after the Men's SP. Short Dance is first event on Friday.

McNamara/Carpenter are 2nd (52.40) and Pogrebinsky/Gudis 4th (49.56) in the Short Dance; Zaitsev/Stevens finish 8th (104.84 total is new ISU PB score, 67.49 FS); Chen wins the BRONZE medal (154.26, 96.05 4th in FS), Siraj places 6th overall (142.32, 90.62 7th in FS).

McNamara/Carpenter win the SILVER medal (127.43, new ISU PB FD score of 75.03), Pogrebinsky/Gudis finish 4th (121.09, 71.53 FD & 3 new ISU PB scores); Moeller places 9th (158.74, 8th in FS), Ma 13th (147.79).

CONGRATS to all the medalists!
Dance Gold to Bent/MacKeen CAN, Silver to McNamara/Carpenter USA, Bronze to Loboda/Drozd RUS;
Men's Gold to B Jin CHN, Silver to A Pitkeev RUS, Bronze to S Uno JPN;
Pairs Gold to Yu/Jin CHN, Silver to Tarasova/Morozov RUS, Bronze to Vigalova/Zakroev RUS;
Ladies' Gold to E Medvedeva, Silver to M Sotskova, Bronze to Chen USA.

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2013 Glacier Falls Summer Classic

Posted by unseenskaters on August 2, 2013

Glacier Falls FSC usually publishes results and detailed protocols after the Summer Classic competition is over [a link will be edited in here if and when it becomes available]. In the meantime, here is a compilation of results transcribed from photos of results posted at the rink, with links to actual photos, if available.

7 Senior Men/Ladies FS videos by saratogan62

SUNDAY events & results received (gratitude to the contributors!)

Novice Men FS & Final standings (SWP skaters are unmarked)
1-12: P Borromeo 150.95 (101.49 FS), E Sjoberg (SA) 125.83 (83.34), L West (SW) 119.30 (71.88), A Boucher (SW) 106.13, M Friess (CP) 104.72, M Tang 96.93, I Miyata (NWP) 95.38, D Weiss 93.01, A Schmitt (NWP) 91.79, R Burghart (NWP) 91.07, B Dang 81.88, M Rounis 70.47 [WD after SP: M Valdez]

Novice Ladies Final (FS) (does anyone have results?)

Intermediate Ladies Final (FS) (SWP skaters are unmarked)
1-16: T Hong 66.26, A Yang (CP) 57.95, P Kalyan (SW) 55.66, T Ellison (SW) 55.29, A Nakahara 54.99, K Calhoun 54.91, A Raymond (SW) 52.28, R Volovich (SA) 48.56, B Yanez 48.27, J Cai 46.44, A Gorman (CAN) 46.00, G Cohen 45.27, E Park (CP) 44.84, E Pyagay 43.76, L Sun (CP) 42.47, E Coppess 42.39

Intermediate Ladies Groups A & B (does anyone have the final standings?)

Intermediate Men (does anyone have FS results and/or final standings?)

Juvenile Girls Final (FS) (thanks to the person who submitted a result sheet on 8/21; SWP skaters are unmarked)
1-15: S North (SW) 49.26, N Do 47.83, S Baetge 46.33, P Letova (SW) 44.74, G Uy 44.09, D Yi 43.08, A Warren (CP) 41.82, P Zolnierek (UGL) 41.55, H Park 40.46, A Van Der Sluys Veer 39.85, S Andrews 39.55, C Mak 34.17, A Goldstein 32.87, A Huddleston 32.85, S Zimmerman (CP) 31.03

Juvenile Girls Group A (does anyone have the final standings?)

SATURDAY results received (a big thank you to all who contributed!):

Senior Men FS & Final standings
Top 7:
J Brown (UGL) 242.29 1 1 (159.42 FS) [Video by saratogan62 here]
R Dornbush 213.09 3 4 (137.79) [Video by saratogan62 here]
S Omori 212.28 4 3 (140.23) [Video by umbsgoblue here]
V Zhou 210.06 5 2 (140.45) [Video by saratogan62 here]
M C Martinez (PHI) 210.03 2 5 (133.45) [Video by saratogan62 here]
K Messing (NWP) 189.77 8 6 (127.02) [Video by saratogan62 here]
B Mroz (SW) 181.97 7 7 (118.95) [Video by umbsgoblue here]
8-13: D Razzano 177.08 6 8 (111.16), S Dyer 163.02 9 9 (105.55), P Warren 149.77 13 10 (105.00), B Guthrie (CAN) 140.99 11 11 (90.91), G Gosselin (CAN) 140.86 10 12 (84.07), R Przepioski (UGL) 118.92 12 13 (73.35)

