2018 U.S. Nationals: Juvenile events

Posted by unseenskaters on December 31, 2017

2018 U.S. JUVENILE EVENT ARTICLES & PHOTOS (links will open a new window):
Juvenile Girls/Boys/Pairs medalists’ recap article (IceNetwork)
Juvenile singles/pairs/dance medalists’ action & podium photos (IceNetwork)
Juvenile pattern dances recap article on top 4 teams (IceNetwork)
Juvenile free dance recap article with quotes from the top 3 teams (IceNetwork)

GOLD – Isabeau Levito, SC Of Southern New Jersey (65.38)
SILVER – Clara Kim, Washington FSC (63.83)
BRONZE – Macie Rolf, Illinois Valley FSC (63.46)
PEWTER – Madeleine Park, Los Angeles FSC (54.75)

5 Sue Zhang, Great Neck FSC (54.43)
6 Hannah Byers, Washington FSC (53.77)
7 Elizabeth Hong, Pasadena FSC (53.50)
8 Morgan Heavrin, FSC Of Park City (53.34)
9 Bridget Isaly, Broadmoor SC (51.20)
10 Ellie Kam, Broadmoor SC (46.34)
11 Ashlynne Lee, Los Angeles FSC (45.75)
12 Emilie Mao, Dallas FSC (44.43)
[Protocols are linked from here]

GOLD – Keita Horiko, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC (54.35)
SILVER – Jacob Sanchez, Hudson Valley FSC (51.77)
BRONZE – Nhat-Viet Nguyen, Dallas FSC (49.31)
PEWTER – Andriy Kratyuk, SC of Oregon (49.21)

5 Ethan Kohn, Pines FSC 48.64
6 Matthew Grossman, Champions’ Edge SC (47.91)
7 Timothy Bergal, Central Iowa FSC (47.14)
8 Ethan Peal, Skokie Valley SC (45.85)
9 Mikah Tong, South Bay FSC (43.04)
10 Andy Deng, Fort Wayne ISC (41.99)
11 Sergei Evseev, All Year FSC (41.61)
12 Allan Fisher, All Year FSC (36.07)
[Protocols are linked from here]

GOLD – Natasha Mishkutionok, Dallas FSC / Daniel Tioumentsev, Albuquerque FSC (48.63)
SILVER – Nadia Wang, St. Paul FSC / Jaden Schwab, St. Paul FSC (43.58)
BRONZE – Dalila DeLaura, SC of New York / Ryan Xie, SC of Central New Jersey (42.30)
PEWTER – Megan Voigt, Southwest Florida FSC / Levon Davis, Southwest Florida FSC (41.39)

5 Caitlin Levine, Colonial FSC / Bryan Lehmann, Yarmouth Ice Club (39.91)
6 Annie Bai, St. Paul FSC / Andrew Bai, St. Paul FSC (33.66)
7 Hailey Sundstrom, Fort Wayne ISC / Andy Deng, Fort Wayne ISC (33.40)
8 Sylvia Wong, All Year FSC / Zachary LoPinto, SC of New York (32.38)
9 Ashley Stark, San Diego FSC / Aiden Elswick, San Diego FSC (32.26)
10 Allison Kim, Peninsula SC / Ethan Musladin, St. Moritz ISC (31.69)
11 Isabella Costa, Niagara University SC / Noah Lafornara, Niagara University SC 27.71
12 Julie Dupont, All Year FSC / Theodore Dupont, All Year FSC 26.71
[Protocols are linked from here]

GOLD – Jenna Hauer, SC of Wilmington / Benjamin Starr, Charter Oak FSC 40.98 (1) 42.86 (1) 83.84
SILVER – Zoe Sensenbrenner, Peninsula SC / Matthew Sperry, SC of Northern Virginia 34.70 (3) 34.81 (4) 69.51
BRONZE – Kristina Bland, Detroit SC / Gabriel Francis, Detroit SC 34.85 (2) 33.74 (6) 68.59
PEWTER – Emma L’Esperance, SC of Boston / Mika Amdour, SC of Boston 32.69 (5) 35.79 (3) 68.48

5 Macy Halim, Amherst SC / Noah Lafornara, Niagara University SC 31.08 (7) 36.89 (2) 67.97
6 Olivia Ilin, Washington FSC / Dylan Cain, Washington FSC 33.83 (4) 33.69 (7) 67.52
7 Avery Weishaus, Detroit SC / Laurent Sainte-Marie, Detroit SC 32.41 (6) 34.50 (5) 66.91
8 Amber Clift, St. Paul FSC / Marcellus Krueger, St. Paul FSC 28.85 (8) 31.20 (9) 60.05
9 Julia Epps, IceWorks SC / Blake Gilman, Peninsula SC 27.14 (9) 28.28 (11) 55.42
10 Veronica Chunikhin, Peninsula SC / Maxim Korotcov, Washington FSC 24.57 (10) 29.25 (10) 53.82
11 Saige Chaseley, Skokie Valley SC / Aidan Bell, Skokie Valley SC 20.61 (11) 32.54 (8) 53.15
12 Juliana Newton, St. Moritz ISC / Evan Mullins, Stockton FSC 20.11 (12) 24.86 (12) 44.97

JUVENILE DANCE standings after 2 Pattern Dances:
1 Jenna Hauer, SC of Wilmington / Benjamin Starr, Charter Oak FSC 1 21.96 1 19.02 40.98
2 Kristina Bland, Detroit SC / Gabriel Francis, Detroit SC 17.69 (3) 17.16 (2) 34.85
3 Zoe Sensenbrenner, Peninsula SC / Matthew Sperry, SC of Northern Virginia 20.96 (2) 13.74 (9) 34.70
4 Olivia Ilin, Washington FSC / Dylan Cain, Washington FSC 17.51 (4) 16.32 (3) 33.83
5 Emma L’Esperance, SC of Boston / Mika Amdour, SC of Boston 17.07 (6) 15.62 (4) 32.69
6 Avery Weishaus, Detroit SC / Laurent Sainte-Marie, Detroit SC 17.46 (5) 14.95 (6) 32.41
7 Macy Halim, Amherst SC / Noah Lafornara, Niagara University SC 16.13 (8) 14.95 (5) 31.08
8 Amber Clift, St. Paul FSC / Marcellus Krueger, St. Paul FSC 16.23 (7) 12.62 (10) 28.85
9 Julia Epps, IceWorks SC / Blake Gilman, Peninsula SC 12.68 (9) 14.46 (7) 27.14
10 Veronica Chunikhin, Peninsula SC / Maxim Korotcov, Washington FSC 10.51 (11) 14.06 (8) 24.57
11 Saige Chaseley, Skokie Valley SC / Aidan Bell, Skokie Valley SC 11.63 (10) 8.98 (12) 20.61
12 Juliana Newton, St. Moritz ISC / Evan Mullins, Stockton FSC 7.78 (12) 12.33 (11) 20.11
[Protocols are linked from here]


Pair skater Natasha Mishkutionok, 11, and her Olympic pairs champion mother/coach, Natalia (NBC Dallas-Fort Worth article/TV news report)
Dance team Noah Lafornara & Macy Halim: TV news report (WIVB Buffalo NY), TV news report (WKBV Buffalo), Article (Amherst Bee)
Jacob Sanchez, 10 (Times Herald Record, Middletown, NY)
Pair team Allison Kim & Ethan Musladin (interview clips in ABC Bay Area TV news report on 12/29/17)
Morgan Heavrin, 10, Central Pacific Regional Girls champion (Park Record, Utah)
Pair team Ashley Stark & Aiden Elswick (Fox San Diego article/TV news report)
Pairs Nadia Wang & Jaden Schwab photo and Annie & Andrew Bai mention (Pioneer Press, St. Paul, MN)


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2017-18 Regional & Sectional Championships

Posted by unseenskaters on December 31, 2017

This is a placeholder post – results/protocols links currently can be found in these sections of the blog:



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2017 U.S. Novice & Junior Challenge Skate, Sept. 14-17, Salt Lake City

Posted by unseenskaters on September 12, 2017

The 6th annual U.S. Novice and Junior Challenge Skate takes place from Thursday, September 14 through Sunday, September 17, 2017, at the Salt Lake City Sports Complex in Salt Lake City, Utah. This developmental, domestic competition was launched by U.S. Figure Skating in 2012 and is being held again in conjunction with the ISU Challenger (Senior B international) competition at the same venue.

LINKS (will open a new window):
Click here for Novice & Junior Challenge Skate results/protocols
Click here for Challenge Skate videos (IceNetwork subscription required) (Alysa Liu is pictured)
Click here for the combined Sr./Jr./Nov. practice/comp. schedule (PDF)
Click here for more info about Challenge Skate

Below are the entries (as of 9/11/17), listed alphabetically, with 2017 National (J=Junior, N=Novice, I=Intermediate) or Sectional (E=Eastern, M=Midwestern, P=Pacific Coast) placements added.
Junior Grand Prix (JGP) competitors and alternates & others listed in USFS’ International Selection Pool (ISP) athletes are noted.
Final entries will be known after the starting orders are published online.

