2014 Broadmoor Open, June 25-28

Posted by unseenskaters on June 25, 2014

The Broadmoor Open, a major early season club competition hosted annually by the Broadmoor Skating Club, is taking place June 25-28, 2014, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The main competition rink is the World Arena (WA).

Click here to purchase and view the live/on-demand webcast

Click here to view the PDF event schedule by day (all times are Mountain)

Click here to view the club’s event page

Click here for links to all OFFICIAL RESULTS (published July 4)


SATURDAY UNOFFICIAL top scores from the webcast:
Novice Ladies FS/Final
Top 6: T Ellison 110.22 (71.26 FS), R Shin 91.07, R Gautsche 90.12, R Volovich 89.82, K Yum 88.71 (58.91 FS), A Demma (UGL) 88.71 (56.32 FS)
Novice Men FS/Final
1-5: M Graham (NWP) 121.79, C Johnson (UGL) 106.04, M Friess (CP) 103.87, J Curley 94.70, T Schwappach 85.42
Senior Ladies FS/Final
1. A Cain 176.76 (109.35 FS: 54.25 TES/56.24 PCS -1) – debuted Evita with lyrics. Jumps: 3Lz, 3F, 2A+3Lo(looked good), 3Lo(turn)+2T, 3F(hand)+2T, 3S(eked out), 2A(fall). She tweeted afterwards “#altitude”.
2. M Nagasu (SWP) 170.48 (117.29 1st in FS: 54.73 TES/62.56 PCS) – debuted Madame Butterfly by Puccini with lyrics, including the famous soprano aria “Un bel di vedremo.” Jumps: 3F+2T, big 2A+2T, 3Lz, 3Lo+2T, 3F, 3Lo, 2A.
3-5: M Bell 145.17 [skated last season’s Titanic], C Untalan (PHI) 126.02, M Craze 112.45
Senior Men FS/Final
J Brown 217.91 (139.61 FS), A Johnson 182.91 (122.65), J Moeller 174.53 (111.54); A Rogozine CAN 170.33 (113.55); J Wright GBR 148.31; S Payannet 120.62 (80.46)
Junior Men FS & Final
1-7: A Krasnozhon (SW via RUS) 182.85 (117.70 FS), C Belmontes 162.77 (100.67 FS), D Neudecker (NWP) 143.93, L Kirchgessner 139.83, L West 133.84, A Boucher 131.61, S Simon (UGL) 125.17
Junior Ladies FS/Final
Top 4: V Le 139.57 (88.09 FS, opened with a ‘tano 3Lz+3T), E Taylor 136.92 (87.39), P Rydberg (UGL) 134.65 (81.63), S Zhao 132.78 (93.09 won FS) – landed 2A-half loop-3S, 3F+2T, 3Lo, 3Lz+2T, 3F, 3Lz(fall), 2A. Top 2 skated to “On Golden Pond,” but not back to back.
Junior Pairs SP/FS (cancelled)
Intermediate Men FS exh.: J-H Chen 54.44
Intermediate Ladies FS/Final
Top 6: A S Rorrer Warren (CP) 90.32 (57.49 FS), K Nguyen 87.56, A Eguchi 86.11, P Zolnierek (UGL) 84.41, M Fox 83.06, A Rogers (UGL) 81.39

FRIDAY UNOFFICIAL top scores from the webcast:
Senior Ladies SP
1. A Cain 67.41 [39.05 TES/28.36 PCS; Mission Impossible; choreo by Scott Brown] *revised score officially confirmed from her protocol: 3Lz+3Lo, 3F, 2A; she skated with command! She started competing back in late April and she looks very well prepared at this point of the season!
2. M Bell 57.70 [“Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men, covered by Kurt Hugo Schneider and Kevin Olusola (cello); choreo by Cindy Stuart] 3Lz+2T, 3F fell out, 2A; she got the audience clapping along to her catchy/charming program and exuded exuberance and joy! Kori Ade is coaching her now.
3. M Nagasu 53.19 [Rachmaninoff’s Variation 18 of Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini; choreo by Adam Rippon] She was a last-minute entry here (wore a plain black unitard) & though her jumps were a bit rough, she showed off her in-between elements well to the music as well as a new, ultra-flexible catch foot layback to Biellmann variation at the end!
4. Clare Untalan (PHI) 48.88 [Evita] 3F+2T, 3S, 2A fell out (she landed all the jumps in Thursday’s SP).
Junior Ladies SP
Top 6: P Rydberg (UGL) 53.02 [Out of Africa] 2A, 3F(hand)+2T, 3Lz [Watch her video here];
V Le 51.48 [East of Eden] great ‘tano 3Lz with speed & flow out; E Taylor 49.53 [last season’s Reverie by Debussy] 2Lz, 3T+2T, fast layback to Biellmann with head back; C Berrios (SA) 45.01 [Fever]; L Katzman (NA) 43.17; M Hedges (UGL) 42.58 [La Vie en Rose]
Novice Ladies SP Final
Top 6: T Ellison 38.96, R Shin 37.27, A Demma (UGL) 32.39, R Gautsche 32.31, B Melton 31.15, R Volovich 30.51
Senior Men SP (will edit in more details later)
1-6: J Brown (UGL) 78.30 [38.00/40.30] 3F+3T, 3A(2-ft), 3Lz; J Moeller (UGL) 62.99 [31.34/31.65] 2A, 3Lz, 3F+2T; A Johnson 60.26 [30.36/30.90 -1]; A Rogozine (CAN) 59.04 [28.24/30.80]; J Wright (GBR) 54.38; S Payannet 40.16
Junior Men SP
1-7: A Krasnozhon (SW via RUS) 65.15 [35.50 TES/29.65 PCS] 3A<?, 3F+3Lo, 3Lz; C Belmontes 62.10 [33.30/28.80] 2A, 3Lz, 3F+3T; D Neudecker (NWP) 54.91, L Kirchgessner 54.82, L West 54.30, A Boucher 50.??, S Simon (UGL) 46.83
Novice Men SP
1-5: M Graham (NWP) 43.38 (Nutrocker; landed 3Lo, 3S+2T, 2A), C Johnson (UGL) 41.32, M Friess (CP) 36.30, T Schwappach 34.20, J Curley 29.75
Intermediate Ladies SP Final
Top 6: K Nguyen 33.29, A Rorrer Warren (CP) 32.83, A Eguchi 30.90, M Fox 29.49, P Zolnierek (UGL) 29.27, A Rogers 28.91