Jump notes for the top 6 passed along to me from someone at the rink (listed in FS placement order):
Brown: 2T, 3A(looked under)+2T, 3A (2-footed but looked clean), 3Lz-half loop(1Lo)-3S, 3F+2T, 3Lz, 2A, 3Lo (looked under)
Zhou: 3A fall (looked under), 3Lz, 3F, 3Lo, 3F+3T, 2A+2T, 3Lz-half loop-3S, 2A
Omori: 3F, 3A+2T, 3Lz, 3Lo, 3A, 3Lz+3T fall (looked under), 3S, 1A
Dornbush: 4T fall, 2S, 2A, 2S, 3A+3T, 3Lz-half loop-2S, 3F, 2Lo
Martinez: 3A+2T, 3A, 3Lz+2T, 2A, 3Lz, 3F, 3Lo-half loop-3S(looked under), 2A
Messing: 4T+3T, 4T step out, 3Lz, 3F+2T, fall on nothing, 1A, 3S hung on, 2Lo, 2Lz

Senior Ladies FS & Final Standings
2 Result sheet photos & top 2 videos courtesy of @umbsgoblue: FS results & FS result details
C Hicks 185.86 (122.47 FS) [Video here]
P Edmunds (CP) 173.60 (117.23) [Video here]
M Nagasu 158.99 (102.32) [Video by saratogan62 here]
4-18: F Chiera 155.22 (103.88), M Yang 130.09 (81.68), D McIntee 123.84 (81.78), N Inoda (CAN) 120.03 (80.50), A Hofmann (NWP?) 113.83, K Kulgeyko 112.24, S Adams 107.42, S Reyna 105.01, V Muniz 104.61, V Bergeron (CAN) 100.50, L Keiser 97.85, R Mendelson 95.15, L Goetz (CP) 87.59, B Ward 86.87, C Giese 79.92 [WD after SP: A Malkova]

Junior Ladies Final (FS)
2 Result sheet photos courtesy of @umbsgoblue: FS results & FS result details
K Chen (CP) 119.29 [Video by saratogan62 here]
2-12: B Long (UGL) 90.97, M Flood (SW) 90.46, E Nguyen (SWP) 86.06, J Jurome (CAN) 80.37, J Delaurier (CAN) 78.67, A Shin (SW) 77.92, M Vinci (SA) 76.55, R Chen (SWP) 70.24, E Pulkinen (CP) 66.84, L Austman (CAN) 63.29, C Cleveland (SA) 62.72

Novice Ladies FS (top 5 advance to Final; SWP skaters are unmarked)
Group A top 5: V Feigenbaum (SA) 91.98 (58.54 FS), A Verheydt (NWP) 85.36 (54.27), A Sugimoto 82.55 (50.91), Vi. Giang 81.74 (53.14), A Villarroel-Sanchez 79.69 (49.41);
6-15 overall (FS scores listed): C Paquet (CAN) 49.48, M Reyes 48.53, J Santiago (CP) 49.15, K Dodson 48.95, S Ching (NWP) 46.31, L Lee 49.01, H Pelchat (CAN?) 44.28, A Daunais (CAN?) 42.56, N Kreofsky (NWP) 37.74, M D’Amours (CAN?) 33.15
Group B top 5: C Berrios (SA) 123.22 (80.47 FS), V Le (SW) 113.98 (74.11), R Shin (SW) 101.35 (66.37), Va. Giang 96.43 (62.96), A Kortjohn (SW) 94.71 (61.77);
6-14 in FS: C Z Yang (CP) 59.14, S Zhang (CP) 54.93, K Nowell (SW) 52.39, A Teutsch (SA) 41.08, A Okamoto 38.94, V Lawson (NWP) 38.26, C Carreras 33.03, E Blondeau (CAN?) 29.77, V Bourgault (CAN?) 22.94
Group C top 5: I Smit 105.34 (65.49 FS), H Han 95.96 (62.45), C Taylor 94.51 (62.37), S Pan 92.63 (55.62), J Benson 87.88 (55.37);
6-17 overall: A Setoyama 85.38p0, T Hannig (SW) 81.04, N-Q Nguyen 79.48, K Zhou 74.92, K Trepanier (CAN?) 73.21, K Park (SW) 71.03, A Osborne 65.92, L Ellison (SW) 64.60, I Hills (NWP) 62.33, J DeContreaus (CP) 60.08, A Desrochers (CAN?) 59.78, B Mitchell 55.97

