2013-14 JGP Season begins in Riga, Latvia + videos

Posted by unseenskaters on August 29, 2013

The 2013-14 ISU Junior Grand Prix season has begun in Riga, Latvia (the first of seven competitions), and the ISU is uploading videos of each skater/team on their YouTube channel for the third straight year!

Click here to view playlist of JGP Latvia Ladies SP & FS videos (in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Latvia Pairs SP & FS videos in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Latvia Men’s SP & FS videos (in skate order)

Click here to view playlist of JGP Latvia Short & Free Dance videos (in skate order)

Click here for JGP Latvia start orders, results & detailed protocols (Riga is 7 hours ahead of Eastern time)

Click here to read Jordan Moeller’s Blog for IceNetwork

View Team USA backstage photos on IceNetwork &

read a competition recap

View Award Ceremony photos on this Russian skating site

Team USA members are: Karen Chen (her JGP debut), Yasmin Siraj; Jordan Moeller, Jimmy Ma (JGP debuts for both men); Christina Zaitsev/Ernie Utah Stevens in pairs; Lorraine McNamara/Quinn Carpenter and Elliana Pogrebinsky/Ross Gudis in dance.

Ladies top 4: M Sotskova RUS 59.45, K Chen USA 58.21, E Medvedeva RUS 55.17, L Efimenko FIN 51.80;
Pairs top 3: Yu/Jin CHN 56.25, Tarasova/Morozov RUS 52.96, Vigalova/Zakroev RUS 51.46;
Men top 4: MC Martinez PHI 64.03, B Jin CHN 63.19, B Kerry AUS 61.17, JS Kim KOR 60.69.

Chen is 2nd (58.21; 3Lz+3T<, 2A, 3Lo) & Siraj 5th (51.70; 3T+2T, 3Lo-, 2A) of 27 after the Ladies SP; Zaitsev/Stevens 8th (37.35) of 10 teams after Pairs SP; Ma 10th (56.31; 3Lz+3T, 3Lo, 2A) & Moeller 12th (52.98; 2A, 3Lz+3T<, 3Lo<) of 27 after the Men's SP. Short Dance is first event on Friday.

McNamara/Carpenter are 2nd (52.40) and Pogrebinsky/Gudis 4th (49.56) in the Short Dance; Zaitsev/Stevens finish 8th (104.84 total is new ISU PB score, 67.49 FS); Chen wins the BRONZE medal (154.26, 96.05 4th in FS), Siraj places 6th overall (142.32, 90.62 7th in FS).

McNamara/Carpenter win the SILVER medal (127.43, new ISU PB FD score of 75.03), Pogrebinsky/Gudis finish 4th (121.09, 71.53 FD & 3 new ISU PB scores); Moeller places 9th (158.74, 8th in FS), Ma 13th (147.79).

CONGRATS to all the medalists!
Dance Gold to Bent/MacKeen CAN, Silver to McNamara/Carpenter USA, Bronze to Loboda/Drozd RUS;
Men's Gold to B Jin CHN, Silver to A Pitkeev RUS, Bronze to S Uno JPN;
Pairs Gold to Yu/Jin CHN, Silver to Tarasova/Morozov RUS, Bronze to Vigalova/Zakroev RUS;
Ladies' Gold to E Medvedeva, Silver to M Sotskova, Bronze to Chen USA.


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