2016 Broadmoor Open, June 22-25 (live, free video streaming)

Posted by unseenskaters on June 23, 2016

The Broadmoor Open, a major early season club competition hosted annually by the Broadmoor Skating Club, June 22-25, 2016, is underway in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The main competition rink is the World Arena (WA) and events there will be live streamed by proeventphoto.com for the first time at no charge.

Click here to view the club’s event page with links to OFFICIAL RESULTS

Please be aware that withdrawals from early season competitions are not uncommon.

OFFICIAL RESULTS will be published online by the club AFTER the competition is over (link has now been added above).

Many thanks to the helpful person who sent in scans of Senior/Junior entries from the competition program booklet.
If you would like to contribute official result sheet photos via e-mail during the competition, you can CLICK HERE to do so. Any results/high scores received will be edited in below as time permits. Thank you.

The skater’s home club region, or country, is included in parentheses if they are outside the Southwestern (SW) region (NA=North Atlantic, NE=New England, SA=South Atlantic, EGL=Eastern Great Lakes, UGL=Upper Great Lakes, SWP=Southwest Pacific, CP=Central Pacific, NWP=Northwest Pacific); the rest (unmarked) are SW region skaters.

* = currently listed in USFS’ 2016-17 International Selection Pool (ISP)


SATURDAY EVENTS & RESULTS (unofficial scores were taken from live stream)
Novice Men FS (7:10-8:00 am Mountain Time)
OFFICIAL final standings 1-5: Luke Ferrante (EGL) 133.05, Alex Wellman (UGL) 109.08, JoonSoo Kim (UGL) 102.10, D Hylander 91.31, M Gumba 69.23

Junior Men FS (8:00-9:50 am)
OFFICIAL final standings:
1) Aleksei Krasnozhon 214.58 (144.40 FS) – jumps: 4Lo(stood up but reportedly called under-rotated <), 3S, 3F, 3A+3T, 3A, 3F+2T+2Lo, 3Lz+3Lo, 2A. Music is Aaron Copeland's Rodeo, choreographed by Scott Brown. Note: His score was revised up by 0.5 afterwards.
2) Tomoki Hiwatashi 202.13 (132.18 FS) – 4T(fell out), 3A, 3Lo, 2A(?)+2T, 3Lz-half loop-3F, cantilever into 3Lz, 3F, 3S+2T. Music is from Nino Rota's La Strada film soundtrack.
3-14: Camden Pulkinen 159.41 (105.73 FS), L Kirchgessner 147.86 (93.95), J-H Chen 136.60 (89.63), C Johnson 129.59 (90.32), D Wagner 123.66, M Friess 119.94, J Wichmann 117.39, K Weston 117.06, A Sena 115.48, I Miyata 111.16, L West 107.96, P Frohling 102.23

Senior Ladies FS (10:05-12:55 pm)
OFFICIAL final standings:
Tessa Hong [Italian song “Caruso” performed by Katherine Jenkins; choreo. by Drew Meekins] 166.70 (104.00 FS) – jumps included: 3Lz+3T, 3F, second half 3S+3T<+2T, 3Lz, 2A.
Mariah Bell [East of Eden, choreo. by Rohene Ward] 159.45 (103.03)
Amber Glenn [Rhapsody in Blue, choreo. by Darlene Cain] 149.72 (82.95)
Paige Rydberg [Evita] 144.67 (99.85 3rd in FS)
Ashley Cain [Carmen, choreo. by Scott Brown] 144.39 (84.22)
Maisy Ma HKG [Albinoni's Adagio] 137.04 (94.83)
Carly Berrios [Out of Africa] 133.77 (score was revised afterwards)
Emily Chan [Bohemian Rhapsody] 131.72 (81.31)
Livvy Shilling [India-themed] 125.56 (79.88)
10-20: Avery Kurtz 123.02, Katie McBeath 118.03, B Melton 109.13, A Shin 102.54, L Menscher 87.71, M Chambers 87.02, K Shechter 84.29, K Curran 83.15, R Franzese 82.65, L Townsend 79.16, E Tafoya 74.92 (WD from FS: Cleveland)