FRIDAY results received (many thanks to everyone who contributed photos!):

Senior Ladies SP
2 Result sheet photos and top 3 videos courtesy of @umbsgoblue: SP results & SP result details
C Hicks 63.39 [Video here]
M Nagasu 56.67 [Video here]
P Edmunds (CP) 56.37 [Video here]
4-19: F Chiera (SA) 51.34, M Yang (SA) 48.41, K Kulgeyko 47.26, A Malkova 42.85, D McIntee 42.06, S Adams 41.34, N Inoda (CAN) 39.53, A Hofmann (NWP?) 38.91, S Reyna 37.50, V Bergeron (CAN) 34.92, E Mendelson 34.33, L Keiser 32.70, V Muniz 32.12, B Ward 29.86, L Goetz (CP) 29.21, C Giese 25.63
Starting order (SWP skaters are unmarked): C Giese, D McIntee, N Inoda (CAN), M Nagasu, S Adams / V Bergeron (CAN), K Kulgeyko, S Reyna, A Malkova, A Hofmann (U.S. skater now training in CAN) / [C Zhang WD], L Keiser, F Chiera (SA), [C-A Alba, T Sirset – both have WD], C Hicks / B Ward, L Goetz (CP), P Edmunds (CP), V Muniz, R Mendelson, M Yang (SA).

Senior Men SP
2 Result sheet photos and 8 SP videos courtesy of @umbsgoblue: SP results & SP result details
Top 8:
J Brown 82.87 [45.57 TES/37.20 PCS] [Video here]
M C Martinez (PHI) 76.58 [43.00/33.58] [Video here]
R Dornbush 75.30 [39.98/36.32 -1] [Video here]
S Omori 72.05 [37.61/34.44] [Video here]
V Zhou 69.61 [36.98/32.63] [Video here]
D Razzano 65.92 [33.29/33.63 -1] [Video here]
B Mroz 63.02 [33.09/31.93 -2] [Video here]
K Messing 62.75 [29.55/33.20] [Video here]
9-13: S Dyer 57.47, G Gosselin (CAN) 56.79, B Guthrie (CAN) 50.08, R Przepioski 45.57, P Warren 44.77 [WD: S Eldridge, M Gordon (CAN), J Ju (TPE), B Kerry (AUS), J Yostanto].
Starting order (SWP skaters are unmarked): K Messing (NWP), V Zhou, M C Martinez (PHI), R Przepioski (UGL), [J Ju (TPE) WD], S Omori / B Guthrie (CAN), G Gosselin (CAN), [S Eldridge (NE) WD], S Dyer, R Dornbush, J Brown (UGL) / P Warren, [J Yostanto (NA) WD], B Mroz (SW), [M Gordon (CAN S7) WD], D Razzano, [B Kerry (AUS) WD].

Junior Men FS (OLY rink late Friday night)
1-13: N Chen 192.88 1 1 (129.41 FS, 66.27 TES/63.14 PCS), J Moeller 162.94 2 2 (106.55, 50.67/57.88 -2), S Howe 146.96 5 3 (94.08, 46.34/49.74 -2), B Krentz 144.63 4 5 (91.35, 46.23/46.12 -1), Y Paniot (UKR) 142.35 7 6 (89.88, 48.98/40.90), N Phengsy 141.37 3 7 (86.88, 41.38/45.50), P Rupp 137.94 8 4 (92.13, 46.61/46.52 -1), C Belmontes 126.85 6 11 (74.02, 38.14/36.88 -2), S Cuevas 123.92 9 8 (80.41, 39.15/44.26 -3), E Bender 120.60 13 9 (79.86, 40.36/39.50), A Nagode 117.25 12 10 (74.69, 37.29/39.40 -2), A Cheng (CAN) 104.08 11 12 (61.33, 26.71/36.62 -2), T Boore 99.97 10 13 (56.93, 26.93/33.00 -3)

