2016 Skate Detroit (Wednesday & Thursday)

Posted by unseenskaters on July 20, 2016

Pro Event Photo is providing free, live stream from 2 rinks again this year:
RINK C (main rink): http://proeventphoto.com/channel-two/
RINK B: http://proeventphoto.com/channel-one/
Event schedule (Detroit is in Eastern time zone): http://dscclub.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/SCHEDULE.2016rev070716.pdf

The current goal is to compile/edit in all the Senior and Junior segment scores in singles & pairs from result sheet photos received from helpful people at the rink (and unofficial scores from the live stream, when possible) into this blog each day.
Rink B UPDATES: 4 groups of Intermediate Ladies SP results and 2 groups of Novice Ladies SP results were added below late Wednesday night. Novice Ladies SP C-E results were edited in below on Thursday. Intermediate Men SP results were edited in on Friday morning at the end of this post.
Results not received on Thursday: Intermediate Ladies FS A-B (hope to publish these results in a new blog post), Juvenile Girls FS A-C (to be edited in at the bottom IF received).

The Detroit Skating Club usually publishes all results (SP+FS combined scores, no protocols) after the competition is over.

Thursday events in Rink C:

SENIOR LADIES FS A 4:45-6:15 PM (top 6 qualify for Final on Saturday)
Senior Ladies A combined results:
Emy Decelles 148.83 (94.54 FS) – Great Gatsby soundtrack
Mirai Nagasu 146.05 (98.04 FS) – debut of “The Winner Takes It All” sung by Sarah Dawn Finer and choreographed by David Wilson; she landed opening 3F+2T and later 2A+2T, 2A, attempted 3 other triples (Lz, Sal, Lo) and deliberately doubled a flip near the end (though jumps were not the focus here)
3-8: Emily Chan 135.79 (81.94 FS to Bohemian Rhapsody), Alicia Pineault 129.68 (80.27 FS to a violin & piano version of Samson and Delilah?), Chloe Roslin 116.28, Julia Budnick 111.35 / A Mateya 101.82, A Dion 100.26 (V Williams WD during FS/did not finish)
Starting order (4-5):
J Budnick (EGL), C Roslin (EGL), A Dion (CAN), V Williams (SA) /
A Mateya (NA), E Chan (SW), A Pineault (CAN), M Nagasu (SWP), E Decelles (CAN)

SENIOR LADIES FS B 6:35-8:30 PM (top 6 qualify for Final on Saturday)
Senior Ladies B combined results:
1-6: Lutricia Bock 151.20 (98.38 FS to The Artist soundtrack), Kelsey Wong 145.53 (92.76 FS to The Da Vinci Code soundtrack?), Kim Decelles 141.02 (88.53 FS to Miss Saigon), Lexi Nara Yoshimura 131.09 (85.05 FS to Spellbound concerto?), Veronik Mallet 124.22 (FS to “Turning Tables” by Adele), Emma Cullen 123.79 (80.32 FS to Jesus Christ Superstar);
7-11: Avery Kurtz 120.68 (FS includes a female vocal of Cole Porter’s “So In Love”), R Dashevsky 108.84, Ariana Grmyski 102.48, V Cloutier 95.75, F Siracusano 91.61
Starting order (5-6):
E Cullen (CAN), F Siracusano (UGL), R Dashevsky (EGL), A Grymski (UGL), V Cloutier (CAN) /
L Bock (GER), V Mallet (CAN), A Kurtz (SW), K Decelles (CAN), L Nara Yoshimura (NA), K Wong (CAN)

JUNIOR LADIES FS A 12:05-2:05 PM (top 4 advance to Saturday’s Final)
Junior Ladies A combined results 1-10:
Ashley Kim 152.69 (100.20 FS to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: 3F+3T, 3Lz, 2A+3T, 3F, 3Lo, 3S, 2A), Meiryla Findley 105.18, Amanda Stan ROU 102.91, Jessica McHugh CAN 98.89 / Natalie D’Alessandro CAN 98.18, Marjorie Comtois CAN 97.93, T Wenger 81.16, S Rechsteiner CAN 79.19, S Rose 68.90, A Mendez 55.43