Intermediate Men FS (1:10-2:00 pm)
UNOFFICIAL final standings 1-6: S Mindra 95.84 (61.01 FS), M Nielsen 77.58 (51.10), D Tioumentsev 66.32 (42.78), J Pagano 61.96 (41.21), J Webb 61.92 (37.48), B Hogan 53.71

Senior Men FS (2:00-3:10 pm)
OFFICIAL final standings:
A Boucher [Aranjuez male vocal by Andrea Bocelli+orchestra, choreo. by Scott Brown] 170.59 (111.56 FS)
C Belmontes [Jeykll & Hyde musical, choreo. by Phillip Mills] 166.19 (111.54 FS)
J Ma [Rachmaninov piano concerto no. 2] 136.94 (90.46 FS)
4-6: B Jalovick [Tosca] 125.17, S Payannet [classical medley] 124.81, J Moeller [Romeo & Juliet 1996 film soundtrack] 108.77

Junior Ladies FS (3:25-5:15 pm)
OFFICIAL final standings:
1-16: Brynne McIsaac 141.05 (90.01 FS), Ashley Kim 137.46 (90.81 FS 1st), Ashley Lin 131.57 (81.88), Holly Harris AUS 123.99 (84.78), MacKenzie Caputo 122.22 (80.65), R Peng 119.04, T Morris 115.89, M Capatina 111.13, S Porter 109.96, A Yang 109.73, H Ueno 107.10, N Wang 102.36, E Secunda 99.88, A Proudlock 98.17, S Gugel 94.94, S Hilmer 93.58

Intermediate Ladies FS (5:30-7:20 pm)
UNOFFICIAL top 8: Hanna Harrell 128.93 (85.05 FS to Carmen – landed 3Lz+2T, 3Lz, 3F fall, 2A+1Lo+2Lo, 3F+2T & another jump), S Ciarochi 100.93, J Lin 100.65, I Inthisone (UGL) 96.08, N Rosa (CP) 95.73, A Miyagi (CP) 94.30, A Chechetenko (CP) 91.49, M Jing (CP) 90.18

Novice Ladies FS (7:20-9:10 pm)
UNOFFICIAL final standings 1-18: Alysa Liu (CP) 129.60 (90.05 FS to Sing Sing Sing – landed 3Lz+2T, 3Lz, 2A+2Lo+2Lo, 3F foot down after landing, 3S+2A, 3S flawed landing), Alyssa Rich 115.20 (75.50), Beverly Wooden 112.00 (77.03), Isabella Miller 110.11 (69.76), Akane Eguchi 107.86 (67.57), A Friess (CP) 97.91, A Rogers 95.10, M MacKinnon (EGL) 94.07, EG Hanns (EGL) 92.38, R Gautsche 88.78, ME Besson 87.56, A Jacobsen (UGL) 82.29, O Clarke (CP) 78.35, K Sasaki (NWP) 77.25, LM Finch (NWP) 74.89, L Waterman 71.75, M Davis (EGL) 69.67, O Pope (UGL) 64.18



Junior Men SP (7-8:25 am MT) – starting order:
Derek Wagner (UGL), Justin Wichmann, Jun-Hong Chen, Luke West, *Tomoki Hiwatashi (UGL) /
Ikaika Miyata (NWP), Mitchell Friess (CP), Patrick Frohling (SWP), Luke Kirchgessner /
Camden Pulkinen (SWP), Kendrick Weston (CP), Colton Johnson (UGL), Andrew Sena (UGL), *Aleksei Krasnozhon.
Top 2 unofficial scores: Krasnozhon 70.18 [3F+3T, 3A, 3Lo; his music is Chopin’s Etude Op. 10, No. 3; choreo. by Scott Brown], Hiwatashi 69.95 [3Lo, 3A fell out, 3Lz+3T; “Big & Bad” by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy]