Junior Ladies FS & Final standings (top 6 qualify for Final)
4 Result sheet photos courtesy of @umbsgoblue:
Group A Final standings & FS A result details
Group B Final standings & FS B result details
Group A (SWP skaters are unmarked)
Top 6: K Chen (CP) 179.39, A Shin (SW) 144.00, M Vinci (SA) 130.59, M Flood (SW) 126.64, R Chen 117.42, E Nguyen 115.38
K Chen (CP) 118.01 [69.19 TES/48.82 PCS] – heard she landed 7 triples (3Lz+3T, 3F, 2A+3T, 3Lz, 3Lo, 2A, 3S+2T);
FS 2-14: A Shin (SW) 88.47 [46.54/41.93], M Vinci (SA) 81.90 [44.19/37.71], M Flood (SW) 80.90 [45.99/34.91], R Chen 77.74 [41.11/36.63], E Nguyen 71.27 [33.96/39.31], C Untalan (SW) 63.20, E Gabriele 56.94, A Lindgren 56.64, P McNeil 55.04, B Gianiorio 53.86, B Shiue (NWP) 51.46, K Ka (AUS) 51.38, L Bai 49.91 [WD from FS: A Luong (SW)].
Group B (SWP skaters are unmarked)
Top 6: B Long (UGL) 152.85, J Delaurier (CAN) 136.18, J Jurome (CAN) 116.59, L Austman (CAN) 114.27, C Cleveland (SA) 111.33, E Pulkinen (CP) 109.59
FS 1-15: B Long (UGL) 94.96, J Delaurier (CAN) 84.77, J Jurome (CAN) 76.20, C Cleveland (SA) 72.67, L Austman (CAN) 72.38, E Pulkinen (CP) 69.34, C England (CAN) 67.20, D Bobyn (CAN) 64.62, J Jablon (SA) 62.08, C Bell 60.70, A Park 60.33, S Casapao 58.74, T Vanta 56.82, M-G Hemond (CAN) 54.56, Y Miao (SW) 49.63

Novice Ladies SP (SWP skaters are unmarked)
Group A
1-15: V Feigenbaum (SA) 33.44, A Sugimoto 31.64, A Verheydt (NWP) 31.09, A Villarroel-Sanchez 30.28, M Reyes 29.09, C Paquet (CAN) 29.07, Vic. Giang 28.60, J Santiago (CP) 28.35, K Dodson 28.14, S Ching (NWP) 27.26, H Pelchat (CAN?) 25.77, L Lee 24,03, M D’Amours (CAN?) 23.95, N Kreofsky (NWP) 22.71, A Daunais (CAN?) 19.98
Group B
1-15: C Berrios (SA) 42.75, V Le (SW) 39.87, R Shin (SW) 34.98, Vanna Giang 33.47, A Kortjohn (SW) 32.94, C Z Yang (CP) 30.47, N Orellana 29.94, S Zhang (CP) 28.57, A Okamoto 27.59, E Blondeau (CAN?) 25.53, K Nowell (SW) 25.14, V Lawson (NWP) 21.95, A Teutsch (SA) 21.05, C Carreras 19.28, V Bourgault (CAN?) 16.21
Group C
1-17: I Smit 39.85, S Pan 37.01, H Han 33.51, J Benson 32.51, C Taylor 32.14, K Zhou 31.82, T Hannig (SW) 31.38, A Setoyama 30.63, N-Q Nguyen 28.92, B Mitchell 27.47, L Ellison (SW) 25.54, K Park (SW) 25.40, I Hills (NWP) 24.95, A Osborne 24.63, J DeContreaus (CP) 23.96, K Trepanier (CAN) 22.97, A Desrochers (CAN?) 21.65

Novice Men SP (SWP skaters are unmarked)
1-13: P Borromeo 49.46, L West (SW) 47.42, E Sjoberg (SA) 42.49, A Boucher (SW) 37.08, M Friess (CP) 36.96, M Tang 36.93, I Miyata (NWP) 36.45, D Weiss 32.63, R Burghart (NWP) 30.69, A Schmitt (NWP) 30.20, B Dang 28.62, M Valdez 27.46, M Rounis 26.27

Thank you to the person(s) in Anaheim, California who sent in result photos of one Thursday night event that’s been transcribed below (edited to add: the other 2 Junior event results turned up on Friday afternoon).

