2017 Philadelphia Summer International & club competition (Aug. 2-6): Sr./Jr. entries & schedule

Posted by unseenskaters on July 26, 2017

Official website for the International competition: click here (schedule, entries, etc.)
This is an ISU Minimum Technical Score event featuring Junior and Senior singles competition for ladies and men.
Postscript: Since there were no other countries besides USA entered in Junior Men, technical minimum scores will not be counted for them.
ISU World Standings ranking points will be awarded to the top 5 finishers in Senior Men and Senior Ladies.

ISU event page: click here.

International competition (Junior singles) starts on Thursday, August 3 and the Senior Ladies finish on Sunday, August 6, 2017.

(Sr. Ladies Entries as of August 3, 2017; as with any summer competitions, withdrawals are not uncommon)

Senior Men
Short program starting order (15 in 5 groups; Friday 3:35-5:15 pm Eastern time):
Max Aaron (USA), Nicholas Vrdoljak (CRO), Andrew Torgashev (USA), Lincoln Yuen (HKG), Alexander Johnson (USA);
Donovan Carrillo (MEX), Sean Rabbitt (USA), Yaroslav Paniot (UKR), Vincent Zhou (USA), Larry Loupolover (AZE); [ICE CUT]
Camden Pulkinen (USA), Jordan Moeller (USA), June Hyoung Lee (KOR), Timothy Dolensky (USA), Alex Krasnozhon (USA).

Entries (listed alphabetically by country; program info included where known):
Larry Loupolover (Azerbaijan) – Earned It (SP?)
Nicholas Vrdoljak (Croatia)
Lincoln Yuen (Hong Kong) – Pirates of the Caribbean OST (SP?)
June Hyoung Lee (Korea) – Eternally (SP); Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen (FS)
Donovan Carillo (Mexico) – his senior international debut
Yaroslav Paniot (Ukraine)
Max Aaron (USA) – 8/3 hearsay practice report: his SP music is from Les Miserables (Bring Him Home/One Day More) & jumps he reportedly landed in run-through were 1T (likely planned 4T+3T combo), 4S & 3A
Timothy Dolensky (USA) – Awake My Soul by Mumford & Sons (SP); Faux by Novo Amor (FS); both choreo. by Ryan Jahnke
Alexander Johnson (USA) – Legends by Sacred Spirit (SP choreo. by Tom Dickson)
Alex Krasnozhon (USA) – his senior international debut; Korobushka by Bond (SP); Nelle Tue Mani by Andrea Bocelli from Gladiator (FS); both choreo. by Scott Brown
Jordan Moeller (USA) – Tribal Gathering by Vanessa-Mae (SP); Debussy’s Clair de Lune (FS); both choreo. by Rohene Ward
Camden Pulkinen (USA) – his senior international debut; Fix You by Coldplay (SP choreo. by Drew Meekins); Chopin medley incl. Etude op. 10 no. 3 in E minor (FS choreo. by Tom Dickson)
Sean Rabbitt (USA) – Tequila Song (SP); Mambo medley by Perez Prado (FS); both choreo. by Cindy Stuart
Andrew Torgashev (USA) – Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (SP); El Tango de Roxanne (FS); both choreo. by Ilona Melnichenko & Scott Brown
Vincent Zhou (USA) – Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars by Cinematic Pop (SP choreo. by Jeff Buttle); Music from Romeo+Juliet 1996 film soundtrack (FS choreo. by Charlie White)