Junior Ladies SP (8:25-9:55 am MT) – starting order:
Holly Harris (AUS), *Ashley Lin, MacKenzie Caputo (NWP), Marina Capatina (SWP), Eliana Secunda /
Alexis Proudlock (EGL), Hina Ueno (CP), *Rebecca Peng (NE), Sonja Hilmer (NE), Nadine Wang (NA) /
*Brynne McIsaac (SA), Ashley Kim, *Shannon Porter,* Alice Yang (CP), Sophia Gugel, Taylor Morris (UGL).
RESULTS 1-16: McIsaac 51.04, Lin 49.69, Kim 46.65, Yang 44.94, Porter 43.33, Ueno 42.95, Caputo 41.57, Morris 40.77, Peng 39.61, Harris 39.21, Capatina 37.42, Gugel 35.96, Secunda 34.94, Proudlock 31.62, Wang 28.15, Hilmer 26.74

Senior Ladies SP (10:20 am-12:35 pm MT) – starting order:
Bailey Melton, Avery Kurtz, Ashley Shin, *Tessa Hong, Lauren Townsend (UGL), Erin Tafoya /
Rachel Franzese, Livvy Shilling (EGL), Karoline Schechter, *Emily Chan, Katie Curran /
Ashley Cain, *Mariah Bell, *Amber Glenn, Carly Berrios (SA), Mirielle Chambers, *Paige Rydberg (UGL) /
Christina Cleveland (EGL), Lydia Menscher, Katie McBeath (NA), Maisy Ma (HKG).
Top 7 official scores:
1 Glenn 66.77 3F+3T, 3Lo, 2A; “Send in the Clowns” sung by Susan Boyle; choreo. by Scott Brown
2 Hong 62.70 3Lz+3T, 3F, 2A; “Ave Maria” by Vavilov/Cacchini; choreo. by Drew Meekins
3 Cain 60.17 3F+2T, 3Lo, 2A; “Skinny Love” by Birdy (last year’s music); choreo, by Jeremy Abbott
4 Bell 56.42 “Roxie” “Hot Honey Rag” & “All That Jazz” from the Chicago soundtrack; choreo. by Rohene Ward
5 Kurtz 51.58 “A Day in the Life” by Jeff Beck (last year’s music); choreo by Catarina Lindgren
6 Chan 50.41 – “Je Suis Malade” sung by Lara Fabian
7-21: Berrios 49.81, Shilling 45.68, Rydberg 44.82, McBeath 44.21, Melton 42.42, Ma 42.21, Shin 40.28, Cleveland 38.89, Menscher 34.24, Franzese 33.36, Townsend 30.92, Shechter 30.69, Curran 30.18, Chambers 29.10, Tafoya 26.06

Senior Men SP (12:50-1:40 pm MT) – starting order:
Chase Belmontes, Sebastien Payannet, Romain Ponsart (FRA), Ben Jalovick (SA) /
Jimmy Ma (NA), Anthony Boucher, Jordan Moeller (UGL).
RESULTS 1-7: Boucher 59.03, Belmontes 54.65, Ponsart 48.39, Payannet 48.27, Ma 46.48, Jalovick 45.47, Moeller 38.95 (all his jumps looked like planned singles)

Novice Ladies SP (1:40-3:10 pm MT) – starting order:
O Pope (UGL), M Davies (EGL), L-M Finch (NWP), R Gautsche, A Friess (CP), EG Hanns (EGL) / A Liu (CP), A Rogers, A Eguchi, I Miller (CP), B Wooden, K Sasaki (NWP) / A Rich, O Clarke (CP), L Waterman, M MacKinnon (EGL), A Jacobsen (UGL), ME Besson.
Top 4: I Miller (CP) 40.35, A Eguchi 40.29 A Rich 39.70, A Liu (CP) 39.55

Intermediate Men SP (5:25-6:05) – won by Samuel Mindra 34.83 (unofficial)
Novice Men SP (6:05-6:45 pm) – won by Luke Ferrante 48.52 (unofficial)
Junior Pairs FS (7:10-7:30 pm) – H. Klopstock/D. Arsenault