Note: All SWP region skaters are unmarked.

Junior Ladies SP
Group A
SP A results photo via @umbsgoblue
1-15: K Chen (CP) 61.38, A Shin (SW) 55.53, C Untalan (SW) 49.81, M Vinci (SA) 48.69, M Flood (SW) 45.74, E Nguyen 44.11, R Chen 39.68, K Ka (AUS) 33.52, B Shiue (NWP) 32.52, E Gabriele 31.43, A Lindgren 30.37, A Luong (SW) 30.21, P McNeil 28.14, L Bai 27.89, B Gianiorio 25.39 [WD: R Carey, A Hightchew, A Lin (CP), A Quan].
Group B
SP B results photo via @umbsgoblue
1-15: B Long (UGL) 57.89, J Delaurier (CAN) 51.41, L Austman (CAN) 41.89, M-G Hemond (CAN) 41.01, C England (CAN) 40.63, J Jurome (CAN) 40.39, E Pulkinen (CP) 40.25, A Park 39.22, C Cleveland (SA) 38.66, C Bell 37.70, D Bobyn (CAN) 36.17, S Casapao 34.92, T Vanta 32.81, Y Miao (SW) 31.99, J Jablon (SA) 29.26 [WD: A Kurtz (SW), K Shpilband (EGL)].

Junior Men SP (OLY rink late Thursday night)
2 Result sheet photos courtesy of @umbsgoblue: SP results & SP result details
1-13: N Chen (CP) 63.47, J Moeller (UGL) 56.39, N Phengsy 54.49, B Krentz (NE) 53.28, S Howe 52.88, C Belmontes (SW) 52.83, Y Paniot (UKR) 52.47, P Rupp (SA) 45.81, S Cuevas (CAN) 43.51, T Boore 43.04, A Cheng (CAN) 42.75, A Nagode (SA) 42.56, E Bender (CP) 40.74.

* = listed in USFS’ International Selection Pool

Senior Men (17 listed; SWP skaters unmarked)
*J Brown S8 (UGL), *R Dornbush S6, S Dyer, S Eldridge (NE), M Gordon (CAN S7), G Gosselin (CAN S10), B Guthrie (CAN), B Kerry (AUS), M C Martinez (PHI), *K Messing S16 (NWP), *B Mroz S9 (SW), *S Omori J2, R Przepioski (UGL), *D Razzano S12, P Warren S18, J Yostanto J6 (NA, has tested up), *V Zhou J1 (age-eligible for JGP next year, don’t know if he has tested up or plans to test up by Sept. 1).

Senior Ladies (22 listed; SWP skaters unmarked)
S Adams, C-A Alba, V Bergeron (CAN), F Chiera (SA), *P Edmunds J1 (CP), C Giese, L Goetz (CP), *C Hicks S4, A Hofmann (former NWP skater now training/competing in CAN), N Inoda (CAN), *L Keiser S-wd, K Kulgeyko, A Malkova, *D McIntee J7, R Mendelson, V Muniz (formerly PUR), *M Nagasu S7, S Reyna, T Sirset, B Ward, M Yang J9 (SA), *C Zhang S11 (not sure if she will compete here).

Junior Men (13 listed; SWP skaters unmarked)
C Belmontes (SW), E Bender (CP), T Boore, *N Chen J3 (CP), A Cheng (CAN N3), S Cuevas (CAN J7), *S Howe, *B Krentz J8 (has switched from UGL to NE), *J Moeller J5 (UGL), A Nagode (SA), Y Paniot (UKR), *N Phengsy J7, P Rupp (SA).

Junior Ladies A (just the ones listed in the ISP)
K Chen J4 (CP), M Flood N4 (SW), E Nguyen N5, A Lin N2 (CP)-WD, M Vinci J6 (SA).

Junior Ladies B (17 listed; SWP skaters unmarked)
L Austman (CAN J1), C Bell, D Bobyn (CAN), S Casapao, C Cleveland (SA), J Delaurier (CAN N3), C England (CAN), M-G Hemond (CAN), J Jablon (SA), J Jurome (CAN), *B Long J3 (UGL), Y Miao (SW), A Kurtz (SW), A Park, E Pulkinen (CP), K Shpilband (EGL), T Vanta.

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