Junior Ladies (11)
Dayoon Chang E-J5
Emma Coppess N10
Hanna Harrell N6 (Asian Open J5; JGP alt.)
Angelina Huang N1 (JGP AUT 10th)
Pooja Kalyan N3
Alysa Liu N4 (Asian Open N2)
Akari Nakahara P-J6 (JGP alt.)
Shannon Porter J12
Audrey Shin N9 (Asian Open J7; JGP alt.)
Lily Sun N11
Added: Julia Biechler (competing in Sr. Dance here)
Did not come:
Analise Gonzalez N12
Isabella Miller N7

Junior Men (7)
Luke Ferrante N-wd/M-N4
Mitchell Friess P-J6
Patrick Frohling N8 (ISP)
Dinh Tran N3 (JGP alt.)
Alex Wellman N11
Kendrick Weston J-wd/P-J3 (JGP alt.)
Paul Yeung N6 (ISP)
Did not come:
Joonsoo Kim N4 (JGP alt.)

Junior Dance (4)
Isabella Amoia / Luca Becker *new* (JGP AUT 8th)
Molly Cesanek / Nikolay Usanov N7
Katarina DelCamp / Maxwell Gart N2 (JGP alt.)
Alina Efimova / Alexander Petrov J7 (JGP alt.)

Junior Pairs (4)
Cora DeWyre / Jacob Nussle N8
Sarah Feng / TJ Nyman *new* (JGP CRO)
Meiryla Findley / Matthew Rounis *new*
(Evelyn) Grace Hanns / Kristofer Ogren *new*

Novice Ladies (11)
Calista Choi Int11
Stephanie Ciarochi Int1 (Asian Open N6)
Caroline Harris Int10
Paxton James E-N5
Christina Lin Int5
Jessica Lin Int9
Amie Miyagi Int8
Emilia Murdock Int2
Noelle Rosa Int7
Violeta Ushakova Int6
Beverly Zhu P-N5

Novice Men (5)
Lucas Altieri N5
Daniel Argueta Int4
Goku Endo Int6 (JGP CRO)
Max Lake P-N5
Henry Privett-Mendoza Int11

Novice Dance (9)
Oona Brown / Gage Brown Int12
Gianna Buckley / Jeffrey Chen *new*
Jordan Lin / Morgan Sletten E-N5
Caroline Liu / Kenan Slevira *new*
Anna Nicklas / Max Ryan Int7
Anna Pettersson / TJ Carey Int10
Susan Talbot / Ryan O’Donnell N12
Elizabeth / Tkachenko / Alexei Kiliakov N4
Katarina Wolfkostin / Howard Zhao Int1

Novice Pairs (6)
Hilary Asher / Nathan Dennler *new*
Lauren Ball / Scott Dudley N9
Sarah Burden / Jake Pagano *new*
Georgia Bush / Timmy Chapman Int5
Isabelle Goldstein / Keyton Bearinger N7
Ashley Haywood / Alec Schmitt N10

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2017 Golden West, Aug. 31-Sept. 3, Ontario, California

Posted by unseenskaters on August 31, 2017

Host club’s event page: click here

*NEW* IJS results & protocols: click here

Senior Men
SP: Thu, Aug 31, 8:55-9:20 PM Pacific time; FS: Sat, Sep 2, 8:50-9:25 PM PT
B Kerry 198.60 1 1, A Cheng 178.48 3 2, S Dyer 157.04 2 3, A Lawrence 151.50 4 4
SP results:
Brendan Kerry, Australia 65.23 32.91 TES/33.32 PCS -1] – debuted “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” (cover version) – jumps: 4T+3T, 3S (planned quad), second half 1A
Scott Dyer, All Year FSC 60.20 [27.88/34.32 -2]
Antony Cheng, Champs ISC of BC (Canada) 59.40 28.21/31.19]
Alexander Lawrence, Vancouver SC (Canada) 56.17 926.28/30.89 -1]

Senior Ladies
SP: Sat, Sep 2, 7:55-8:50 PM Pacific time; FS: Sun, Sep 3, 4:45-5:50 PM PT
(For FS scores and Final standings, refer to IJS results link above)
SP results:
Caroline Zhang, All Year FSC 64.31 [35.96 TES/29.35 PCS -1] “East of Eden” – 3F fall, 3Lo+3Lo big, 2A
Vivian Le, Los Angeles FSC 60.64 [33.44/27.20] “Summer” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons – 3F, 3Lz+2T, 2A
Kelsey Wong, Champs ISC of BC (Canada) 60.43 [32.43/28.00] “Ne Me Quitte Pas” by Jacques Brel – 3Lz+2T, 3F, 2A
Megan Yim, Champs ISC of BC (Canada) 52.25 [27.10/25.15] “When You Wish Upon A Star” (female vocal) – 2A, 3Lz<?+2T, 3Lo
Chelsea Mischuk, North Jersey FSC 44.64
Alexis Gagnon, Coyotes SC of Arizona 43.10
Dimitra Korri (Greece) 29.03
Ashley Osborne, Coyotes SC of Arizona 26.25
[WD: Jaclyn Cartwright, Coyotes SC of Arizona]

Junior Ladies
SP: Fri, Sep 1, 8:10-9:30 Pacific time PM; FS: Sun, Sep 3, 2:55-4:30 PM PT
A Shin 154.51 2 2 (98.11 FS)
A Nakahara 153.15 4 1 (98.63 FS)
E Coppess 146.92 5 3 (98.06 FS)
L Sun 135.29 3 5 (79.97 FS)
R Watanabe 134.82 1 6 (77.19 FS)
V Matantseva 119.39 10 4 (82.11 FS)
G Noullet 117.59 6 7
C Benson 109.73 8 8
J Tong 91.04 7 11
A van der Sluys Veer 90.24 11 9
L Chen 84.64 12 10
SP results (1-12):
Rinka Watanabe, Champs ISC of BC (Canada) 57.63 [37.28/20.35] – 3F+3T, 3Lz, 2A
Audrey Shin, The Skating Club of New York 56.40 [30.60/25.80] – 3F+3T, 1Lz, 2A
Lily Sun, Peninsula SC 55.32 [31.72/24.60 -1] – 3T+3T, 3Lz fall, 2A little hop
Akari Nakahara, All Year FSC 54.52 [30.07/24.45] – landed 3F combo & 3Lz (IIRC)
Emma Coppess, All Year FSC 48.86
Gabrielle Noullet, All Year FSC 44.63
Jonina Tong, All Year FSC 41.51
Caroline Benson, Coyotes SC of Arizona 39.74
Samantha Appleton-Sackett, All Year FSC 39.04 (WD after SP)
Vasilisa Matantseva, Champs ISC of BC (Canada) 37.28
Ashley van der Sluys Veer, All Year FSC 35.78
Lititia Chen, Champs ISC of BC (Canada) 34.60

Junior Men
SP: Fri, Sep 1, 1:10-1:30 PM Pacific time; FS: Sun, Sep 3, 1:05-1:30 PM PT
P Yeung 173.08 1 2, P Frohling 172.20 2 1, B Le 146.80 3 3
SP results:
Paul Yeung, All Year FSC 62.27 [32.64/29.63] – very energetic Michael Jackson medley; think he landed 3F+3T, 3Lz, 2A
Brian Le, Champs ISC of BC (Canada) 51.21 [26.14/25.07]
Patrick Frohling, All Year FSC 57.20 [29.07/28.13]

Novice Ladies
FINAL ROUND (Sunday): refer to IJS results link above
Group 1 FS starting order: S Krasnegor, A Chechetenko, J Schmidt, C Ha, C Idenoshita, R Li;
Group 2: L Borzilleri, N Coronado, A Evans, C Harris, J Lee, B Zhu.

GROUP A Final standings:
Beverly Zhu, All Year FSC 135.14 1 1 (SP 51.62 [33.08/18.54] 3F+3T step out, 3Lo, 2A)
Caroline Harris, Glacier Falls FSC 111.40 3 3 (SP 42.26)
Anastasia Chechetenko, Peninsula SC 108.02 2 4 (SP 42.46)
Caitlin Ha, Glacier Falls FSC 102.30 4 2 (SP 31.84)
Rebecca Li, Coyotes SC of Arizona 88.01 6 5
Mia Kuneshita-Dowzall, Glacier Falls FSC
Megan Wesche, Glacier Falls FSC
Kirstyn Beattie, All Year FSC
Sofia Pica, St. Moritz ISC
Mackenzie Kazandjian, SC of Oregon
Christine Hollander, SC of Phoenix
WD after SP :Altice Sollazo, All Year FSC

GROUP B Final standings:
Alex Evans, All Year FSC 117.71 1 1 (SP 42.33)
Jacqueline Lee, All Year FSC 102.21 2 3 (SP 40.68)
Simona Krasnegor, Los Angeles FSC 94.26 4 2 (SP 32.50)
Cassidy Idenoshita, All Year FSC 88.85 3 4 (SP 33.28)
Jacqueline Schmidt, Los Angeles FSC 83.65 5 7 (SP 31.98)
Lisa Borzilleri, Los Angeles FSC 81.50 7 6
Nastazia Coronado, Glacier Falls FSC 81.37 8 5
Kaia Culotta, All Year FSC
Megan Griffin, Coyotes SC of Arizona
Emelia Hughes, Seattle SC
WD after SP: Salla Kim, Pasadena FSC (SP 30.26)

Novice Men
M Lake 145.38 1 1, J Simkin 120.14 2 2
SP results:
Max Lake, All Year FSC 52.69
Joshua Simkin, FSC of Southern California 43.77

Junior Pairs
FS exhibition: Sat, Sep 2, 2:55-3:15 PM Pacific time
Greta & John Crafoord, Los Angeles FSC (Sweden) 67.06

Novice Pairs
SP exhibition: Sat, Sep 2, 2:55-3:15 PM Pacific time
Jasmine & Joshua Fendi, Los Angeles FSC 34.44

Intermediate Ladies
FINAL ROUND (Sunday) FS results/scores:
C Phillips 65.63, A Ignacio 64.29, A Budko (NWP) 64.16, E Freezer 63.43, S Stroyke 61.85, E Slavicek 60.06, S Kimura 59.93, D Lee (NWP) 53.16, A Shimizu 49.98, B Lee (CP) 49.56, K Hirano 44.78, K Ho 38.66
Group 1 FS starting order: Slavicek, Ho, Hirano, Phillips, Freezer, Kimura;
Group 2 FS starting order: Shimizu, B Lee, D Lee, Budko, Ignacio, Stroyke.

