2014 JGP #4 in Nagoya/Aichi, Japan, Sept. 11-14

Posted by unseenskaters on September 12, 2014

The fourth competition in the 2014-15 ISU JGP series has begun in Nagoya/Aichi, Japan.

Click here for the ISU JGP YouTube channel (JGP Nagoya live/recorded streams)

Click here for JGP Nagoya start orders/results/protocols (JPN is 13 hours ahead of Eastern time)

Click here for Jimmy Ma’s Blog for Icenetwork

Click here for Pogrebinsky/Benoit’s Blog for Ice-Dance.com

Team USA members are: Jimmy Ma, Kevin Shum (his JGP debut), Bradie Tennell (her JGP debut); Rachel & Michael Parsons and Elliana Pogrebinsky/Alex Benoit (his Team USA & JGP debut) in dance.

Friday’s Team USA results:
Ladies SP: Tennell (54.92) finished 4th of 27.
Men SP: Shum 4th (61.79) and Ma 14th (47.81) of 22.

Saturday’s Team USA results:
Short Dance: Parsons/Parsons placed 1st (55.71) and Pogrebinsky/Benoit 5th (43.62) of 12 teams.
Tennell finished 8th overall (144.89).

Sunday’s Team USA results:
Parsons/Parsons won the BRONZE medal (131.42); Pogrebinsky/Benoit finished 5th (112.60).
Shum placed 7th overall (169.84); Ma finished 14th (139.71).


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