2017 Skate Detroit (Wednesday & Thursday)

Posted by unseenskaters on July 20, 2017

Notes: The Detroit Skating Club usually publishes Skate Detroit results (but not detailed protocols) after the competition is over. BIG THANKS to those helpful people sending result sheets from the rink!

Senior Ladies SP – Group A
63.13 Courtney Hicks, All Year FSC [“Nocturne” from La Califfa] – 3F+1Lo(-), 2nd half 3Lz & 2A
58.21 Mirai Nagasu, Pasadena FSC [Chopin’s Nocturne from last season] – stood up on 3A (2-fted & <<?), 3F (fall, planned 3T in combo?), 3Lz+2T
51.53 Olivia Serafini, Los Angeles FSC [Tango] – 3T (fall, planned 3T in combo?), 3F, 2A
46.58 Alexandra Rogers, Rocky Mountain FSC [Sara Bareilles' "She Used To Be Mine"]
41.16 Jordan Bauth, Amherst SC (NY) ["At Last" by Etta James]
39.12 Maya Lappin, Richmond Hill FSC (CAN) ["Non, je ne regrette rien"]
37.99 Michelle Lifshits, Israel
31.93 Chloe Roslin, Detroit SC
20.60 Andrea Mendez, Detroit SC
WD: Emily Mei-Lin Chan, Dallas FSC; Ashley Kim, Dallas FSC; Meagan Rider, DuPage FSC

Senior Ladies SP – Group B
52.85 Katie McBeath, Westminster FSC of Erie [“That’s Life”/female vocal] – 3Lo(turn)2Lo, 3F, 2A
52.27 Paige Rydberg, Broadmoor SC [“The Gaucho’s Pain” by Tango Jointz (techno beat)] – 3F, 3T(turn)3T (wrong foot landing?), 2A
45.27 Kendal Buckalew, Carolinas FSC [music?]
41.71 Brynne McIsaac, Washington FSC [“Palladio” by Karl Jenkins]
40.84 Maxine Marie Bautista, DuPage FSC [“My Sweet and Tender Beast” waltz by Doga]
32.73 Lyndsay Ream, Columbus FSC
27.90 AnnaMarie Pearce, St. Moritz ISC
26.94 Coco Kaminski, Poland
25.82 Tori Weingarten, Detroit SC
20.47 Jocelyn Jones, Individual Member of USFS
WD: Hannah Miller, Lansing SC

Junior Ladies – Group A (1-11 combined SP+FS standings)
148.60 Jenna Shi, Arctic FSC – 2nd in SP (46.91) to “Send in the Clowns”; 1st in FS (101.69) to Pocahontas medley: 3F+2T, 3Lz-, 2A-half loop-2S, 3Lo, 3F, 3S, 2A+2T.
125.80 Lily Sun, Peninsula SC – 1st in SP (54.21) to “Liebestraum” with 3T+3T, 3Lz fell out, 2A; 5th in FS to Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto
125.47 Evelyn Walsh, London CSC (CAN) – 3rd in SP & FS (81.61) to “On My Own”
122.57 Akane Eguchi, Dallas FSC – 2nd in FS (82.00)
119.33 Tori Bennett, Mentor FSC
109.76 Maya Gorodnitsky, Israel
96.48 Jacqueline Budnick, Onyx-Suburban Skating Academy
92.55 Phoebe Winser, Great Britain
89.49 Brigid Carlson, Onyx-Suburban Skating Academy
88.01 Megan Hovey, Buffalo SC
70.16 Regan Lee, Detroit SC

Junior Ladies – Group B (1-15 combined SP+FS standings)
146.28 Pooja Kalyan, Ozark FSC – 1st in SP (55.33) to “Dreamers” with 3Lz-, 3T+3T step out, 2A; 1st in lyrical FS (90.95)
133.05 Hanna Harrell, Dallas FSC – 2nd in “Dark Eyes” SP (53.08) with 3F+3T-, 3Lz, 1A; 2nd in FS (79.97)
110.23 Trisha Roohan, SC of New York
108.33 Karina Nance, Skokie Valley SC
105.40 Samantha Lang, Detroit SC
103.35 Natalie Walker, Milton SC (CAN)
102.24 Anastassiya Khvan, Kazakhstan
102.21 Laura Dawson, Milton SC (CAN)
99.19 Katelyn Mamrick, Greenville FSC
86.08 Dallas Ward, Southwest Florida FSC
84.56 Grace Knoop, Southwest Florida FSC
84.55 Kaya Chakrabortty, Detroit SC
77.44 Alexandra Polega, Onyx-Suburban Skating Academy
69.13 Stephanie Hice, Jamestown SC
66.83 Rachel Skof, Memorial FSC Of Houston

Junior Ladies Final (FS) is on Saturday – top 6 in each group qualify?