Group A SP top 6: Courtney Phillips 36.59, Alena Budko 36.56, Elise Freezer 34.14, Anna Olson-Voss 30.54, Aubrey Ignacio 30.03, Amy Shimizu 29.87
Group B SP top 7: Savannah Stroyke 38.16, Danika Lee 33.87, Katelyn Ho 33.10, Ellen Slavicek 32.80, Koko Hirano 31.97, Saya Kimura 30.26, Bridget Lee 28.65
(FS is Saturday; Final round is Sunday)

Intermediate Men
Jacob Wineland 77.99 1 2, Samir Mallya 76.84 2 1, Lawrence Winters (CP) 72.66 3 3, Camden Rider 64,12 4 5, Mathew O’Neill 61.26 5 4, Ben Spiers 50.10 7 6, Blake Edwards 46.08 6 7

Juvenile Girls (top 4 in A-C advanced to Final plus next 4 highest scores)
Final round 1-12: Katie Anderson 51.25 (47.71 A2), Elizabeth Hong 49.58 (49.25 won B), Lindsay Wang 49.55 (50.50 won A), Kanon Smith 49.08 (49.41 C2), Raquel Gastelum 48.91 (48.99 B3), Katherine Ong 48.43 (45.17 A3), Ashlynne Lee 48.03 (53.87 won C), Mia Takiguchi 47.64 (48.62 B4), Lindsay Mattenson 47.61 (46.65 B6), Adriana Gaitan 47.60 (48.63 C3), Maddie Park 46.63 (48.29 B5), Jolie Chaturabul 46.44 (49.82 A2), Sofia Lexi Frank 43.90 (42.71 C4), Isleen Pi 42.10 (44.12 A4), Mimika Endo 40.96 (45.33 B7), Chloe Fiordalisi 38.18 (43.52 A5).

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2017 Philadelphia Summer International Competition (Senior), Aug. 4-6

Posted by unseenskaters on August 4, 2017

Senior International Ladies final results
Link to official results & detailed protocols (46 page PDF)
Gold – Bradie Tennell (USA) 184.98 2 2 (120.06 FS)
Silver – Angela Wang (USA) 183.53 1 3 (113.89 FS)
Bronze – Hanul Kim (KOR) 180.41 5 1 (123.61 FS)
4-19: Courtney Hicks (USA) 175.92 3 4 (113.55 FS), Amber Glenn (USA) 150.86 7 6, Starr Andrews (USA) 149.91 6 8, Tessa Hong (USA) 149.07 8 7, Isadora Williams (BRA) 141.85 12 5, Brooklee Han (AUS) 138.01 10 9, Franchesca Chiera (USA) 127.31 11 10, Chloe Ing (SGP) 122.47 9 11, Aimee Buchanan (ISR) 111.02 13 13, Silvia Hugec (SVK) 108.54 15 12, Sena Kim (KOR) 103.88 14 14, Sofia Del Rio (MEX) 95.99 18 15, Netta Schreiber (ISR) 90.18 16 17, Michelle Lifshits (ISR) 88.46 20 16, Colette Coco Kaminski (POL) 86.81 17 18, Anastasia Kononenko (UKR) 80.57 19 19
WD after SP (4th): Karen Chen
Link to SP result details photo on Twitter
Link to FS result details photo on Twitter

Senior International Men final results
Link to official results & detailed protocols (34 page PDF)
Gold – Timothy Dolensky (USA) 229.22 2 1 (153.84 FS)
Silver – Yaroslav Paniot (UKR) 217.05 5 2 (144.63 FS)
Bronze – Max Aaron (USA) 209.37 3 4 (135.37 FS)
4-13: Alex Krasnozhon (USA) 206.25 1 7 (129.88 FS), Alexander Johnson (USA) 203.39 4 6 (130.25 FS), Andrew Torgashev (USA) 202.95 10 3 (141.46 FS), June Hyoung Lee (KOR) 199.38 6 8 (127.46 FS), Sean Rabbitt (USA) 197.65 8 5 (134.99 FS), Donovan Carrillo (MEX) 184.45 7 9 (119.33 FS), Jordan Moeller (USA) 178.11 9 10 (116.48 FS), Camden Pulkinen (USA) 169.59 11 11 (113.02 FS), Nicholas Vrdoljak (CRO) 164.78 12 12 (108.45 FS), Lincoln Yuen (HKG) 135.52 13 13 (87.17 FS)
WD after SP (14th): Larry Loupolover (AZE)
Link to SP result details photo on Twitter
Link to FS result details photo on Twitter

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2017 Glacier Falls Summer Classic (Senior & Junior)

Posted by unseenskaters on July 28, 2017

The annual Summer Classic competition, hosted and organized by the Glacier Falls FSC takes place in Anaheim, California from Thursday, July 27 through Sunday, July 30, 2017. There is no live stream for this competition; however, the club once again plans to provide video of the full Senior and Junior Men/Ladies events for viewing on-demand, at no charge, to Icenetwork.com after the competition is over. *NOW available on IceNetwork*: click here to access Senior/Junior videos by event.
Admission for spectators is $10 at the door or $30 for all 4 days of competition.

Senior and Junior event results/scores will be edited in below IF/when they are received from the rink (many thanks to those helping out!).
THANK YOU to the club volunteer(s) for uploading result sheets, as they have time, on this page: click here to access the results links page.

Each skater’s member club region, or country he/she represents, is noted in parentheses. The 9 regions in the U.S. are:
NE=New England, NA=North Atlantic, SA=South Atlantic; EGL=Eastern Great Lakes, UGL=Upper Great Lakes, SW=Southwestern; SWP=Southwest Pacific, CP=Central Pacific, NWP=Northwest Pacific.

SENIOR MEN Final standings & FS results
[Click here to view FS result details photo tweeted by UMBS Go Blue.]
1 Ross Miner 242.83 – won FS 166.54 (86.16 TES/81.38 PCS -1) 4S fall then landed 8 triples – FS fan cam video by UMBS Go Blue (last season’s Queen medley)
2 Jason Brown 234.01 (147.62 FS 3rd with 89.16 PCS) – FS fan cam video (an original composition by Maxime Rodriguez, choreo. by Rohene Ward)
3 Grant Hochstein 229.84 (148.58 FS 2nd) – FS fan cam video (All I Ask of You/Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera, choreo. by Peter Oppegard)
4 Sean Rabbitt 220.49 (145.25 FS 4th) – FS fan cam video (last season’s Mambo medley)
5 Yaroslav Paniot UKR 215.27 (132.04 FS 6th)
6 Jimmy Ma 213.09 (141.87 FS 5th) – reportedly fell on attempted 4Lz & landed both 3A (last year’s Rachnmaninov piano concerto no. 3?)
7 Ben Jalovick 169.23 (119.38) – music from Puccini’s Tosca
8 Sebastien Payannet 158.03 (98.34) – “To Build a Home” (by The Cinematic Orchestra), according to this complimentary tweet by LadyWave4
Free Skate starting order:
Payannet, Ponsart (FRA), Ma, Jalovick;
Hochstein, Miner, Paniot (UKR), Brown, Rabbitt.

SP results (9 competed):
1 Jason Brown (UGL) 86.39 – Link to tweet with SP fan cam video | SP fan cam video by UMBS Go Blue (“The Room Where It Happens” from Hamilton, choreo. by Rohene Ward)
2 Yaroslav Paniot (UKR) 83.23 – reportedly landed 4T+3T, 3A & 3Lz
3 Grant Hochstein (NA) 81.26 – SP fan cam video (“Your Song” from Moulin Rouge, choreo. by Peter Oppegard)
4 Ross Miner (NE) 76.29 – SP fan cam video (“BomBom” & “Downtown” by Macklemore, choreo. by Adam Blake)
5 Sean Rabbitt (SWP) 75.24 – SP fan cam video (“Tequila” – swing version, choreo by. Cindy Stuart and Rabbitt)
6-9: Jimmy Ma (NA) 71.22, Sebastien Payannet (SW) 59.69, Romain Ponsart (FRA) 56.71, Benjamin Jalovick (SA) 49.85
[Click here to view result details photo tweeted by UMBS Go Blue.]
SP starting order:
Rabbitt, Paniot (UKR), [WD today: Brendan Kerry (AUS)], Payannet, Hochstein;
Ponsart (FRA), [WD: Michael Christian Martinez (PHI)], Brown, Jalovick, Ma, Miner.

