2017 Skate Detroit Saturday (singles)

Posted by unseenskaters on July 23, 2017

The Detroit Skating Club usually publishes Skate Detroit results (but not detailed protocols) after the competition is over.
July 24 UPDATE: Results AND Protocols (published for the first time): click here for all the results links

All fan cam videos linked below are by u818 a.k.a. magicaleggrolls on Twitter (thank you!): click here for the full playlist (Senior singles & pairs programs in order of upload)

Senior Men FS & Final standings (5 competed)
275.33 Vincent Zhou 177.65 FS [99.85 TES/78.80 PCS -1]
Romeo+Juliet 1996 soundtrack, choreo. by Charlie White: fan cam video

227.66 Keegan Messing (CAN) 143.10 FS 3rd [69.60/73.50]
Charlie Chaplin-themed program: fan cam video

225.75 Grant Hochstein 155.31 FS 2nd [74.81/80.50]
All I Ask of You/Music of the Night (Colm Wilkinson), choreo. by Peter Oppegard: fan cam video

157.09 Keiichiro Sasahara (JPN) 104.79 [48.19/58.60 -2] FS to “Say Something”: fan cam video (partial)
133.76 Luke West (Notre-Dame de Paris musical)
WD after SP: Alexander Newman

Senior Ladies Final (FS) (1-12 below are unofficial scores; official results not yet received)
Mirai Nagasu 129.10 – Miss Saigon medley (incl. “Sun and Moon”), choreo. by Jeff Buttle: fan cam video
Courtney Hicks (SWP) 124.29 – “Amazing Grace” choreo. by Jonathan Cassar: fan cam video
Olivia Serafini (SWP) 97.57 – music? fan cam video
Katie McBeath (NA) 89.16 – refer to Friday’s linked FS video
Alexandra Rogers (SW) 87.12
Paige Rydberg (UGL) 85.49 – refer to Friday’s linked FS video
Brynne McIsaac (SA) 82.65
Maxine Marie Bautista (UGL) 81.84
Kendal Buckalew (SA) 74.71
Maya Lappin (CAN) 59.44
Coco Kaminski (POL) 59.35
Michelle Lifshits (ISR) 57.07

Junior Ladies Final (FS) (11 competed; official results below)
91.39 Jenna Shi (EGL) [Colors of the Wind/Pocohontas]
89.33 Pooja Kalyan (SW) [lyrical piano]
88.12 Hanna Harrell (SW) [Mambo medley]
86.10 Natalie Walker [Phantom of the Opera]
80.47 Lily Sun (CP) [Tchaikovsky violin concerto]
73.06 Akane Eguchi (SW) [Romeo & Juliet by Nino Rota]
66.18 Maya Gorodnitsky (ISR) [Moana soundtrack/How Far I’ll Go]
64.58 Samantha Lang (EGL)
63.38 Karina Nance (UGL)
63.36 Trisha Roohan (NA)
63.07 Tori Bennett (EGL)
WD: Evelyn Walsh (CAN) – she competed in Junior Pairs FS.

Junior Men Final standings (official results below)
195.89 Camden Pulkinen (SW) [Chopin medley]
169.86 Mark Gorodnitsky (ISR) [Italian ballad]
164.13 Maxim Naumov (NE) [Who Wants to Live Forever]
146.66 Sasha Lunin (EGL) [slow blues/rock piece]
139.18 JoonSoo Kim (UGL) [Warsaw Concerto]
131.66 Mark Sadusky (CP)
119.66 Justin Wichmann (SW)
116.15 Alp Eren Ozkan (TUR)
105.46 Paxton Knott (CAN)

Novice Ladies Final (FS)
86.59 Stephanie Ciarochi (SW)
85.18 Ariela Masarsky (UGL)
80.80 Emilia Zingas (EGL)
79.66 Calista Choi (UGL)
71.66 Madeleine Weiler (NE)
63.81 Madeline Schizas (CAN)
62.71 Alexa Gasparotto (EGL)
60.62 Molly Davies (EGL)
58.46 Elyse Wiese (UGL)
58.02 Vanessa Jasiewicz (EGL)
57.46 Lily Yu (EGL)
56.84 Molly Schelosky (EGL)

Intermediate Ladies Final (FS)
69.76 Elise Freezer (SWP)
69.64 Isabelle Inthisone (UGL) view video
60.72 Ava Raiter (SW)
60.31 Alyssa Chan (SW)
60.12 Josephine Hagan (EGL)
57.65 Hannah Lofton (UGL)
56.83 Sydney Flaum (SW)
56.57 Chihiro Taira (UGL)
52.10 Jadyn Bortman (EGL)
49.05 Finley Hawk (UGL)
47.20 Madison Nguyen (SW)
46.61 Kendall Erme (EGL)

Intermediate Men FS & Final standings (results not received)
SP 1-4 scores: William Annis (NE) 41.68, Matvey Buerkle (RUS) 37.25, Jonathan Guo (CAN) 28.84, Alexei Chen (EGL) 22.75

Juvenile Girls Final (FS) (results not received; names listed below by group & qualifying score)
A1-4: Samantha Lee (EGL) 48.56, Elsa Cheng (UGL) 46.76, Ava Neuhaus (UGL) 42.46, Isobel Alford (EGL) 39.88;
B1-3: Emily Yang (UGL) 41.91, Hannah Byers (SA) 41.14, Hailey Sundstrom (NWP) 40.15;
C2-6: Sofia Wang (UGL) 44.71, Rebecca Ciarochi (SW) 41.89, Vanessa Pham (SW) 41.34, Lilah Gibson (EGL) 41.34, Erika Uchida (EGL) 41.03.
Note: Elli Kopmar (SA) won C (54.61); she competed in Junior Pairs FS on Saturday.

Juvenile Boys FS (results not received)


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