Senior Ladies (entries listed alphabetically by country; program info included where known)
Brooklee Han (Australia) – I Dreamed A Dream by Susan Boyle (SP); Por una cabeza (last season’s tango FS); both choreo. by Evgueni Nemirovski
Isadora Williams (Brazil) – SP music: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (k.d. lang?)
Aimee Buchanan (Israel) – Only Hope by Mandy Moore (SP); Romantic Rhapsody by Andre Mathieu (FS); both choreo. by Evgueni Nemirovski
Katarina Kulgeyko (Israel)
Michelle Lifshits (Israel) – her international debut?
Netta Schreiber (Israel)
Hanul Kim (Korea) – her senior international debut; Includes music from The Piano film soundtrack (SP); ABBA’s Thank You For The Music & The Winner Takes It All (FS)
Sena Kim (Korea) – her international debut?
Sofia Del Rio (Mexico) – her senior international debut
Coco Kaminiski (Poland)
Chloe Ing (Singapore)
Silvia Hugec (Slovakia) – her senior international debut
Nicole Rajicova (Slovakia)
Anastasia Kononenko (Ukraine)
Starr Andrews (USA) – her senior international debut; Fever by Beyonce (SP); One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston (FS); both choreo. by Derrick Delmore
Karen Chen (USA) – El Tango de Roxanne (SP); Carmen Suite (FS); both choreo. by Mark Pillay
Franchesca Chiera (USA)
Amber Glenn (USA) – Fever by Beyonce (SP); The Red Violin OST by John Corigliano (FS); both choreo. by Scott Brown
Courtney Hicks (USA) – Nocturne from La Califfa (SP choreo. by Rohene Ward); Amazing Grace by The Tenors (FS choreo. by Jonathan Cassar)
Tessa Hong (USA) – her senior international debut
Bradie Tennell (USA) – Music from the Taegukgi 2004 film soundtrack (SP choreo. by Scott Brown); Cinderella (FS choreo. by Benoit Richaud)
Angela Wang (USA) – Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Katharine McPhee (SP); Circles ft. Greta Svabo Bech, based on Ludovico Einaudi’s Experience (FS choreo. by Tanith White)

Junior Ladies (2018 Jr. Worlds TES minimums: 20 SP / 35 FS)
For official results/protocols (17 page PDF document): click here.
Final standings:
1 Ting CUI USA 151.79 1 1
2 Paige RYDBERG USA 139.61 3 2
3 Jiwon LEE KOR 134.05 2 3
4 Sophie ABRAMS ISR 104.11 4 4
5 Amanda KALLUF BRA 58.32 5 5
SP 1-5:
Ting Cui (USA) 54.01 [31.73/24.28 -2] Libertango – jumps: 3T+(Rippon)3T+, Rippon 3Lz(fall), 2A
Jiwon Lee (Korea) 49.27 [28.63/20.64] Tango/Maria de Buenos Aires – 3S+2T, 3Lz(small step out), 2A
Paige Rydberg (USA) 43.72 [21.80/21.92] Middle Eastern techno? (new program?)
Sophie Abrams (Israel) 38.79 [19.67/20.12 -1] Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings
Amanda Kalluf (Brazil) 20.81 – music from Chicago
Anatassiya Khvan (Kazakhstan)
Courtney Kuhn (South Africa)

Junior Men (2018 Jr. Worlds TES minimums: 20 SP / 42 FS)
For official results/protocols (11 page PDF document): click here.
Final standings:
1 Ryan DUNK USA 178.52 1 1
2 Maxim NAUMOV USA 175.09 2 2
3 Joseph KANG USA 162.10 3 3
4 Kendrick WESTON USA 134.52 4 4
SP 1-4:
Ryan Dunk (USA) 60.60 [33.27/27.33] Andalucia/Firedance (flamenco) – jumps: 3A (looked 2-fted & <), 3Lo+3Lo, 3Lz
Maxim Naumov (USA) 60.40 [31.73/28.67] Luck Be A Lady (Sinatra) – 2A, 3F+3T<?, 3Lz
Joseph Kang (USA) 53.18 [27.26/25.92] unusual modern piece – 2A step out, 3Lz, 3Lo+2Lo (opened up in air)
Kendrick Weston (USA) 51.59 [24.34/27.25] Still Got the Blues (Gary Moore) – 2A, 3T(off-balance)+2T, 2Lz
WD: Yamato Rowe (Philippines)

In conjunction with the international competition, the Philadelphia Summer Championships includes Senior Ladies, Men & Pairs and Junior events (plus lower levels) in their annual club competition, hosted by the IceWorks Skating Club at IceWorks’ 4-rink complex in Aston, PA.


COMBINED SR/JR EVENT SCHEDULE (with international event times bolded below)
All times are Eastern and could change.