(Free Skate – Saturday 7/29, 5:11-6:40 PM)

SENIOR LADIES Final standings & FS results
[Click here to view FS result details photo tweeted by UMBS Go Blue.]
1 Karen Chen 218.09 (144.67) – FS fan cam video by UMBS Go Blue (Carmen, choreo. by Mark Pillay)
2 Caroline Zhang 182.67 (115.29 FS 3rd) – FS fan cam video (last season’s The Mission)
3 Emmy Ma 171.34 (115.57 FS 2nd) – FS fan cam video (last season’s Phantom of the Opera, expanded to senior length)
4 Kaitlyn Nguyen 169.82 (111.43 FS 4th) – FS fan cam video (Alice in Wonderland OST by Danny Elfman)
5 Vivian Le 168.11 (110.42 FS 5th)- FS fan cam video (last season’s Scheherazade)
6-7: Avery Kurtz 152.57 (94.00 FS 9th), Heidi Munger 150.89 (95.72 FS 8th)
8 Polina Edmunds 150.25 (97.21 FS 6th) – FS fan cam video (Bilitis-Generique/Time to Say Goodbye, choreo. by Rudy Galindo)
9-17: Rebecca Peng 146.68 (96.42 FS 7th), Livvy Shilling 140.93 (92.49 FS 10th), Lauren Townsend 109.82, Alika Golovkina (LTU) 107.48, Dimitra Korri (GRE) 93.33, Sophie Le Mieux 92.08, Ashley Osborne 82.43, Makala Arn 72.67, Anna Teutsch 70.18
WD after SP: Mae Meite (FRA), Nina Ouellette, Sierra Venetta, Megan Wessenberg, Katarina Kulgeyko (ISR), Nakira Kreofsky.
Free Skate starting order:
A Osborne, M Arn, S Le Mieux, N Kreofsky, A Teutsch;
L Townsend, K Kulgeyko (ISR), A Golovkina (LTU), M Wessenberg, S Venetta, D Korri (GRE);
M Meite (FRA), H Munger, L Shilling, P Edmunds, N Ouellette, R Peng;
K Chen, C Zhang, A Kurtz, E Ma, K Nguyen, V Le.

SP results (23 competed):
[Click here to view result details photo tweeted by UMBS Go Blue.]
1 Karen Chen (CP) 73.42 (3Lz+3T, 3F, 2A) – SP fan cam video (“El Tango de Roxanne” from Moulin Rouge, choreo. by Mark Pillay)
2 Caroline Zhang (SWP) 67.38 (3F, 3Lo+3Lo foot down, 2A) – SP fan cam video (“East of Eden” by Lee Holdridge)
3 Avery Kurtz (SW) 58.57 (2A, 3Lz+2T, 3F)
4 Kaitlyn Nguyen (SWP) 58.39 (3F+3T, 3Lz, 2A) – SP fan cam video (“Concierto de Aranjuez” by Rodrigo)
5-7: Vivian Le (SWP) 57.69 (3T fall, 3Lz+2T, 2A), Emmy Ma (NE) 55.77 (3Lz, 1F, 2A), Heidi Munger (NE) 55.17
8 Polina Edmunds (CP) 53.04 (1Lz+3T, 3Lo fall, 2A) – SP fan cam video (“Palladio” by Karl Jenkins, choreo. by Rudy Galindo)
9-23: Rebecca Peng (NE) 50.26, Mae Berenice Meite (FRA) 49.91 SP fan cam video, Nina Ouellette (CP) 48.52, Livvy Shilling (NWP) 48.44, Sierra Venetta (CP) 48.01, Megan Wessenberg (NE) 47.91, Katarina Kulgeyko (ISR) 45.53, Alika Golovkina (LTU) 42.51, Lauren Townsend (UGL) 39.25, Dimitra Korri (GRE) 31.35, Makala Arn (UGL) 30.89, Sophie Le Mieux (UGL) 30.61, Anna Teutsch (NWP) 25.52, Ashley Osborne (SWP) 25.33, Nakira Kreofsky (NWP) 19.75
SP starting order:
M Wessenberg (NE), K Chen (CP), K Nguyen J1 (SWP), A Teutsch (NWP), A Osborne (SWP);
S Venetta (CP), R Peng (NE), L Shilling (NWP), N Kreofsky (NWP), N Ouellette J6 (CP);
M Arn (UGL), [WD: Mariah Bell (SW)], A Golovkina (LTU), [WD: Vanna Giang (SWP)], MB Meite (FRA);
A Kurtz (SW), [WD: Yoonmi Lehmann (SUI)], L Townsend (UGL), K Kulgeyko (ISR), V Le (SWP), H Munger (NE);
P Edmunds (CP), [WD: Elizaveta Kulik], D Korri (GRE), E Ma (NE), S Le Mieux (UGL), C Zhang (SWP).

JUNIOR LADIES FINAL (Saturday 7/29, 3:32-4:56 PM Pacific time)
1 Audrey Shin 107.39 – reportedly landed 4 clean triples (3Lz+3T, 3F+2T, 3Lo) & both 2A
2 Alysa Liu 106.44 – reportedly landed both 2A & 4 triples cleanly out of 7 planned with 1 fall on 3Lz
3 Ashley Lin 105.99 – reportedly landed 6 of 7 triples and fell on 2A & 2A+3T
4-12: Emma Coppess 96.15, Akari Nakahara 93.86, Analise Lin Gonzalez 92.78, Nhi Do 91.10, Lily Sun 89.64, Gabriella Izzo 88.49, Angelina Huang 88.13, Sonja Hilmer 83.47, Madison Sparks 76.01
Free Skate starting order:
Emma Coppess (SWP), Gabriella Izzo (NE), Audrey Shin (NA), Angelina Huang (UGL), Alysa Liu (CP), Analise Lin Gonzalez (NE);
Akari Nakahara (SWP) Nhi Do (SWP), Lily Sun (CP), Sonja Hilmer (SW), Madison Sparks (SWP), Ashley Lin (SW).

JUNIOR LADIES – GROUP A Final standings (18 competed):
1-6 qualify for Final: Alysa Liu (CP) 162.38 (105.24 FS 2nd), Akari Nakahara (SWP) 156.02 (103.51 FS 3rd), Ashley Lin (SW) 154.04 (110.28 FS 1st, reportedly landed 6 of 7 triples cleanly – 3Lz, 3F, 3F-half loop-3S & 2 3Lo), Audrey Shin (NA) 143.64 (85.25 FS 6th), Angelina Huang (UGL) 139.91 (90.14 FS 4th), Lily Sun (CP) 137.21 (83.23 FS 7th);
7-15: Dayoon Chang (NE) 131.26 (88.22 FS 5th), Liza Hayes (NE) 118.12 (71.97 FS 9th), Samantha Appleton-Sackett (SWP) 113.34 (72.84 FS 8th), Kristie Me (SW) 102.45, Kayleigh Elliott (NWP) 101.77, Caroline Benson (SWP) 99.29, Alyssa Rich (SW) 96.95, Gabriella Lee (NWP) 95.32, Kaylin Zilar (SW) 71.60
WD after SP: Gia Kokotakis (SWP), Andrea Montesinos Cantu (MEX), Megan Carlon (SA)
SP results (Thursday):
A Shin 58.39, A Liu 57.14, L Sun 53.98, A Nakahara 52.51, A Huang 49.77, L Hayes 46.15, G Kokotakis 44.70, A Lin 43.76, D Chang (NE) 43.04, S Appleton-Sackett 40.50, K Me 39.40, A Rich 38.80, A Montesinos Cantu 38.76, K Elliott 38.74, G Lee 33.10, C Benson 32.45, M Carlon 29.61, K Zilar (SW) 25.46

JUNIOR LADIES – GROUP B Final standings (16 competed):
1-6 qualify for Final: Analise Lin Gonzalez (NE) 145.98 (93.19 FS 1st), Nhi Do (SWP) 135.90 (89.68 FS 2nd), Gabriella Izzo (NE) 133.12 (87.02 FS 3rd), Emma Coppess (SWP) 130.29 (78.85 FS 5th), Madison Sparks (SWP) 128.46 (83.39 FS 4th), Sonja Hilmer (SW) 121.33 (78.70 FS 6th);
7-15: Evelyn Grace Hanns (EGL or SW) 119.27 (75.88 FS 7th), Shannon Porter (SW) 111.46 (71.84 FS 8th), Katie Yum (SW) 106.70, Marietta Atkins (NE) 106.18, Lauren Russell (SW) 98.39, Lovina Hermez (SWP) 88.08, Julia Fennell (NE) 87.63, Sydney Ross (CP) 71.25, Maggie Genevich (UGL) 57.63
WD after SP: Gabrielle Noullet (SWP)
SP results (Thursday):
AL Gonzalez 52.79, E Coppess 51.44, G Noullet 46.74, N Do 46.22, G Izzo 46.10, M Sparks 45.07, EG Hanns 43.39, S Hilmer 42.63, M Atkins 42.53, S Porter 39.62, K Yum 38.71, L Russell 35.18, S Ross 33.94, J Fennell 29.97, L Hermez 28.36, M Genevich 20.39
WD: Aurelia Perkins (SW), Ashley van der Sluys Veer (SWP)

JUNIOR MEN Final standings (5 competed):
Eric Sjoberg (SWP) 190.94 (128.63 FS, 7 triples landed, incl. 3F, 3F+3T & 2 3Lz), Alex Wellman (UGL) 160.05 (109.27 FS), Dinh Tran (CP) 149.52 (104.05 FS), Paul Yeung (SWP) (SWP) 148.90, Patrick Frohling (SWP) 140.97
SP results 1-5: E Sjoberg 62.31 (2A, 3F+3T, 3Lz), P Yeung 52.67, A Wellman 50.78, P Frohling 48.11, D Tran 45.37

JUNIOR PAIRS (2 teams)
SP results: Greta & John Crafoord (P) 44.12, Juliette Erickson & Nathan Grundhofer (E/P) 31.61
Final standings & FS results: Crafoord/Crafoord 106.18 (62.06 FS), Erickson/Grundhofer 76.30 (44.69 FS).