JUNIOR LADIES FS B 2:25-4:25 PM (top 4 advance to Saturday’s Final)
Junior Ladies B combined results 1-13:
Shannon Porter 130.68 (83.27 FS), Evelyn Walsh CAN 126.56 (83.32 FS), Lissa Anne McGaghey CAN 124.77, Hannah Dawson CAN 116.97 / Emma Dinda CAN 115.82, C Weaver 101.33, S Nguyen CAN 98.04, E Wellman, 91.62, K Stitz CAN 82.51, S Chin CAN 80.63, A Takanami JPN 79.65, J Wang CAN 76.98, A Khvan KAZ 76.15

JUNIOR LADIES FS C will takes place on Friday, July 22 11:10 AM to 1:10 PM.

Junior Men SP results 1-16:
J Phan CAN 67.28, C Orzel CAN 63.85, S Gogolev CAN 61.54, S Lunin 55.09, A Cheng CAN 53.52, W Hubbart 50.76, I Kovler CAN 49.25, B Le CAN 47.62, Z Daleman CAN 45.70, J Wichmann 45.69, M Gorodnitsky ISR 45.20, K Li 43.91, C Johnson 43.67, D Wagner 41.84, G Kulenkamp 35.14 M Markell CAN 30.87

Short Program – Thursday, July 21, 2016 9:55-11:45 AM Rink C
Junior Men SP starting order (3 groups 5-6-6):
Iliya Kovler, Richmond TC (Canada N4)
Justin Wichmann, Dallas FSC
Zachary Daleman, Toronto CS&CC (Canada J17)
Conrad Orzel, York Region SA (Canada J5) – landed 3A /
Antony Cheng, Thornhill FSC (Canada)
Mark Gorodnitsky, Richmond TC (Canada) & ISR
Matthew Markell, Prescott FSC (Canada N2)
Colton Johnson, FSC of Bloomington
Sasha Lunin, Fort Wayne ISC [N7]
Joseph Phan, CPA Laval (Canada J1) – 3Lz+3T, 2A, 3Lo (“Best is Yet to Come”/Buble) /
Derek Wagner, Northern Ice SC [N6]
Stephen Gogolev, Toronto CS&CC (Canada N1) – landed 3A, off-balance 3Lz+3T, 3Lo, fell in spin (“Live and Let Die”/violin)
Kelvin Li, Northern Ice SC
William Hubbart, Southwest Florida FSC [N4] (“Mr Cellophane”)
Grant Kulenkamp, Coyotes SC of Arizona
Brian Le, Champs Int’l SC of BC (Canada N6)
WD: #2 Andrew Sena, FSC of Bloomington
(Free Skate – Saturday, July 23 10:05-11:30 AM Rink C)

Short Program – Thursday, July 21, 2016 8:00-9:35 AM Rink C
Novice Men SP results 1-10:
48.61 Alec Guinzbourg, Fort Henry Heights SC (Canada PN2)
43.36 Alistair Lam, Hamilton SC (Canada N7)
43.03 Luke Ferrante, The SC of Huntsville
38.96 Aleksa Rakic, Champs International Skating Centre of BC (Canada PN4)
38.63 Chase Finster, Northern Kentucky SC
35.28 David Kaufmann, Rochester FSC
34.51 Nathaniel Chapple, Shaker FSC
34.05 Alex Wellman, Central Illinois FSC [Int2]
33.93 Eric Prober, Panthers FS
32.09 Nick Hubbart, Southwest Florida FSC
WD: Dylan Wajda, The Strongsville SC
(Free Skate – Saturday, July 23, 2016 4:40 PM Rink B)

Wednesday events:

SENIOR LADIES (top 6 SP+FS combined from each group will advance to Final)