Wednesday, August 2:
6:50-9:00 PM Junior Ladies SP (club comp.) RINK 1
9:15-9:35 PM Junior Men SP (club comp.) RINK 1

Thursday, August 3:
3:15-4:20 PM Junior Ladies SP (INT’L) RINK 2
4:35-5:05 PM Junior Men SP Competition (INT’L) RINK 2

5:50-6:10 PM Junior Men FS (club comp.) RINK 1
7:10-9:40 PM Junior Ladies FS (club comp.) RINK 2
5:05-6:55 PM Senior Men SP Practice/3 groups (INT’L) Rink 2

Friday, August 4:
10:00-11:35 AM Senior Ladies SP (club comp.) RINK 2
11:50 AM-12:50 PM Senior Men SP Warm-up/3 groups (INT’L) RINK 2
1:05-2:10 PM Junior Ladies FS (INT’L) RINK 2
2:25-2:55 PM Junior Men FS (INT’L) RINK 2

3:00 3:20 PM Senior Men SP (club comp.) RINK 2
3:35-5:15 PM Senior Men SP (INT’L) RINK 2
5:30-6:05 PM Junior Pairs SP (club comp.) RINK 2
6:10-6:40 PM Senior Pairs SP (club comp.) RINK 2
6:55-9:10 PM Senior Ladies SP Practice/4 groups (INT’L) Rink 2
8:40-10:45 PM Senior Men FS Practice/3 groups (INT’L) RINK 1

Saturday, August 5:
8:30-10:15 AM Senior Ladies FS (club comp.) RINK 2
10:30 AM-12:05 PM Senior Ladies SP Warm-up/4 groups (INT’L) RINK 2
12:20-1:05 PM Junior Pairs FS (club comp.) RINK 2
1:10-1:45 PM Senior Pairs FS (club comp.) RINK 2
1:50-2:15 PM Senior Men FS (club comp.) RINK 2
2:30-3:30 PM Senior Men FS Warm-up/3 groups (INT’L) RINK 2
3:45-6:25 PM Senior Ladies SP Competition (INT’L) RINK 2
6:40-8:45 PM Senior Men FS Competition (INT’L) RINK 2

7:00-10:25 PM Senior Ladies FS Practice/4 groups (INT’L) RINK 1

Sunday, August 6:
9:00-10:35 AM Senior Ladies Warm-up/4 groups (INT’L) RINK 2
10:50 AM-2:05 PM Senior Ladies FS (INT’L) RINK 2


Philadelphia Summer Championships (club competition) – links:
Entryeeze page (click on “View online schedule” for the schedules by rink — Rink 2 is the main rink; Rinks 1 & 3 are the secondary rinks)
Club comp. updates (6.0 results are up through Tuesday 8/3; Rinks 1-3 results added on 8/4 as zip file downloads)

Short Program – Friday, Aug. 4, 3:00-3:20 pm – Rink 2
Free Skate – Saturday, Aug. 5, 1:50-2:15 pm – Rink 2

Scott Dyer, All Year FSC
Daniel Kulenkamp, Sun Valley FSC
Oleksiy Melnyk, Washington FSC
Daisuke Murakami, Japan
Emmanuel Savary, University of Delaware FSC

Short Program – Friday, Aug. 4, 10:00-11:35 am – Rink 2
SP unofficial 1-5:
Rebecca Peng (NE) 56.68, Brynne McIsaac (SA) 50.62, Chelsea Mischuk (NA) 46.81, Kristina Levitina (SA) 45.58, Kendal Buckalew (SA) 41.78
SP starting order (13 in 5 groups):
Emily Schacher, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC; Taylor Doran, Jersey Coast FSC; Kimberly Cagnassola, Skating Club of New York; Taylor Morris, Skokie Valley SC /
[WD: Ashley Young, Washington FSC]; Rebecca Peng, Skating Club of Boston; Chelsea Mischuk, North Jersey FSC; Irina Gonzalez-Sigler, Orlando FSC /
Morgan Leighow, Washington FSC; Kendal Buckalew, Carolinas FSC; Kristine Levitina, Pines FSC; Cailey Weaver, Panthers FSC; Brynne McIsaac, Washington FSC.
Free Skate – Saturday, Aug. 5, 8:30-10:15 am – Rink 2

Short Program – Friday, Aug. 4, 6:10-6:40 pm – Rink 2
Free Skate – Saturday, Aug. 5, 1:10-1:25 pm – Rink 2

Paige Conners / Evgeni Krasnopolsky, Israel (new)
Deanna Stellato / Nathan Bartholomay, both Southwest Florida FSC

Short Program – Friday, Aug. 4, 5:30-6:05 pm – Rink 2
Free Skate – Saturday, Aug. 5, 12:20-1:05 pm – Rink 2