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2017 Philadelphia Summer International & club competition (Aug. 2-6): Sr./Jr. entries & schedule

Posted by unseenskaters on July 26, 2017

Official website for the International competition: click here (schedule, entries, etc.)
This is an ISU Minimum Technical Score event featuring Junior and Senior singles competition for ladies and men.
Postscript: Since there were no other countries besides USA entered in Junior Men, technical minimum scores will not be counted for them.
ISU World Standings ranking points will be awarded to the top 5 finishers in Senior Men and Senior Ladies.

ISU event page: click here.

International competition (Junior singles) starts on Thursday, August 3 and the Senior Ladies finish on Sunday, August 6, 2017.

(Sr. Ladies Entries as of August 3, 2017; as with any summer competitions, withdrawals are not uncommon)

Senior Men
Short program starting order (15 in 5 groups; Friday 3:35-5:15 pm Eastern time):
Max Aaron (USA), Nicholas Vrdoljak (CRO), Andrew Torgashev (USA), Lincoln Yuen (HKG), Alexander Johnson (USA);
Donovan Carrillo (MEX), Sean Rabbitt (USA), Yaroslav Paniot (UKR), Vincent Zhou (USA), Larry Loupolover (AZE); [ICE CUT]
Camden Pulkinen (USA), Jordan Moeller (USA), June Hyoung Lee (KOR), Timothy Dolensky (USA), Alex Krasnozhon (USA).

Entries (listed alphabetically by country; program info included where known):
Larry Loupolover (Azerbaijan) – Earned It (SP?)
Nicholas Vrdoljak (Croatia)
Lincoln Yuen (Hong Kong) – Pirates of the Caribbean OST (SP?)
June Hyoung Lee (Korea) – Eternally (SP); Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen (FS)
Donovan Carillo (Mexico) – his senior international debut
Yaroslav Paniot (Ukraine)
Max Aaron (USA) – 8/3 hearsay practice report: his SP music is from Les Miserables (Bring Him Home/One Day More) & jumps he reportedly landed in run-through were 1T (likely planned 4T+3T combo), 4S & 3A
Timothy Dolensky (USA) – Awake My Soul by Mumford & Sons (SP); Faux by Novo Amor (FS); both choreo. by Ryan Jahnke
Alexander Johnson (USA) – Legends by Sacred Spirit (SP choreo. by Tom Dickson)
Alex Krasnozhon (USA) – his senior international debut; Korobushka by Bond (SP); Nelle Tue Mani by Andrea Bocelli from Gladiator (FS); both choreo. by Scott Brown
Jordan Moeller (USA) – Tribal Gathering by Vanessa-Mae (SP); Debussy’s Clair de Lune (FS); both choreo. by Rohene Ward
Camden Pulkinen (USA) – his senior international debut; Fix You by Coldplay (SP choreo. by Drew Meekins); Chopin medley incl. Etude op. 10 no. 3 in E minor (FS choreo. by Tom Dickson)
Sean Rabbitt (USA) – Tequila Song (SP); Mambo medley by Perez Prado (FS); both choreo. by Cindy Stuart
Andrew Torgashev (USA) – Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (SP); El Tango de Roxanne (FS); both choreo. by Ilona Melnichenko & Scott Brown
Vincent Zhou (USA) – Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars by Cinematic Pop (SP choreo. by Jeff Buttle); Music from Romeo+Juliet 1996 film soundtrack (FS choreo. by Charlie White)

Senior Ladies (entries listed alphabetically by country; program info included where known)
Brooklee Han (Australia) – I Dreamed A Dream by Susan Boyle (SP); Por una cabeza (last season’s tango FS); both choreo. by Evgueni Nemirovski
Isadora Williams (Brazil) – SP music: Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (k.d. lang?)
Aimee Buchanan (Israel) – Only Hope by Mandy Moore (SP); Romantic Rhapsody by Andre Mathieu (FS); both choreo. by Evgueni Nemirovski
Katarina Kulgeyko (Israel)
Michelle Lifshits (Israel) – her international debut?
Netta Schreiber (Israel)
Hanul Kim (Korea) – her senior international debut; Includes music from The Piano film soundtrack (SP); ABBA’s Thank You For The Music & The Winner Takes It All (FS)
Sena Kim (Korea) – her international debut?
Sofia Del Rio (Mexico) – her senior international debut
Coco Kaminiski (Poland)
Chloe Ing (Singapore)
Silvia Hugec (Slovakia) – her senior international debut
Nicole Rajicova (Slovakia)
Anastasia Kononenko (Ukraine)
Starr Andrews (USA) – her senior international debut; Fever by Beyonce (SP); One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston (FS); both choreo. by Derrick Delmore
Karen Chen (USA) – El Tango de Roxanne (SP); Carmen Suite (FS); both choreo. by Mark Pillay
Franchesca Chiera (USA)
Amber Glenn (USA) – Fever by Beyonce (SP); The Red Violin OST by John Corigliano (FS); both choreo. by Scott Brown
Courtney Hicks (USA) – Nocturne from La Califfa (SP choreo. by Rohene Ward); Amazing Grace by The Tenors (FS choreo. by Jonathan Cassar)
Tessa Hong (USA) – her senior international debut
Bradie Tennell (USA) – Music from the Taegukgi 2004 film soundtrack (SP choreo. by Scott Brown); Cinderella (FS choreo. by Benoit Richaud)
Angela Wang (USA) – Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Katharine McPhee (SP); Circles ft. Greta Svabo Bech, based on Ludovico Einaudi’s Experience (FS choreo. by Tanith White)

Junior Ladies (2018 Jr. Worlds TES minimums: 20 SP / 35 FS)
For official results/protocols (17 page PDF document): click here.
Final standings:
1 Ting CUI USA 151.79 1 1
2 Paige RYDBERG USA 139.61 3 2
3 Jiwon LEE KOR 134.05 2 3
4 Sophie ABRAMS ISR 104.11 4 4
5 Amanda KALLUF BRA 58.32 5 5
SP 1-5:
Ting Cui (USA) 54.01 [31.73/24.28 -2] Libertango – jumps: 3T+(Rippon)3T+, Rippon 3Lz(fall), 2A
Jiwon Lee (Korea) 49.27 [28.63/20.64] Tango/Maria de Buenos Aires – 3S+2T, 3Lz(small step out), 2A
Paige Rydberg (USA) 43.72 [21.80/21.92] Middle Eastern techno? (new program?)
Sophie Abrams (Israel) 38.79 [19.67/20.12 -1] Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings
Amanda Kalluf (Brazil) 20.81 – music from Chicago
Anatassiya Khvan (Kazakhstan)
Courtney Kuhn (South Africa)

Junior Men (2018 Jr. Worlds TES minimums: 20 SP / 42 FS)
For official results/protocols (11 page PDF document): click here.
Final standings:
1 Ryan DUNK USA 178.52 1 1
2 Maxim NAUMOV USA 175.09 2 2
3 Joseph KANG USA 162.10 3 3
4 Kendrick WESTON USA 134.52 4 4
SP 1-4:
Ryan Dunk (USA) 60.60 [33.27/27.33] Andalucia/Firedance (flamenco) – jumps: 3A (looked 2-fted & <), 3Lo+3Lo, 3Lz
Maxim Naumov (USA) 60.40 [31.73/28.67] Luck Be A Lady (Sinatra) – 2A, 3F+3T<?, 3Lz
Joseph Kang (USA) 53.18 [27.26/25.92] unusual modern piece – 2A step out, 3Lz, 3Lo+2Lo (opened up in air)
Kendrick Weston (USA) 51.59 [24.34/27.25] Still Got the Blues (Gary Moore) – 2A, 3T(off-balance)+2T, 2Lz
WD: Yamato Rowe (Philippines)

In conjunction with the international competition, the Philadelphia Summer Championships includes Senior Ladies, Men & Pairs and Junior events (plus lower levels) in their annual club competition, hosted by the IceWorks Skating Club at IceWorks’ 4-rink complex in Aston, PA.