Short Program Group A – Wednesday, July 20, 2016 5:50-7:15 PM Rink C
Senior Ladies SP A results 1-9:
E Decelles CAN 54.29, E Chan 53.85, A Pineault CAN 49.41, M Nagasu 48.01, A Mateya 42.03, C Roslin 40.38, J Budnick 38.68, V Williams 32.80, A Dion CAN 31.20

Starting order/scores (groups 6-6):
Emy Decelles, CPA Baie-Comeau (Canada) – landed 2A, 3T+2T, 3F (jazzy piece/female vocal)
Victoria Williams, Atlanta FSC
Chloe Roslin, Detroit SC
Mirai Nagasu, Pasadena FSC [S4] – 3F fall, 1Lo, 2A; debut of Chopin’s Nocturne in C-sharp minor (no. 20) violin & piano version, choreo. by Jeff Buttle; no coach with her by boards /
Alicia Pineault, Centre Elite Boucherville (Canada J2) – 3T+3T turnout, 2Lo, 2A (last season’s Fallin’ by Alicia Keys)
Alexis Dion, Minto SC (Canada J8)
Julia Budnick, Onyx-Suburban Skating Academy
Annie Mateya, Genesee FSC (“I Put a Spell on You”/Annie Lennox)
Emily Mei-Lin Chan, Dallas FSC [J1] – 3T+3T step, 2F, 2A (“Je Suis Malade” sung by Lara Fabian)
WD: #1 Bradie Tennell, Wagon Wheel FSC [S6];
#5 Deanna Dudek, Southwest Florida FSC; #12 Isabel Kalafatis, Shaker FSC

(Group A Free Skate – Thursday 7/21/16 4:45-6:15 PM Rink C)

Short Program Group B – Wednesday, July 20, 2016 7:35-9:10 PM Rink C
Senior Ladies SP B results 1-11:
L Bock GER 52.82, K Wong CAN 52.77, K Decelles CAN 52.49, A Kurtz 48.18, V Mallet CAN 47.94, L Nara-Yoshimura 46.04, E Cullen CAN 43.47, A Grymski 37.16, V Cloutier CAN 36.12, R Dashevsky 35.72, F Siracusano 31.97

Starting order/scores (3 groups 4-4-5):
Rebecca Dashevsky, Columbus FSC
Kim Decelles, CPA Baie-Comeau (Canada J10) – 3T+3T fall, 3Lz, 2A (Dr Zhivago)
Lutricia Bock, Germany – 3Lz+3T fall, 2nd half 3Lo & 2A (wistful piano/violin piece) /
Francesca Siracusano, Northern Ice SC
Veronique Cloutier, Lake Superior FSC (Canada S14)
Ariana Grymski, DuPage FSC
Emma Cullen, Oshawa SC (Canada S13) /
Lexi Nara-Yoshimura, The Skating Club of New York
Avery Kurtz, Broadmoor SC [S20] – 3Lz+2T, 3F, 2A (last season’s “A Day in the Life” by Jeff Beck)
Véronik Mallet, CPA Sept-Iles (Canada S4) – 3T+2T, sudden trip/fall, 3Lo fall, 2A (“It’s Magic” by Doris Day)
Kelsey Wong, Champs International SC of BC (Canada S10) – 3Lz+2T, 3S swingy, 2A (“O Mio Babbino Caro” piano version & variations)
WD: #2 Edith Lui, Detroit SC; #10 Anya Cockerell, Wooster FSC
(Group B Free Skate – Thursday *6:35* (20 mins. earlier start time) to 8:30 PM in Rink C)

Senior Ladies Final Round (12 qualify for FS)
Sat., July 23, 2016 – 8:55 PM to 10:30 PM Rink C