Aerial Challenge
ROUND 1 Ladies (3:25-4:25 pm MT) – jump notes for some of the 14 competitors: Mariah Bell (2A, 3F, 3Lz), Taylor Morris (2A, 3Lo, 3Lz), Alice Yang, Courtney Hicks (2A, high 3F, 3turns into big 3Lo), Livvy Shilling, Paige Rydberg (2A, 3T, 3F), Carly Berrios (2A, 3F, Rippon 3Lz), Rebecca Peng, Ashley Kim, Eleanor Crabill, Katie McBeath (2A, 3F, 3Lz), Sarah Godwin, Alexia Paganini (2A fall, 3Lo, 3Lz), Angela Wang (Rippon 3Lo, 3Lz fall, 2A).
ROUND 1 Men (4:25-5:10 pm MT) – unofficial top 4 (I believe top 8 qualify for Final round): Jimmy Ma (29), Aleksei Krasnozhon (27), Tomoki Hiwatashi (23) and Max Aaron (22.96).
Ma landed 3Lz (high!), 3F & 3A (did a little dance afterwards); Krasnozhon 3Lz, high 3A & 3F; Hiwatashi 3A (bit wild but hung on), 3Lz & 3F; Aaron big 3Lz, 3A (bit of a lean forward) & 2S.
FINALS (7:45-10 pm MT)
The 8 ladies competing, in reverse order of finish from Round 1, in the Semi-final round are: A. Kim, Peng, Morris, Rydberg / Bell, McBeath, Berrios, Hicks.
The 8 men in the Semi-final are: J-H Chen, Boucher, Pulkinen, Kirchgessner / Aaron, Hiwatashi, Krasnozhon, Ma.
The 5 ladies in the Final round (required are 2A+3T & combo that ends with a half loop-3S): McBeath, Bell, A Kim (she looked the best, landing 2A+3T & 3F-half loop-3S), Berrios, Hicks
The 5 men in Semi-final (required are 3A combo and a quad): Pulkinen, Hiwatashi, Aaron, Krasnozhon, Ma
Championship Round Ladies (3A attempt required): Berrios, Hicks, Kim
Championship Round Men (back to back quads required): Ma, Aaron, Krasnozhon
Championship Medalist Ladies: Ashley Kim, Courtney Hicks, Carly Berrios
Championship Medalist Men: Aleksei Krasnozhon, Max Aaron, Jimmy Ma



Novice Men SP Only (8:30-45 am MT) – unofficial score:
JoonSoo Kim (UGL) 44.63
Novice Ladies SP Only
Group A (8:45-9:55) – 1st place unofficial: M E Besson 33.22
Group B (10:10-11:20) – top 3 unofficial: A Eguchi 39.70, R Gautsche 31.30, L M Finch (NWP) 30.40
Group C (11:20-12:30) – top 3 unofficial: M MacKinnon (EGL) 37.63, E G Hanns (UGL) 36.43, K Sasaki (NWP) 32.72

Junior Ladies SP Only Group A (12:45-2:15 pm MT) – unofficial results:
Alice Yang (CP) 41.81 [Romeo and Juliet 2013 film soundtrack], N Wang (NA) 38.98, S Gugel 37.99, H Ueno (CP) 36.43, E Crabill (UGL) 32.52, S Godwin (SA), L Wetzel, A Neal (SA), P Simonyi, T T Silpa-Archa (THA).

Junior Men SP Only (2:15-2:55 MT) – unofficial results:
C Pulkinen (SWP) 51.95, M Friess (CP) 46.88, A Sena (UGL) 40.39, C Johnson (UGL) 39.82, I Miyata (NWP) 37.63, K Weston (CP) 35.10.

Junior Ladies SP Only Group B (3:10-4:40 MT) – results:
Starr Andrews (SWP) 47.61 [landed 3T+3T, 3Lo fall, 2A; The Pink Panther/Henry Mancini & Dream Cheer from last season], RG Crawford (CP) 39.27, A Proudlock (EGL) 35.57, K Yum 35.44, T Morris (UGL) 35.31, G Lee (NWP) 34.83, I Schwarz (NA) 32.50, K Ross (SA) 31.02, M L Fox 30.48, K Stamm.

Senior Men SP Only (4:40-5:05/6:40-7:05 pm ET) – unofficial results:
Anthony Boucher 54.08 [“Writing’s on the Wall”/Sam Smith], Ben Jalovick (SA) 40.62. [Jason Brown (UGL) registered for this event but did not compete.]