THURSDAY UNOFFICIAL top scores from the webcast:
Senior Ladies SP Only
Top 4: A Cain 58.18, C Untalan (PHI) 53.93, M Bell 52.87, A Shin 47.33
Senior Men SP Only
Top 2: J Brown (UGL) 80.73 [39.90 TES/40.83 PCS], J Moeller (UGL) 56.82
Junior Men SP Only
Top 2: A Krasnozhon (SW via RUS) 65.90 [38.73 TES/27.17 PCS] 3A, 3F+3Lo, 3Lz; A Boucher 52.72
Junior Ladies SP Only
Top 7: P Rydberg (UGL) 48.14, S Zhao 45.77, V Le 44.98, C Berrios (SA) 44.96, E Taylor 42.53, L Katzman (NA) 41.20, M Hedges (UGL) 40.31
Novice Men SP Only
Top 3: M Graham (NWP) 45.41, C Johnson (UGL) 44.37, M Friess (CP) 40.33
Novice Ladies SP Only
Group A top 4: S Porter 42.74, R Shin 42.41, R Gautsche 33.24, E Enebak (UGL) 31.67
Group B top 3: K Horsmann (UGL) 34.88, R Volovich 33.43, I Schwob 30.49
Group C top 4: G Dixon 35.15, T Ellison 33.20, A Demma (UGL) 32.58, K Nowell 32.01

WEDNESDAY UNOFFICIAL top scores from the webcast:
Novice Ladies (Top 5 advance to SP on Friday)
FS A top 4 scores: K Yum 60.53, A Friess (CP) 59.00, R Gautsche 56.50, R Shin? 54.61, 5th?
FS B top 6: R Volovich 62.57, E Fairbanks 61.15, S Porter 56.52, B Melton 54.22, M Manoogian (EGL) 51.11, M Peterson 51.08
FS C top 8: A Kortjohn 67.80, K Stamm 57.40, T Ellison score?, A Vongphachanh 54.89, L Zhang 54.74, A Demma (UGL) 53.62, L Ream (EGL) 50.94, J Zink (EGL) 50.48

NOTE: The Senior and Junior level singles skaters listed below are scheduled to compete, but please be aware that withdrawals from early season competitions are not uncommon. The skater’s home club region, or country, is included in parentheses if they are outside the Southwestern (SW) region; the rest (unmarked) are SW region skaters. 2014 U.S. Nationals Junior/Novice placements are included, if applicable.

* = currently listed in USFS’ 2014-15 International Selection Pool (ISP)

Senior Men
Combined Event: *Jason Brown (UGL), Alex Johnson, Lukas Kaugars, *Jordan Moeller (UGL), Sebastien Payannet, Andrei Rogozine (CAN), Jamie Wright (GBR).
SP Only: Brown, Moeller, Trevor Bergqvist (SWE).
Jumps: Bergqvist, Brown, Kaugars, Moeller, plus juniors Danny Neudecker (NWP) and Spencer Simon (UGL).

Senior Ladies
Combined Event (SP+FS): *Mariah Bell, *Ashley Cain, Christina Cleveland (EGL), Melin Craze, Rita Fehr (UGL), Anjing Fu, Alicia Hsu (EGL), Julia Liao, Lydia Menscher, Yu Miao, Sarah Seibold, *Ashley Shin J3, Brittney Shuie (NWP), Kristina Struthwolf (CP), Clare Untalan (PHI), Madison Vinci (SA).
SP Only includes: *Angela Wang (CP), Bell, Cain, Shin

Junior Ladies
Combined Event: Carly Berrios N4 (SA), Dasha Chalenko, Katie Curran, Lauren Ellison, Zoe Gong (CAN), Terri Hannig, Michelle Hedges (UGL), Julia Hussian (UGL), Lyra Katzman J11 (NA), Sarah Kim, *Vivian Le N1, Gabrielle Le (UGL), Lindsey Mize, *Paige Rydberg N2 (UGL), Karoline Shechter, Mackenzie Sill (CP), *Elena Taylor J5, Selena Zhao.

Junior Men
Combined Event: *Chase Belmontes J4, Anthony Boucher N5, Luke Kirchgessner, Alekseii Krasnozhon (RUS, based in Texas), Danny Neudecker (NWP), Spencer Simon (UGL), *Luke West N3.

Junior Pairs
Joy Weinberg (UGL)/Michael Lueck (NE) N5, Linde LaChance/Kenneth Anderson (EGL) N10.

Many thanks to the helpful person who sent in scans from the competition program booklet. If you would like to contribute Novice and below entries/groups and/or official result sheet photos via e-mail during the competition, please CLICK HERE to do so. Thank you very much in advance and GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE SKATERS this week!


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