JUNIOR LADIES (top 4 SP+FS combined from each group will advance to Final)
Short Program Group A – Wednesday, July 20, 2016 11:20 AM Rink C
Junior Ladies SP A results 1-10:
52.49 Ashley Kim, Dallas FSC – 3F+3T fall, 3Lo, 2A
40.96 Amanda Stan (ROU) & Richmond Training Centre (Canada)
38.09 Meiryla Findley, Detroit SC [N10]
37.94 Natalie D’Alessandro, Toronto Cricket Skating & Curling Club (Canada N3)
35.50 Jessica McHugh, Champs International Skating Centre of BC (Canada)
34.19 Tambra Wenger, Southwest Florida FSC
34.10 Marjorie Comtois, CPA Chambly (Canada)
27.40 Stephanie Rechsteiner, Kitchener-Waterloo SC (Canada)
26.37 Sydney Rose, Southwest Florida FSC
20.54 Andrea Mendez, Detroit SC
WD: Carly Leonard, DuPage FSC; Rachel Moran, Hamilton SC (Canada)
(Group A Free Skate – Thursday 7/21/16 12:05-2:05 PM Rink C)

Short Program Group B – Wednesday, July 20, 2016 1:30 PM Rink C
Junior Ladies SP B results 1-13:
47.41 Shannon Porter, Broadmoor SC [J8] – 3Lo fell out, 3F+2T, 2A
46.99 Hannah Dawson, CPA Hawkesbury FSC (Canada N4) – 3Lz+2T, 3Lo, 2A
45.21 Lissa Anne McGaghey, Campbellton FSC (Canada N11)
43.24 Evelyn Walsh, London Competitive Skating Centre (Canada N10)
42.56 Emma Dinda, St Margaret’s Bay Nova Scotia (Canada)
36.43 Cailey Weaver, Panthers FSC
35.85 Sally Nguyen, Hamilton SC (Canada)
34.96 Elise Wellman, Fort Wayne ISC
30.04 Ayumi Takanami, Japan Skating Federation (Japan)
28.28 Anastassiya Khvan, Richmond Training Centre (Canada) & KAZ
27.56 Stephanie Chin, CPA Centre-Sud (Canada)
27.18 Julia Wang, Skate Oakville (Canada)
25.74 Kaitlin Stitz, Toronto Cricket Skating & Curling Club (Canada)
WD: Mikaela Manoogian, Detroit SC
(Group B Free Skate – Thursday 7/21/16 2:25-4:25 PM Rink C)

Short Program Group C – Wednesday, July 20, 2016 3:40 PM Rink C
Junior Ladies SP C results 1-13:
53.27 Maxine Marie Bautista, DuPage FSC – 3T+3T, 3Lo, 2A
51.37 Brynne McIsaac, Washington FSC [J11] – 2A, 3F+2Lo, 3Lo
43.87 Aurora Cotop, Thornhill FSC (Canada N1)
43.59 Semi Won, Toronto Cricket Skating & Curling Club (Canada)
43.17 Maya Lappin, Richmond Hill FSC (Canada N6)
42.83 Emily Bausback, Champs Int’l SC of BC (Canada N7) – assigned to JGP in JPN
41.34 Amélie Hervieux, CPA Centre-Sud (Canada)
41.11 Lea Johanna Dastich, Germany – Deutsche Eislauf-Union e.V.
37.63 Victoria Bocknek, York Region Skating Academy (Canada)
35.65 Cristina Rackley, Winterhurst FSC
34.42 Karina Nance, Skokie Valley SC
26.59 Emma Gray, Chicago FSC
24.50 Valeriya Shkvarchuk, CPA Verdun FSC (Canada)
WD: Felicia Bonitatibus, Hamilton SC (Canada)
Elizabeth Jour-Krasikov, Mariposa Winter Club (Canada)
Paige Conners, The Skating Club of New York

(Group C Free Skate – Friday 7/22/16 11:10 AM-1:10 PM Rink C)

Junior Ladies Final Round (12 qualify for FS)
Sat., July 23, 2016 – 10:05 AM to 11:30 AM Rink C

NOVICE LADIES (top 3 SP+FS combined from each group will advance to Final)