Hilary Asher, Lone Star FSC / Nathaniel Dennler, Colonial FSC (new)
Elli Kopmar / Jonah Barrett, both Southwest Florida FSC
Gabriella Marvaldi / Daniel Villeneuve, both SC Of Southern New Jersey
Sarah Rose / Ian Meyh, both Southwest Florida FSC (new)

Short Program – Wednesday, Aug. 2, 9:15-9:35 pm – Rink 1
Luke Ferrante, SC of Huntsville 46.96
Sasha Lunin, Fort Wayne ISC 45.31
David Shapiro, SC of Wilmington (DE) 45.16
Mark Sadusky, St. Moritz ISC 39.84

Free Skate – Thursday, Aug. 3, 5:50-6:10 pm – Rink 1
Sasha Lunin 108.33 unofficial, Luke Ferrante, Mark Sadusky

JUNIOR LADIES (SP & FS are separate event/scores are not combined here)
Short Program – Wednesday, Aug. 2, 6:50-9:00 pm – Rink 1
Top 4 in SP:
Rena Ikenishi (NA region) 53.03
Isabella Miller (CP) 46.13
Emily Zhang (SA) 44.00
5-12: Ejun Dean (NA) 41.58, Imogene Schwarz (NA) 38.58, Jessica Zink (SA) 37.78, Jaclyn Bozzetti (NA) 37.35, Gabriela Godin (SA) 36.21, Anna Vernikov (NA) 35.96, Grace Josephson (SW) 35.11, Jocelyn Hong (NZL) 34.95

Free Skate – Thursday, Aug. 3, 7:10-9:40 pm – Rink 2
Starting order (22):
Rena Ikenishi, Skating Club of New York; Giulia DiRaimo, Metropolitan FSC; Jocelyn Hong, New Zealand; Anna Vernikov, North Jersey FSC; Abagail Smentkowski, Skating Club of New York /
Leanne Byer, Jersey Coast FSC; Tambra Wenger, Southwest Florida FSC; Katie Guyer, Charter Oak FSC; Ejun Dean, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC; Madelyn Crawford, Washington FSC /
Grace Josephson, Lone Star FSC; Francesca Buchowski, Champions Edge; Emily Zhang [Int4], Richmond FSC (102.89 unofficial FS score – went for 6 triples incl. 3Lz+3Lo); Imogene Schwarz, Skating Club of New York; Jessica Zink, Washington FSC; Gabriela Godin, Wissahickon SC /
Dallas Ward, Southwest Florida FSC; Jaclyn Bozzetti, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC; Isabella Miller, Salt Lake Figure Skating; Grace Lee, Alaska Assoc of Figure Skaters; [WD: Nyah Homolka, First Coast FSC]; Tory Watnick, Skating Club of New York.

Note: Novice and lower level results will only be edited in below if available/time permitting. The website (“Club comp. updates” linked above) will be publishing full results eventually.

NOVICE LADIES SP FINAL (20 competed on Thursday)
1-20: Laura Jacobson (NA) 46.69, Violeta Ushakova (NA) 45.04, Tiffany Pennella (NA) 44.67, Amie Miyagi (CP) 43.98, Irene Kim (NA) 43.97, Paxton James (SA) 40.54, Reagan Scott (SA) 39.10, Noelle Rosa (CP) 38.61, Nikolett Albrechtovics (NA) 38.22, Ashley Le (NA) 34.84, Olivia Clarke (CP) 33.86, Emily M Zhang (NA) 33.62, Anya Stevens (NA) 33.18, Ashley Ho (NA) 32.44, Kimmie Nguyen (SA) 31.16, Ellie McClellan (SA) 30.70, Grace Walton (SA) 29.68, Zoe Parrilli (UGL) 28.03, Paige Ruggeri (NA) 27.48, Andreanne Sannajust (SA) 26.79

NOVICE MEN SP (9 competed on Thursday)
Nicholas Hsieh (SA) 57.17, Ilia Malinin (SA) 46.52, Jordan Evans (SA) 43.54, Jonathan Yang (UGL) 43.19, Jacob Fitzpatrick (SA) 36.28, Matthew Kennedy (SA) 30.65, Andrew Lee (NWP) 29.91, Codie Hazen (SA) 29.40, Kenneth Thomsen (SA) 25.45


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