COMBINED SR/JR EVENT SCHEDULE (with international event times bolded below)
All times are Eastern and could change.

Wednesday, August 2:
6:50-9:00 PM Junior Ladies SP (club comp.) RINK 1
9:15-9:35 PM Junior Men SP (club comp.) RINK 1

Thursday, August 3:
3:15-4:20 PM Junior Ladies SP (INT’L) RINK 2
4:35-5:05 PM Junior Men SP Competition (INT’L) RINK 2

5:50-6:10 PM Junior Men FS (club comp.) RINK 1
7:10-9:40 PM Junior Ladies FS (club comp.) RINK 2
5:05-6:55 PM Senior Men SP Practice/3 groups (INT’L) Rink 2

Friday, August 4:
10:00-11:35 AM Senior Ladies SP (club comp.) RINK 2
11:50 AM-12:50 PM Senior Men SP Warm-up/3 groups (INT’L) RINK 2
1:05-2:10 PM Junior Ladies FS (INT’L) RINK 2
2:25-2:55 PM Junior Men FS (INT’L) RINK 2

3:00 3:20 PM Senior Men SP (club comp.) RINK 2
3:35-5:15 PM Senior Men SP (INT’L) RINK 2
5:30-6:05 PM Junior Pairs SP (club comp.) RINK 2
6:10-6:40 PM Senior Pairs SP (club comp.) RINK 2
6:55-9:10 PM Senior Ladies SP Practice/4 groups (INT’L) Rink 2
8:40-10:45 PM Senior Men FS Practice/3 groups (INT’L) RINK 1

Saturday, August 5:
8:30-10:15 AM Senior Ladies FS (club comp.) RINK 2
10:30 AM-12:05 PM Senior Ladies SP Warm-up/4 groups (INT’L) RINK 2
12:20-1:05 PM Junior Pairs FS (club comp.) RINK 2
1:10-1:45 PM Senior Pairs FS (club comp.) RINK 2
1:50-2:15 PM Senior Men FS (club comp.) RINK 2
2:30-3:30 PM Senior Men FS Warm-up/3 groups (INT’L) RINK 2
3:45-6:25 PM Senior Ladies SP Competition (INT’L) RINK 2
6:40-8:45 PM Senior Men FS Competition (INT’L) RINK 2

7:00-10:25 PM Senior Ladies FS Practice/4 groups (INT’L) RINK 1

Sunday, August 6:
9:00-10:35 AM Senior Ladies Warm-up/4 groups (INT’L) RINK 2
10:50 AM-2:05 PM Senior Ladies FS (INT’L) RINK 2


Philadelphia Summer Championships (club competition) – links:
Entryeeze page (click on “View online schedule” for the schedules by rink — Rink 2 is the main rink; Rinks 1 & 3 are the secondary rinks)
Club comp. updates (6.0 results are up through Tuesday 8/3; Rinks 1-3 results added on 8/4 as zip file downloads)

Short Program – Friday, Aug. 4, 3:00-3:20 pm – Rink 2
Free Skate – Saturday, Aug. 5, 1:50-2:15 pm – Rink 2

Scott Dyer, All Year FSC
Daniel Kulenkamp, Sun Valley FSC
Oleksiy Melnyk, Washington FSC
Daisuke Murakami, Japan
Emmanuel Savary, University of Delaware FSC

Short Program – Friday, Aug. 4, 10:00-11:35 am – Rink 2
SP unofficial 1-5:
Rebecca Peng (NE) 56.68, Brynne McIsaac (SA) 50.62, Chelsea Mischuk (NA) 46.81, Kristina Levitina (SA) 45.58, Kendal Buckalew (SA) 41.78
SP starting order (13 in 5 groups):
Emily Schacher, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC; Taylor Doran, Jersey Coast FSC; Kimberly Cagnassola, Skating Club of New York; Taylor Morris, Skokie Valley SC /
[WD: Ashley Young, Washington FSC]; Rebecca Peng, Skating Club of Boston; Chelsea Mischuk, North Jersey FSC; Irina Gonzalez-Sigler, Orlando FSC /
Morgan Leighow, Washington FSC; Kendal Buckalew, Carolinas FSC; Kristine Levitina, Pines FSC; Cailey Weaver, Panthers FSC; Brynne McIsaac, Washington FSC.
Free Skate – Saturday, Aug. 5, 8:30-10:15 am – Rink 2

Short Program – Friday, Aug. 4, 6:10-6:40 pm – Rink 2
Free Skate – Saturday, Aug. 5, 1:10-1:25 pm – Rink 2

Paige Conners / Evgeni Krasnopolsky, Israel (new)
Deanna Stellato / Nathan Bartholomay, both Southwest Florida FSC

Short Program – Friday, Aug. 4, 5:30-6:05 pm – Rink 2
Free Skate – Saturday, Aug. 5, 12:20-1:05 pm – Rink 2

Hilary Asher, Lone Star FSC / Nathaniel Dennler, Colonial FSC (new)
Elli Kopmar / Jonah Barrett, both Southwest Florida FSC
Gabriella Marvaldi / Daniel Villeneuve, both SC Of Southern New Jersey
Sarah Rose / Ian Meyh, both Southwest Florida FSC (new)

Short Program – Wednesday, Aug. 2, 9:15-9:35 pm – Rink 1
Luke Ferrante, SC of Huntsville 46.96
Sasha Lunin, Fort Wayne ISC 45.31
David Shapiro, SC of Wilmington (DE) 45.16
Mark Sadusky, St. Moritz ISC 39.84

Free Skate – Thursday, Aug. 3, 5:50-6:10 pm – Rink 1
Sasha Lunin 108.33 unofficial, Luke Ferrante, Mark Sadusky

JUNIOR LADIES (SP & FS are separate event/scores are not combined here)
Short Program – Wednesday, Aug. 2, 6:50-9:00 pm – Rink 1
Top 4 in SP:
Rena Ikenishi (NA region) 53.03
Isabella Miller (CP) 46.13
Emily Zhang (SA) 44.00
5-12: Ejun Dean (NA) 41.58, Imogene Schwarz (NA) 38.58, Jessica Zink (SA) 37.78, Jaclyn Bozzetti (NA) 37.35, Gabriela Godin (SA) 36.21, Anna Vernikov (NA) 35.96, Grace Josephson (SW) 35.11, Jocelyn Hong (NZL) 34.95

Free Skate – Thursday, Aug. 3, 7:10-9:40 pm – Rink 2
Starting order (22):
Rena Ikenishi, Skating Club of New York; Giulia DiRaimo, Metropolitan FSC; Jocelyn Hong, New Zealand; Anna Vernikov, North Jersey FSC; Abagail Smentkowski, Skating Club of New York /
Leanne Byer, Jersey Coast FSC; Tambra Wenger, Southwest Florida FSC; Katie Guyer, Charter Oak FSC; Ejun Dean, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC; Madelyn Crawford, Washington FSC /
Grace Josephson, Lone Star FSC; Francesca Buchowski, Champions Edge; Emily Zhang [Int4], Richmond FSC (102.89 unofficial FS score – went for 6 triples incl. 3Lz+3Lo); Imogene Schwarz, Skating Club of New York; Jessica Zink, Washington FSC; Gabriela Godin, Wissahickon SC /
Dallas Ward, Southwest Florida FSC; Jaclyn Bozzetti, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC; Isabella Miller, Salt Lake Figure Skating; Grace Lee, Alaska Assoc of Figure Skaters; [WD: Nyah Homolka, First Coast FSC]; Tory Watnick, Skating Club of New York.

Note: Novice and lower level results will only be edited in below if available/time permitting. The website (“Club comp. updates” linked above) will be publishing full results eventually.

NOVICE LADIES SP FINAL (20 competed on Thursday)
1-20: Laura Jacobson (NA) 46.69, Violeta Ushakova (NA) 45.04, Tiffany Pennella (NA) 44.67, Amie Miyagi (CP) 43.98, Irene Kim (NA) 43.97, Paxton James (SA) 40.54, Reagan Scott (SA) 39.10, Noelle Rosa (CP) 38.61, Nikolett Albrechtovics (NA) 38.22, Ashley Le (NA) 34.84, Olivia Clarke (CP) 33.86, Emily M Zhang (NA) 33.62, Anya Stevens (NA) 33.18, Ashley Ho (NA) 32.44, Kimmie Nguyen (SA) 31.16, Ellie McClellan (SA) 30.70, Grace Walton (SA) 29.68, Zoe Parrilli (UGL) 28.03, Paige Ruggeri (NA) 27.48, Andreanne Sannajust (SA) 26.79

NOVICE MEN SP (9 competed on Thursday)
Nicholas Hsieh (SA) 57.17, Ilia Malinin (SA) 46.52, Jordan Evans (SA) 43.54, Jonathan Yang (UGL) 43.19, Jacob Fitzpatrick (SA) 36.28, Matthew Kennedy (SA) 30.65, Andrew Lee (NWP) 29.91, Codie Hazen (SA) 29.40, Kenneth Thomsen (SA) 25.45

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2017 Skate Detroit Saturday (singles)

Posted by unseenskaters on July 23, 2017

The Detroit Skating Club usually publishes Skate Detroit results (but not detailed protocols) after the competition is over.
July 24 UPDATE: Results AND Protocols (published for the first time): click here for all the results links