Short Program Group A – Wednesday, July 20, 2016 2:40 PM Rink B
Novice Ladies SP A results 1-10:
39.92 Alexandra Rogers, Rocky Mountain FSC
34.18 Samantha Dreyer, Skokie Valley SC
32.44 Sylia Rabbi, CPA Dollard (Canada)
31.58 Molly Davies, Traverse City FSC
31.04 Lilika Zheng, York Region Skating Academy (Canada)
30.10 Gabrielle Le Donne, Hamilton SC (Canada)
27.74 Mira Tasich, Detroit SC
27.70 Samantha Udell, Arctic FSC
24.24 Hannah Robertson, Stephenville SC (Canada)
16.81 Genevieve Arnold, Amherst SC (NY)
WD: Olivia Di Iorio, Northern Ice SC
Paige Ruggeri, Garden State SC

(Group A Free Skate Friday, July 22, 2016 12:05-1:45 PM Rink B)

Short Program Group B – Wednesday, July 20, 2016 4:15 PM Rink B
Novice Ladies SP B results 1-15:
44.11 Angelina Huang, St. Peters FSA – 3F+2T, 3Lz, 2A
40.69 Hanna Harrell, Dallas FSC
30.89 Faith Nguyen, Northern Ice SC
30.34 Grace Burns, London Competitive Skating Centre (Canada)
29.56 Grace Rathbun, Atlanta FSC
29.34 Mirella Strieleman, Skokie Valley SC
29.21 Ashley Le, North Jersey FSC
28.07 Alexa Matveev, Richmond Training Centre (Canada)
27.73 Chloe Leonard, DuPage FSC
26.15 Frances Umezaki-Oba, Georgia FSC
26.07 Marina Nesbitt, Columbus FSC
25.49 Megan Hovey, Amherst SC (NY)
23.93 Kaya Chakrabortty, Detroit SC
23.46 Courtney LaPalm, Stirling FSC (Canada)
20.40 Clara Langevin, CPA Québec Neufchâtel (Canada)
(Group B Free Skate Friday, July 22, 2016 1:45-3:25 PM Rink B)

Short Program Group C – Wednesday, July 20, 2016 6:10 PM Rink B
Novice Ladies SP C results 1-14:
45.31 Pooja Kalyan, Ozark FSC – 3F, 3T+2T, 2A
43.63 Jenna Shi, Arctic FSC
36.97 Tori Bennett, Mentor FSC
35.56 Maya Gorodnitsky, Richmond Training Centre (Canada)
32.99 Ani Kahaian, Columbus FSC
29.36 Lynn Yamane, Memorial FSC Of Houston
28.83 Justess Lancia, Hamilton SC (Canada)
26.25 Arista Lee, Skate LaSalle (Canada)
25.84 Rhea Dhar, Detroit SC
23.88 Devyn Sutherland, London Competitive Skating Centre (Canada)
22.46 Elle Vaske, Southwest Florida FSC
20.00 Carling Strassguertl, Unionville SC (Canada)
17.21 Grace Larson, Florida Everblades FSC
14.71 Sydney Dearing, Glen Cairn SC (Canada)
WD: Emmy Schmidt, Northern Kentucky SC
(Group C Free Skate Friday, July 22, 2016 3:45-5:25 PM Rink B)

Group D
Short Program Wednesday, July 20, 2016 7:45 PM Rink B
Novice Ladies SP D results 1-14:
38.08 Maggie MacKinnon, Arctic FSC
37.58 Winter Deardorff, Northern Kentucky SC
35.37 Samantha Lang, Detroit SC
32.04 Emilea Zingas, St. Clair Shores FSC
30.95 Gabriella Rossi, Glenwood FSC
29.18 Olivia Pope, FSC of Bloomington
29.00 Cici Wu, Richmond Training Centre (Canada)
28.54 Linzy Fitzpatrick, Detroit SC
28.46 Michelle Rivest, Mariposa Winter Club (Canada)
27.43 Riley Strassguertl, Unionville SC (Canada)
27.42 Brianna Luciani, Hamilton SC (Canada)
27.11 Dallas Ward, Southwest Florida FSC
21.70 Kaylin Zilar, Broadmoor SC
15.04 Katlin Watson, Port Huron FSC
(Group D Free Skate Friday, July 22, 2016 5:25-7:10 PM Rink B)

