2013 Novice & Junior Challenge Skate + Salt Lake City Senior B International

Posted by unseenskaters on September 12, 2013

The second U.S. CHALLENGE SKATE for Novice and Junior singles skaters and pair/dance teams (among those who qualified for 2013 U.S. Nationals at the Junior, Novice, and Intermediate levels) will be held in conjunction with the U.S. International Figure Skating Classic (Senior B international competition) at the Salt Lake City Sports Complex from Wednesday, September 11 through Sunday, September 15, 2013. Icenetwork Season Pass subscribers (in the U.S.) can watch live and on demand video of the entire competition.

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GOLD: Max Aaron, Courtney Hicks, Meryl Davis/Charlie White;
SILVER: Stephen Carriere, Gracie Gold, Caydee Denney/John Coughlin;
BRONZE: Joshua Farris, Samantha Cesario, Tarah Kayne/Daniel O’Shea;
4th: Grant Hochstein, Agnes Zawadzki, Marissa Castelli/Simon Shnapir, Lynn Kriengkrairut/Logan Giulietti-Schmitt;
Felicia Zhang/Nathan Bartholomay 7th, Anastasia Cannuscio/Colin McManus 8th, Alissandra Aronow/Collin Brubaker 13th.

Here are the CHALLENGE SKATE entries, with 2013 U.S. National and Junior National Championships placements by level and the skaters’ clubs added (J = Junior, N = Novice, I = Intermediate):

Final standings:
Tyler Pierce N-1 (All Year FSC) 57.16 SP, 90.89 FS, 148.05 total
Morgan Flood N-4 (Dallas FSC) 42.89 SP, 90.58 FS, 133.47
Ashley Shin N-11 (Dallas FSC) 49.74 SP, 82.46 FS, 132.20
Amber Glenn J-5 (Dallas FSC) 52.33 SP, 78.59 FS, 130.92
Olivia Serafini J-10 (SC of New York) 50.33 SP, 79.88 FS, 130.21
Brynne McIsaac N-10 (Washington FSC) 43.73 SP, 81.09 FS, 124.82
Maria Yang J-9 (Washington FSC) 44.55 SP, 75.43 FS, 119.98
Bradie Tennell N-3 (Wagon Wheel FSC) 43.00 SP, 74.87 FS, 117.87
Megan Wessenberg N-9 (SC of Boston) 40.85 SP, 76.66 FS, 117.51
Madison Vinci J-6 (Washington FSC) 42.45 SP, 74.07 FS, 116.52
Amanda Gelb J-11 (Los Angeles FSC) 38.83 SP, 70.48 FS, 109.31
Brianna Laxson J-8 (Washington FSC) 35.54 SP, 51.64 FS, 87.18
*Anavi Tekriwal (India/Northern Ice SC) 25.21 SP, 41.74 FS, 66.95
* invited guest?

Amber Glenn’s Current Bio on Icenetwork
Tyler Pierce’s Current Bio on Icenetwork
Bradie Tennell’s Current Bio on Icenetwork
Morgan Flood’s Current Bio on Icenetwork
Amanda Gelb’s Bio on Icenetwork

JUNIOR PAIRS (3 teams)
Final standings:
Olivia Oltmanns (Yarmouth IC) / Joshua Santillan (All Year FSC) J-11 Bio on Icenetwork 44.57 SP, 88.69 FS, 133.26 total
Brianna de la Mora/Taylor Wilson J-5 (Texas Gulf Coast FSC) Current Bio on Icenetwork 40.07 SP, 76.19 FS, 116.26
Elise Middleton N-3 (Los Angeles FSC) / Anthony Evans (Stars FSC of Texas) [new team] 36.69 SP, 72.62 FS, 109.31

LOCAL ARTICLES (pre-event) – Novice skaters:
Paige Ryberg: Southtown Star (Sept. 6) and Chicago Tribune (Aug. 21)
Mitchell Friess: Standard-Examiner article/video (Sept. 10) and Davis Clipper (Sept. 5)
Justin Ly and Hina Ueno: Deseret News (Sept. 12)

Final standings:
Rebecca Peng N-7 (SC of Boston) 42.74 SP, 70.32 FS, 113.06 total
Paige Rydberg I-5 (Northern Ice SC) 38.46 SP, 68.94 FS, 107.40
Emmy Ma I-3 (SC of New York) 35.73 SP, 64.04 FS, 99.77
Samantha Steeman I-10 (Univ. of Delaware FSC) 33.34 SP, 66.16 FS, 99.50
Jin Baseman I-7 (SC of Boston) 36.18 SP, 55.96 FS, 92.14
Riley Shin I-6 (Dallas FSC) 28.67 SP, 58.64 FS, 87.31
Olivia Allan I-4 (DuPage FSC) 30.82 SP, 55.20 FS, 86.02
Hina Ueno I-12 (Salt Lake FS) 31.32 SP, 48.31 FS, 79.63
WD Anastasia Kortjohn I-2 (Broadmoor SC) 23.15 SP

Final standings:
Eric Sjoberg I-4 (Univ. of Delaware FSC) 44.78 SP, 94.91 FS, 139.69 total
Harrison Wong N-8 (All Year FSC) 41.60 SP, 85.34 FS, 126.94
Luke West N-6 (Broadmoor SC) 40.29 SP, 85.59 FS, 125.88
Andrew Torgashev I-1 (Panthers FSC) 35.27 SP, 82.93 FS, 118.20
Justin Ly I-7 (Salt Lake FS) 31.31 SP, 67.37 FS, 98.68
Mitchell Friess I-10 (Wasatch FSC) 41.65 SP, 53.82 FS, 95.47
Mathew Graham I-11 (Idaho Falls FSC) 33.97 SP, 58.04 FS, 92.01

NOVICE PAIRS (5 teams)
Final standings:
Grace Knoop / Noah Chinault N-6 (Southwest Florida FSC) 30.23 SP, 65.41 FS, 95.64 total
Joy Weinberg (Skokie Valley SC) / Michael Lueck (Yarmouth IC) N-7 [new team] 33.49 SP, 59.82 FS, 93.31
Alexandria Yao / Connor Fleming N-11 (Peninsula SC) [new team] 31.78 SP, 60.58 FS, 92.36
Alicia Bertsch (Ann Arbor FSC) /Austin Hale (Fort Wayne ISC) I-1 27.28 SP, 56.23 FS, 83.51
Darbie Burke / Griffin Schwab (SC of New York) I-2 23.49 SP, 58.69 FS, 82.18

NOVICE DANCE (3 teams)
Final standings:
Madison Fox (Rocky Mountain FSC) / Val Katsman I-2 (Broadmoor SC) 35.70 PD, 58.27 FD, 93.97 total
Caroline Leadmon (Charleston FSC) / Jacob Schedl I-9 (Pavilion SC of Cleveland Heights) 25.59 PD, 41.94 FD, 67.53
Alexis Middleton (Los Angeles FSC) / Michael Valdez I-7 (All Year FSC) 18.56 PD, 42.16 FD, 60.72


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