Junior Pairs SP (5:20-5:50 pm MT) – unofficial results:
Digerness/Neudecker 45.27 [landed sbs 2A], Weinstein/Simon 39.07 [lift didn’t go up], H Klopstock/D Arsenault (new) 24.01
Novice Pairs SP (5:50-6 pm MT) – unofficial result:
Peterson/Ogren 32.27

Senior Ladies SP Only (6-7:10 pm MT) – results:
Top 6: Emily Chan 50.44 [“Je Suis Malade”/Lara Fabian?], Angela Wang (CP) 50.20 [“Somewhere Over The Rainbow”/Katharine McPhee; choreo. by Phillip Mills], Ashley Shin 44.75, Christina Cleveland (EGL) 44.56, Avery Kurtz 44.34, Mariah Bell 41.36 [“Roxie”/”Hot Honey Rag”/”All That Jazz” from Chicago soundtrack; choreo. by Rohene Ward];
7-11: K McBeath (NA), K Schechter, R Franzese, K Curran, E Tafoya.

JUMPS events medalists results only:
Junior Ladies (7:25-7:45 pm MT) 1-3: T Morris (UGL), E Crabill (UGL), S Godwin (SA); T Prasad (EGL), Silpa-Archa (THA), K Yum.
Junior Men (7:45-8:05 pm) 1-3: J-H Chen, L Kirchgessner, C Johnson (UGL); A Sena (UGL), L West.
Senior Men (8:05-8:25 pm) 1-3: Romain Ponsart (FRA), C Belmontes, B Jalovick (SA).
Senior Ladies (8:25-45 pm) 1-3: C Berrios (SA), K McBeath (NA), L Shilling (EGL); C Cleveland (EGL), E Tafoya.


WEDNESDAY 6/22 partial results/scores:
Junior Ladies qualifying round (Top 8 advance to the Combined Event SP on Friday)
FS A top 8: Hina Ueno (CP) 86.41, Ashley Lin 81.39, Brynne McIsaac (SA) 76.62, Taylor Morris (UGL) 71.90, Ashley Kim 67.12, Alexis Proudlock (EGL) 65.62, Rebecca Peng (NE) 59.77, Sophia Gugel 57.25 /
FS A 9-13: I Schwarz (NA) 56.97, A Neal (SA) 54.85, K Stamm, L Wetzel, TT Slipa-Archa (THA).
FS B top 8: Holly Harris (AUS) 81.17, MacKenzie Caputo (NWP) 72.86, *Shannon Porter 72.58, Marina Capatina (SWP) 68.17, *Alice Yang (CP) 66.16, Sonja Hilmer (NE) 59.34, Nadine Wang (NA) 59.11, Eliana Secunda 58.63 /
FS B 9-14: E Crabill (UGL) 58.62, K Yum 57.33, S Godwin (SA) 55.64, ML Fox 55.10, RG Crawford (CP) 54.84, K Ross (SA) 54.73.

Novice Ladies qualifying round (Top 6 advance to Combined Event SP on Friday)
FS A top 6: Alysa Liu (CP) 79.02, A Rogers 61.58, A Jacobsen (UGL) 57.29, K Sasaki (NWP) 53.03, O Clarke (CP) 49.89, O Pope (UGL) 48.29 /
7-12: S Ross (CP) 44.41, S Udell (EGL) 42.54, F Aktan (CP) 40.70, M Kawamitsu 37.30, D Keim 35.00, J Gilbert 29.88.
FS B top 6: Akane Eguchi 71.34, M MacKinnon (EGL) 61.47, B Wooden 60.97, R Gautsche 53.93, LM Finch (NWP) 50.07, A Rich 46.65 /
7-13: L Hermez (SWP) 45.88, H Giordano 43.97, E Otter (EGL) 42.96, A Todd 40.61, K Zilar 37.88, M Genevich (UGL) 28.05, N Pratchayaratikun (THA) 27.62.
FS C top 6: Isabella Miller (CP) 64.43, A Friess (CP) 61.58, EG Hanns (EGL) 55.28, ME Besson 55.13, L Waterman 51.71, M Davies (EGL) 50.35 /
7-11: L Carreras (SWP) 49.94, B Bagley 48.59, SL Case 45.92, B Neal (NA) 45.05, I Torres (SA) 38.05.


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