Group E
Short Program Thursday, July 21, 2016 9:40 AM Rink B
Novice Ladies SP E results 1-15:
35.00 Rachel Men, Skokie Valley SC
34.59 JoJo Hubbart, Southwest Florida FSC
34.24 Anissa Maravilla, DuPage FSC
32.80 Christina Tenzin, Skokie Valley SC
27.52 Jacqueline Budnick, Onyx-Suburban Skating Academy
26.74 Kimmie Nguyen, SC of Northern Virginia
25.34 Ainsly Fabel, Riverside SC (Canada)
24.53 Abbey Iannone, Hamilton SC (Canada)
22.51 Emma Ramsey, Arctic FSC
21.90 Erin Ng, Mariposa Winter Club (Canada)
21.48 Evelyn Grace Hanns, The Strongsville SC
20.67 Regan Lee, Detroit SC
18.01 Stephanie Hice, Jamestown SC
17.94 Emma Kovacevich, Thornhill FSC (Canada)
16.10 Myesha Choudhury, Central Illinois FSC
(Group E Free Skate Friday, July 22, 2016 7:30-9:15 PM Rink B)

INTERMEDIATE LADIES (top 3 SP+FS combined from each group will advance to Final)

Short Program Group A – Wednesday, July 20, 2016 8:00 AM Rink B
Intermediate Ladies SP A results 1-15:
41.68 Stephanie Ciarochi, Dallas FSC
33.83 Calista Choi, Skokie Valley SC
32.28 Lily Yu, Columbus FSC
31.67 Josephine Hagan, Louisville Skating Academy
29.41 Emily Saari, Onyx-Suburban Skating Academy
28.97 Grayson Baginski, Northern Ice SC
26.70 Caelin Estrabillo, Hamilton SC (Canada)
25.60 Olivia Wheeler, Lansing SC
24.35 Phoebe Whitbeck, Lansing SC
23.10 Aneesa Sheikh, Detroit SC
22.44 Lauren Ball, Detroit SC
20.74 Perri Macoit, Memorial FSC Of Houston
20.30 Kelsey Menshon, Amherst SC (NY)
17.32 Emma Waggoner, Detroit SC
13.72 Jessica Lukaszewski, St. Clair Shores FSC
WD: Anna Rossiter, Traverse City FSC
(Group A Free Skate Thursday, July 21, 2016 4:10-6:00 PM Rink B)

Short Program Group B – Wednesday, July 20, 2016 9:30 AM Rink B
Intermediate Ladies SP B results 1-16:
36.45 Frances Rossiter, Traverse City FSC
29.53 Elyse Wiese, Skokie Valley SC
27.62 Katherine Karon, Riverside SC (Canada)
27.35 Molly Schelosky, St. Clair Shores FSC
27.31 Cricket Darling, Memorial FSC Of Houston
26.86 Chihiro Taira, Skokie Valley SC
26.16 Claire Rivas, Birmingham FSC
23.28 Chloe Thomas, Hamilton SC (Canada)
22.58 Erin Coleman, Panthers FSC
22.29 Hannah Oo, Greater Kalamazoo Skating Association
21.51 Hailee Blaski, Lansing SC
20.04 Kayla Menshon, Amherst SC (NY) – higher TES is tiebreaker in SP
20.04 Katarina Post, Detroit SC
19.01 Isabel Holloway, Detroit SC
18.78 Julia Pinkerton, Columbus FSC
14.87 Kelsey Holtz, Chicago FSC
WD: Brianna McCormick, The SC of Huntsville
(Group B Free Skate Thursday, July 21, 2016 6:20-8:10 PM Rink B)