Novice Ladies SP – Group A (12 competed on Wed.):
36.80 Abigail Best, Milton SC (CAN)
35.39 Vanessa Jasiewicz, Winterhurst FSC
35.38 Lily Yu, Columbus FSC
32.66 Dianna Barker, Southport SC
32.54 Molly Schelosky, St. Clair Shores FSC
30.89 Anna Oprea, Milton SC (CAN)
29.53 Elyse Wiese, Skokie Valley SC
28.41 Alexa Gasparotto, Arctic FSC
27.83 Tsina Clemente, Milton SC (CAN)
27.79 Linzy Fitzpatrick, Detroit SC
23.10 Julia Colello, Scott Hamilton SC
17.20 Katlin Watson, Port Huron FSC

Novice Ladies SP – Group B (13 competed on Wed.):
42.88 Stephanie Ciarochi, Dallas FSC
41.27 Madeline Schizas, Milton SC (CAN)
41.05 Madeleine Weiler, SC of Boston
36.86 Emilea Zingas, St. Clair Shores FSC
32.63 Abigail Leinweber, Milton SC (CAN)]
28.28 Alexis Martyn, Pittsburgh FSC
26.93 Sophie Paradi, Skokie Valley SC
26.70 Lynn Yamane, Memorial FSC Of Houston
26.09 Kate Capper, Chelsea FSC (MI)
26.08 Cici Wu, Richmond Hill FSC (CAN)
25.17 Pelagia Pamel, Detroit SC
25.04 Natalie Feng, SC of San Francisco
24.20 Riley Strassguertl, Unionville SC (CAN)

Novice Ladies SP – Group C (12 competed on Thu.):
45.13 Calista Choi, Skokie Valley SC
44.62 Ariela Masarsky, DuPage FSC
38.53 Molly Davies, Traverse City FSC
32.32 Samantha Dreyer, Skokie Valley SC
31.68 Elizabeth Bernardini, SC of NY
29.99 Braedyn Miller, Lansing SC
28.34 Charlotte Cyr, Milton SC (CAN)
25.59 Carling Strassguertl, Unionville SC (CAN)
24.56 Alyssa Dunn, Chicago FSC
24.00 Vanessa Camarata, Milton SC (CAN)
20.87 Aliyah King, Riverside SC (CAN)
18.09 Rachel Kraber, Northern Blades NSC FSC

Novice Men SP (7 competed on Thu.):
39.38 Daniel Argueta, Texas Gulf Coast FSC
39.00 Nathaniel Chapple, Shaker FSC
34.35 Chase Finster, Northern Kentucky SC
33.00 Evan Whitlow, Louisville Skating Academy
30.79 Paul Egebrecht, DuPage FSC
26.02 Jackson Ellis, Milton SC (CAN)
20.27 Dylan Wajda, Strongsville SC

Intermediate Ladies SP – Group A (top 7):
Isabelle Inthisone (UGL) 35.41, Madelyn Jordan (SA) 30.25, Kendall Erme (EGL) 30.24, Patricia Andrew (CAN) 29.51, Hannah Lofton (UGL) 28.84, Lia Pereira (CAN) 28.63, Isabelle Goldstein (EGL) 28.17
Intermediate Ladies SP – Group B (top 5): Ava Raiter (SW) 38.25, Chihiro Taira (UGL) 31.54, Alyssa Chan (SW) 28.74, Olivia Yoshioka (UGL) 27.96, Ashley Whipple (UGL) 27.73
(FS for groups A & B takes place Thursday evening and any scores/results received will posted by Friday, hopefully.)

Intermediate Ladies SP – Group C (top 6): Madison Nguyen (SW) 39.21, Josephine Hagan (EGL) 35.72, Sydney Flaum (SW) 34.51, Finley Hawk (UGL) 31.65, Elena Luria (EGL) 30.86, Ashley Merrills (SA) 30.43
(FS is Friday 8:30-10:20 AM)
Intermediate Ladies SP – Group D (top 6): Elise Freezer (SWP) 36.58, Sasha Klein (EGL) 31.04, Jadyn Bortman (EGL) 30.09, Abby Slovin (UGL) 29.34, Alison Yan (EGL) 28.75, Anna Rossiter (EGL) 27.78
(FS is Friday 10:40 AM-12:30 PM)

Juvenile Girls FS – Group A (top 7 of 17): *Samantha Lee (EGL) 48.56, *Elsa Cheng (UGL) 46.76, *Ava Neuhaus (UGL) 42.46, *Isobel Alford (EGL) 39.88, Jessica Kroetsch (EGL) 37.77, Cassidy Irwin (SWP) 36.48, Olivia Stone (EGL) 36.32
Juvenile Girls FS – Group B (top 6 of 14): *Emily Yang (UGL) 41.91, *Hannah Byers (SA) 41.14, *Hailey Sundstrom (NWP) 40.15, Keira Van Dinther (CAN) 38.04, Gianna Londres (UGL) 37.87, Isabella Anderson (EGL) 35.95
Juvenile Girls FS – Group C (top 9 of 17): Elli Kopmar (SA) 54.61, *Sofia Wang (UGL) 44.71, *Rebecca Ciarochi (SW) 41.89, *Vanessa Pham (SW) 41.34, *Lilah Gibson (EGL) 41.34, *Erika Uchida (EGL) 41.03, Gemma Flaming (UGL) 38.86, Elizabeth Lee (SW) 38.03, Lettice Black (SW) 37.68

* = qualified for Saturday’s Final (group C winner Elli Kopmar qualified but is skating in Junior Pairs FS instead).


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