All fan cam videos linked below are by u818 a.k.a. magicaleggrolls on Twitter (thank you!): click here for the full playlist (Senior singles & pairs programs in order of upload)

Senior Men FS & Final standings (5 competed)
275.33 Vincent Zhou 177.65 FS [99.85 TES/78.80 PCS -1]
Romeo+Juliet 1996 soundtrack, choreo. by Charlie White: fan cam video

227.66 Keegan Messing (CAN) 143.10 FS 3rd [69.60/73.50]
Charlie Chaplin-themed program: fan cam video

225.75 Grant Hochstein 155.31 FS 2nd [74.81/80.50]
All I Ask of You/Music of the Night (Colm Wilkinson), choreo. by Peter Oppegard: fan cam video

157.09 Keiichiro Sasahara (JPN) 104.79 [48.19/58.60 -2] FS to “Say Something”: fan cam video (partial)
133.76 Luke West (Notre-Dame de Paris musical)
WD after SP: Alexander Newman

Senior Ladies Final (FS) (1-12 below are unofficial scores; official results not yet received)
Mirai Nagasu 129.10 – Miss Saigon medley (incl. “Sun and Moon”), choreo. by Jeff Buttle: fan cam video
Courtney Hicks (SWP) 124.29 – “Amazing Grace” choreo. by Jonathan Cassar: fan cam video
Olivia Serafini (SWP) 97.57 – music? fan cam video
Katie McBeath (NA) 89.16 – refer to Friday’s linked FS video
Alexandra Rogers (SW) 87.12
Paige Rydberg (UGL) 85.49 – refer to Friday’s linked FS video
Brynne McIsaac (SA) 82.65
Maxine Marie Bautista (UGL) 81.84
Kendal Buckalew (SA) 74.71
Maya Lappin (CAN) 59.44
Coco Kaminski (POL) 59.35
Michelle Lifshits (ISR) 57.07

Junior Ladies Final (FS) (11 competed; official results below)
91.39 Jenna Shi (EGL) [Colors of the Wind/Pocohontas]
89.33 Pooja Kalyan (SW) [lyrical piano]
88.12 Hanna Harrell (SW) [Mambo medley]
86.10 Natalie Walker [Phantom of the Opera]
80.47 Lily Sun (CP) [Tchaikovsky violin concerto]
73.06 Akane Eguchi (SW) [Romeo & Juliet by Nino Rota]
66.18 Maya Gorodnitsky (ISR) [Moana soundtrack/How Far I’ll Go]
64.58 Samantha Lang (EGL)
63.38 Karina Nance (UGL)
63.36 Trisha Roohan (NA)
63.07 Tori Bennett (EGL)
WD: Evelyn Walsh (CAN) – she competed in Junior Pairs FS.

Junior Men Final standings (official results below)
195.89 Camden Pulkinen (SW) [Chopin medley]
169.86 Mark Gorodnitsky (ISR) [Italian ballad]
164.13 Maxim Naumov (NE) [Who Wants to Live Forever]
146.66 Sasha Lunin (EGL) [slow blues/rock piece]
139.18 JoonSoo Kim (UGL) [Warsaw Concerto]
131.66 Mark Sadusky (CP)
119.66 Justin Wichmann (SW)
116.15 Alp Eren Ozkan (TUR)
105.46 Paxton Knott (CAN)

Novice Ladies Final (FS)
86.59 Stephanie Ciarochi (SW)
85.18 Ariela Masarsky (UGL)
80.80 Emilia Zingas (EGL)
79.66 Calista Choi (UGL)
71.66 Madeleine Weiler (NE)
63.81 Madeline Schizas (CAN)
62.71 Alexa Gasparotto (EGL)
60.62 Molly Davies (EGL)
58.46 Elyse Wiese (UGL)
58.02 Vanessa Jasiewicz (EGL)
57.46 Lily Yu (EGL)
56.84 Molly Schelosky (EGL)

Intermediate Ladies Final (FS)
69.76 Elise Freezer (SWP)
69.64 Isabelle Inthisone (UGL) view video
60.72 Ava Raiter (SW)
60.31 Alyssa Chan (SW)
60.12 Josephine Hagan (EGL)
57.65 Hannah Lofton (UGL)
56.83 Sydney Flaum (SW)
56.57 Chihiro Taira (UGL)
52.10 Jadyn Bortman (EGL)
49.05 Finley Hawk (UGL)
47.20 Madison Nguyen (SW)
46.61 Kendall Erme (EGL)

Intermediate Men FS & Final standings (results not received)
SP 1-4 scores: William Annis (NE) 41.68, Matvey Buerkle (RUS) 37.25, Jonathan Guo (CAN) 28.84, Alexei Chen (EGL) 22.75

Juvenile Girls Final (FS) (results not received; names listed below by group & qualifying score)
A1-4: Samantha Lee (EGL) 48.56, Elsa Cheng (UGL) 46.76, Ava Neuhaus (UGL) 42.46, Isobel Alford (EGL) 39.88;
B1-3: Emily Yang (UGL) 41.91, Hannah Byers (SA) 41.14, Hailey Sundstrom (NWP) 40.15;
C2-6: Sofia Wang (UGL) 44.71, Rebecca Ciarochi (SW) 41.89, Vanessa Pham (SW) 41.34, Lilah Gibson (EGL) 41.34, Erika Uchida (EGL) 41.03.
Note: Elli Kopmar (SA) won C (54.61); she competed in Junior Pairs FS on Saturday.

Juvenile Boys FS (results not received)

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2017 Skate Detroit Friday (singles)

Posted by unseenskaters on July 21, 2017

Senior Men SP
97.68 Vincent Zhou – landed 4Lz+3T, 4F, 3A [58.73 TES/38.95 PCS]
Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” covered by Cinematic Pop, choreo. by Jeff Buttle: fan cam video
84.56 Keegan Messing (CAN) – 4T+3T, 3A, 3Lz [48.26/36.30]
“Singin’ in the Rain” (Gene Kelly), choreo. by Lance Vipond: fan cam video
70.44 Grant Hochstein – 2T, 3A, 3Lz+2T
“Your Song” from Moulin Rouge, choreo. by Peter Oppegard: fan cam video
52.84 Luke West [Sondheim’s Finishing the Hat]
52.30 Keiichiro Sasahara (JPN) [music?]
32.58 Alexander Newman [Swan Lake]
Starting order: Messing, Zhou, West; [WD: Shum] Newman, Hochstein, Sashara.

Senior Ladies Final standings – Group A
183.37 Courtney Hicks 120.24 FS 2nd [61.96/59.28 -1 for time violation]
“Amazing Grace” by The Tenors, choreo. by Jonathan Cassar: fan cam video
182.03 Mirai Nagasu 123.82 FS 1st [61.18/62.64]
Miss Saigon medley (incl. “Sun and Moon”), choreo. by Jeff Buttle: fan cam video
146.14 Olivia Serafini 94.61 FS [music/choreographer?] fan cam video
137.90 Alexandra Rogers [Papa Can You Hear Me]
116.08 Jordan Bauth [Medley from The Great Gatsby film soundtrack]
98.83 Michelle Lifshits (ISR)
94.46 Maya Lappin (CAN)
60.10 Andrea Mendez
WD after SP: Chloe Roslin

Senior Ladies Final standings – Group B
149.34 Paige Rydberg 97.07 in FS to Gladiator Rhapsody/“Pegasus” by Two Steps from Hell, choreo. by Tom Dickson: fan cam video
146.73 Katie McBeath 93.88 in FS to Schindler’s List: fan cam video
127.44 Kendal Buckalew 82.17 in FS to Blues guitar/Sing Sing Sing: fan cam video
116.48 Maxine Marie Bautista > [Tango medley]
112.56 Brynne McIsaac [Turandot]
99.75 Coco Kaminski (POL)
93.84 AnnaMarie Pearce
85.64 Lyndsey Ream
80.09 Tori Weinsgarten
59.65 Jocelyn Jones

Junior Men SP
64.17 Camden Pulkinen [“Fix You” by Coldplay] – high 3A+, 3F fell out/no combo, 3Lz step out
61.38 Maxim Naumov [“Luck Be A Lady”] – 2A, 3F+3T, 3Lz
60.59 Mark Gorodnitsky (ISR) [music?]
55.47 JoonSoo Kim [saxophone piece] – 3T+3T, 2A, 3Lz fall
55.03 Sasha Lunin [“Bad To The Bone”]
53.60 Justin Wichmann [“Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince]
51.15 Mark Sadusky [“Wait For It” from Hamilton musical] – 3T+3T, 2Lz, 2A
41.47 Alp Eren Ozkan (TUR) [“Fly Me to the Moon”]
39.26 Paxton Knott (CAN) [“Dancing On My Own” by Calum Scott?]
WD: Jun-Hong Chen