Short Program Group C – Wednesday, July 20, 2016 11:20 AM Rink B
Intermediate Ladies SP C results 1-14:
29.60 Sara-Kate Giles, The SC of Huntsville
29.03 Kiki Pichini, Broadmoor SC
28.11 Grace VanZanten, Greater Grand Rapids FSC
26.10 Alison Yan, Columbus FSC
26.01 Susan Tatelli, Skokie Valley SC
25.91 Lana Utley, North Jersey FSC
24.77 Elizabeth Hammill, Lansing SC
24.22 Lauren Wong, Hamilton SC (Canada)
24.20 Alyssa Dunn, Chicago FSC
24.06 Emily Rosenthal, Washington FSC
23.70 Kate Capper, Coliseum FSC Of Michigan
21.42 Ariel Gillett, Panthers FSC
21.36 Silvana Uribe, Detroit SC
16.85 Selinah Liang, SC of Novi
WD: Lucia Jaquez, Northern Ice SC
Zerah Krubeck, Skokie Valley SC
Natassja Nowak, Detroit SC
Tara Wagh, Lakeland SC (Michigan)

(Group C Free Skate Friday, July 22, 2016 7:45-9:35 AM Rink B)

Short Program Group D – Wednesday, July 20, 2016 12:50 Rink B
Intermediate Ladies SP D results 1-17:
34.49 Finley Hawk, Glenwood FSC
31.50 Samantha Lee, Columbus FSC
30.89 Alexa Binder, Panthers FSC
29.13 Giuliana Corsini, Hamilton SC (Canada)
28.30 Charlene Hsiung, Onyx-Suburban Skating Academy
27.52 Giselle Miller, Lansing SC
26.60 Hanaka Van Herik, Northern Ice SC
26.57 Isabel Carney, Finer Edge FSC
25.84 Delia Hughes, Washington FSC
25.66 Pelagia Pamel, Detroit SC
25.65 Olivia Slack, FSC of Bloomington
23.86 Sophie Paradi, Skokie Valley SC
23.46 Dianna Barker, Southport SC
22.44 Ching Ching Zhang, Nashville FSC
22.03 Haley Lemke, Skokie Valley SC
20.38 Sara Feminella, Florida Everblades FSC
19.86 Sophie Guo, The SC of Huntsville
WD: Anna Ramsby, Lansing SC
(Group D Free Skate Friday, July 22, 2016 9:55-11:45 AM Rink B)

Intermediate Men results 1-8:
29.16 Daniel Argueta, Texas Gulf Coast FSC
29.07 Evan Whitlow, Louisville SA
27.28 Daniel Turchin, Skokie Valley SC
24.56 Paul Egebrecht, DuPage FSC
24.27 John Reichard, Panthers FSC
21.30 Jake Pagano, Nashville FSC
20.45 Jacksson Webb, Rocky Mountains FSC
19.88 Levon Davis Arctic FSC
WD: Nicolas Eveland, London CSCC (Canada)
Matthew Nielsen, Strongsville SC

JUVENILE GIRLS (top 4 in each group will advance to Final)

Juvenile Girls FS A results 1-4:
Olivia Herman (SA) 45.07, Toni Miano (EGL) 39.43, Abby Slovin (UGL) 36.70, Jasmine Tedjo (EGL) 36.56
Juvenile Girls FS B results 1-9:
Libby Williams (SW) 45.49, Jadyn Bortman (EGL) 45.01, Isabelle Goldstein (EGL) 43.87, Zoe Larson (SA) 43.56 / Sloane Huey (EGL) 42.36, Maliah Utley (NA) 41.76, Hailey Sundstrom (NWP) 38.46, Baleigh Costello (EGL) 37.80, Kendall Erne (EGL) 36.98
Juvenile Girls FS C results 1-6:
Elli Kopmar (SA) 42.45, Sophia Zou (EGL) 42.41, Ariella Prober (SA) 39.26, Amanda Melling (EGL) 36.94 / Ria Basu (UGL) 36.87, McKenzie Edwards (EGL) 36.71


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