U.S. Novice & Junior Challenge Skate (Sept. 2015 in CO Springs & Salt Lake City)

Posted by unseenskaters on September 17, 2015

The 2015 U.S. Novice and Junior Challenge Skate for singles skaters takes place from Thursday, September 17 through Sunday, September 20 at the Salt Lake City Sports Complex in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is being held again in conjunction with the ISU Challenger Senior B competition at the same venue.

The Challenge Skate pairs/dance competition was held in conjunction with the Junior Grand Prix event in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on September 3-5, 2015 – click here for results/protocols.

Click here for Novice & Junior Challenge Skate starting orders

Click here for more info about Challenge Skate

Click here the combined Sr./Jr./Nov. practice/event schedule (PDF)

Below are the singles entries, listed alphabetically, with 2015 National (J=Junior, N=Novice, I=Intermediate) or Sectional (E=Eastern, M=Midwestern, P=Pacific Coast) placements added. Junior Grand Prix competitors are allowed to participate this year.

Jin Baseman N5
Carly Berrios E-J5
Jessica Cai P-N6
Emily Chan N1 (JGP SVK)
Anna Grace Davidson N4 (JGP AUT)
Sarah Feng J10
Sonja Hilmer E-N6
Brynne McIsaac J7 (JGP alt.)
Taylor Morris M-N5
Sarah Nunez N7 (JGP CRO)
Nina Ouellette N3 (JGP USA)
Alice Qiao E-J8
Cristina Rackley M-N8
Chloe Roslin M-N7
Paige Rydberg J8 (JGP USA)
Hina Ueno J12
[Notes: Megan Wessenberg J9 was among the original entries but reportedly WD after receiving her first JGP assignment (POL). Ditto for Akari Nakahara N2 who is listed for JGP POL as of 9/17.]

Chase Belmontes J10
Max Belovol M-N7
Mitchell Friess P-N5
Colton Johnson N9
Kelvin Li N7
Justin Ly N2 (JGP alt.)
Mathew Graham P-N8
Camden Pulkinen P-N6
Benjamin Shou N5
Luke West M-J6
Kendrick Weston N3 (JGP alt.)
Harrison Wong P-J6

Starr Andrews P-Int5
Lara Annunziata Int5
Maxine Marie Bautista Int2
Tori Bennett M-Int5
Kassandra Carpentier Int1
Paige Conners E-N5
Nhi Do Int11
Liza Hayes Int8
Pooja Kalyan N9
Gia Kokotakis Int3
Ashley Lin Int7
Emmy Ma E-N7
Chelsea Mischuk E-Int6
Kaitlyn Nguyen M-Int7
Alexia Paganini N8
Aurelia Perkins P-Int7
Ashlee Raymond N11
Sierra Venetta Int10

Jun-Hong Chen Int12
Luke Ferrante Int10
Shiloh Judd E-N6
Grant Kulenkamp P-Int6
Max Lake Int7
Maxim Naumov E-Int5
TJ Nyman Int1
Thomas Schwappach M-N6
Dinh Tran Int2
Justin Wichmann M-N8
Paul Yeung Int9


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