JGP #2 in Riga, Latvia, Aug. 26-29, 2015

Posted by unseenskaters on August 27, 2015

Riga Cup, the second JGP is underway in the capital and largest city of Latvia, and includes the first pairs event. Riga is 7 hours ahead of Eastern time.

Results & Protocols

Detailed Time & Practice Schedule (PDF)

Click here for the Ladies SP video playlist

Click here for the Pairs SP video playlist

Click here for the Men’s SP video playlist

Click here for the ISU’s JGP channel

Watch Jacob Simon’s’ Vlogs #1-5 for IceNetwork

Team USA photos on IceNetwork

Action & podium photos on Gerry Images

Team USA members making their respective JGP debuts here are Alexei Krasnozhon and Rebecca Peng; returning are Amber Glenn, Paolo Borromeo, Lindsay Weinstein/Jacob Simon (pairs), and Christina Carreira/Anthony Ponomarenko and Emily Day/Kevin Leahy (dance).

TEAM USA Thursday: In the Ladies SP, Glenn placed 6th (53.21) and Peng 12th (43.90). Weinstein/Simon finished in 8th (40.78). In the Men’s SP, Krasnozhon was 3rd (67.53), landing all his jumps (3A, 3Lz+3T, 3F) with positive GOE, while Borromeo 8th (58.92), landed 2A, 3Lz+3T (-0.8 GOE) & 3F.

Team USA Friday: Both teams set new ISU personal best scores in the Short Dance. Carreira/Ponomarenko are in 2nd (57.23) and Day/Leahy 7th (45.33) of 15 teams.
Weinstein/Simon placed 7th of 9 pairs overall (114.54) and 7th in the FS (73.76), which is a new ISU personal best FS score for them.
Amber Glenn landed 3F+3T and 3Lz+3T in her 4th place FS (106.75) to place 5th overall (159.96). Rebecca Peng finished 15th (123.11).

Team USA Saturday: Alexei Krasnozhon won the BRONZE medal (127.15 FS, 194.68 total); Paolo Borromeo finished 11th with an ISU personal best total (159.19).
Free Dance: Day/Leahy set 2 more ISU personal best scores (70.44 in FD, 115.77 total). Carreira/Ponomarenko finished 5th in FD (74.02) and set a new ISU PB total (131.25) for 4th overall.

LADIES: Maria Sotskova (RUS) 184.45, Kaori Sakamoto (JPN) 170.95, Da Bin Choi (KOR) 168.29
MEN: Dmitri Aliev (RUS) 209.92, Deniss Vasiljevs (LAT) 204.60, Alexei Krasnozhon (USA) 194.68
PAIRS: Oganesian/Bardei (UKR) 144.29, Poluianova/Korotkov (RUS) 138.75, Borisova/Sopot (RUS) 135.42
DANCE: Popova/Vlasenko (RUS) 146.35, Abachkina/Thauron (FRA) 139.05, Evdokimova/Bazin (RUS) 132.57


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