Novice Ladies Group A
1-12: Alexa Gasparotto (EGL) 95.29 (won FS from 8th in SP), Molly Schelosky (EGL) 94.92, Lily Yu (EGL) 94.15, Vanessa Jasiewicz (EGL) 92.69, Elyse Wiese (UGL) 90.69, Abigail Best (CAN) 88.99, Dianna Barker (UGL) 88.46, A Oprea (CAN) 80.10, T Clemente (CAN) 77.13, L Fitzpatrick (EGL) 75.35, J Colello (EGL) 61.90, K Watson (EGL) 45.43
Novice Ladies Group B:
1-13: Stephanie Ciarochi (SW) 132.86 (89.98 FS), Madeleine Weiler (NE) 109.91, Emilia Zingas (EGL) 108.65, Madeline Schizas (CAN) 105.54, S Paradi (UGL) 82.71, L Yamane (SW) 73.64, A Leinwweber (CAN) 73.50, C Wu (CAN) 70.74, A Martyn (SA) 70.26, P Pamel (EGL) 67.21, R Strassguertl (CAN) 62.74, K Capper (EGL) 58.06, N Feng (CP) 53.87
Novice Ladies Group C
1-12: Calista Choi (UGL) 124.02, Ariela Masarsky (UGL) 102.56, Molly Davies (EGL) 99.33, Samantha Dreyer (EGL) 88.73, Elizabeth Bernardini (NA?) 80.81, Braedyn Miller (EGL) 80.14, C Cyr (CAN) 71.29, C Strassguertli (CAN) 67.59, V Camarata (CAN) 67.47, A Dunn (UGL) 60.65, A King (CAN) 52.88, R Kraber (UGL) 48.63

Intermediate Ladies Group A (top 8) (Thu.)
*Isabelle Inthisone (UGL) 100.19, *Hannah Lofton (UGL) 87.95, *Kendall Erme (EGL) 86.53, Madelyn Jordan (SA) 82.45, Lia Pereira (CAN) 82.40, Patricia Andrew (CAN) 81.39, Isabelle Goldstein (EGL) 78.01, Grayson Baginski (UGL) 75.67
Intermediate Ladies Group B (top 7) (Thu.)
*Ava Raiter (SW) 94.64, *Alyssa Chan (SW) 90.10, *Chihiro Taira (UGL) 89.89, Olivia Yoshioka (UGL) 77.19, Ashley Whipple (UGL) 76.09, McKenzie Edwards (EGL) 75.25, Hannah Oo (EGL) 74.45
Intermediate Ladies Group C (top 5) (Fri.)
*Madison Nguyen (SW) 96.39, *Sydney Flaum (SW) 94.51, *Josephine Hagan (EGL) 90.85, *Finley Hawk (UGL) 86.16, Elena Luria (EGL) 80.30
Intermediate Ladies Group D (top 7) (Fri.)
*Elise Freezer (SWP) 109.40 (72.82 FS), *Jadyn Bortman (EGL) 87.14, Anna Rossiter (EGL) 85.32, Abby Slovin (UGL) 85.32, Sasha Klein (EGL) 81.07, Alison Yan (EGL) 80.49, Haley Lemke (UGL) 78.37
* = Qualified for Saturday’s Final

Intermediate Men SP
1-4: William Annis (NE) 41.68, Matvey Buerkle (RUS) 37.25, Jonathan Guo (CAN) 28.84, Alexei Chen (EGL) 22.75

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2017 Skate Detroit Pairs (Friday & Saturday)

Posted by unseenskaters on July 21, 2017

SENIOR PAIRS FS (SP and FS are held as separate events here & scores are not combined)
Note: Scores of the 11 teams listed below are official. Fan cams are all by u818 (magicaleggrolls on Twitter).
120.82 Jessica Calalang/Zack Sidhu [Carmen] fan cam video
112.08 Deanna Stellato/Nathan Bartholomay [One (female cover) & Where the Streets Have No Name by U2] fan cam video
104.20 Chelsea Liu/Brian Johnson [Spartacus by Khachaturian] fan cam video
99.80 Paige Conners/Evgeni Krasnopolsky (ISR) [Schindler’s List] fan cam video
96.04 Miu Suzaki/Ryuichi Kihara (JPN) [Romeo & Juliet by Nino Rota] fan cam video
93.00 Jessica Pfund/Joshua Santillan [Gone with the Wind] fan cam video
91.09 Natasha Purich/Davin Portz (CAN) [Who Wants To Live Forever] fan cam video
89.64 Alexandria Yao/Jacob Simon [Love Story] fan cam video
89.50 Caitlin Fields/Ernie Utah Stevens [Spartacus] fan cam video
87.94 Nica Digerness/Danny Neudecker [Blues guitar] fan cam video
74.96 Winter Deardorff/Max Settlage [My Fair Lady] fan cam video

FS starting order:
Stellato/Bartholomay, Liu/Johnson, Purich/Portz (CAN);
Suzaki/Kihara, Conners/Krasnopolsky, Pfund/Santillan, Digerness/Neudecker;
Fields/Stevens, Calalang/Sidhu, Deardorf/Settlage, Yao/Simon.

JUNIOR PAIRS FS (13 teams competed on Saturday)
101.30 Audrey Lu/Misha Mitrofanov [Memory from Cats/POTO] 53.22 TES/48.08 PCS
91.80 Evelyn Walsh/Trennt Michaud (CAN) [Can’t Help Falling In Love by Ingrid Michaelson & version with male vocals at end] 45.56 TES/47.04 PCS -1
88.50 Laiken Lockley/Keenan Prochnow [Mary by Yann Tiersen] 46.66 TES/43.84 PCS -2
86.88 Sarah Feng/TJ Nyman [Hana’s Eyes by Maksim Mrvica ] 42.68 TES/45.20 PCS -1
76.88 Kate Finster/Derrick Griffin [The Feeling Begins/Remember Me by Josh Groban]
76.58 Elli Kopmar/Jonah Barrett [Snow Pas de Deux from The Nutcracker]
71.12 Ainsley Peterson/Griffin Schwab [Golden Slumbers/The End by The Beatles]
69.38 Sarah Rose/Ian Meyh [Tangled, incl. See The Light vocal duet]
66.36 Meiryla Findley/Matthew Rounis [Pearl Harbor]
66.14 Katherina Frantz/Nicolas Frantz [soundtrack?]
60.50 Patricia Andrew/Paxton Knott (CAN) [Gershwin’s An American in Paris]
57.10 Eliana Secunda/Blake Eisenach [Swan Lake]
52.82 Evelyn Grace Hanns/Kristofer Ogren [Meditation from Thais]

FS starting order:
Frantz/Frantz, Findley/Rounis, Rose/Meyh;
Finster/Griffin, Hanns/Ogren, Feng/Nyman;
Lockley/Prochnow, Secunda/Eisenach, Peterson/Schwab;
Lu/Mitrofanov, Walsh/Michaud, Andrew/Knott, Kopmar/Barrett.

Note: The ISU Junior age-eligible U.S. teams that competed in Junior at Skate Detroit are:
Lu/Mitrofanov, Lockley/Prochnow (both teams competed in 1 JGP each last year), Kopmar/Barrett (first 3 are in the ISP already), Feng/Nyman (new), Finster/Griffin (new), Rose/Meyh (new), Frantz/Frantz and Secunda/Eisenach, plus Yao/Simon (new) in Senior.


SENIOR PAIRS SP (11 teams competed on Friday)
60.02 Calalang/Sidhu [Kiss by Prince] fan cam video
58.20 Stellato/Bartholomay [Eleanor Rigby by violinist Joshua Bell with vocals by Frankie Moreno] fan cam video
52.18 Suzaki/Kihara (JPN) [music?] fan cam video
52.04 Purich/Portz (CAN) [Angel by Sarah McLachlan] fan cam video
51.58 Deardorff/Settlage (new) [In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins] fan cam video
51.30 Digerness/Neudecker [new SP since Broadmoor Open – film soundtrack?] fan cam video
50.28 Fields/Stevens [Poem by Dylan Thomas/Also Sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss] fan cam video
50.10 Pfund/Santillan [You Raise Me up by Josh Groban] fan cam video
49.58 Liu/Johnson [Still Got The Blues] fan cam video
47.82 Conners/Krasnopolsky (ISR; new) [Ghost the musical]
44.48 Yao/Simon (new) – they skated a better SP to “Claire de Lune” at the Broadmoor Open in June: click here to watch that video

SP starting order:
Suzaki/Kihara (JPN), Fields/Stevens, Liu/Johnson;
Yao/Simon (new), Conners/Krasnopolsky (ISR; new), Purich/Portz (CAN), Stellato/Bartholomay;
Digerness/Neudecker, Deardorff/Settlage (new), Pfund/Santillan, Calalang/Sidhu.

JUNIOR PAIRS SP (14 competed on Friday):
48.92 Evelyn Walsh/Trennt Michaud (CAN) – female vocal
48.12 Sarah Feng/TJ Nyman (new) [Fantasy for Violin & Orchestra from Ladies in Lavender]
48.06 Audrey Lu/Misha Mitrofanov [Once Upon A December]
47.98 Elli Kopmar/Jonah Barrett [California Dreamin’]
46.30 Laiken Lockley/Keenan Prochnow [Clair de Lune/orchestral version]
42.56 Kate Finster/Derrick Griffin (new) [Radioactive by Imagine Dragons]
40.62 Ainsley Peterson/Griffin Schwab (new) [Demons by Imagine Dragons]
40.48 Eliana Secunda/Blake Eisenach [Scorpions’ Maybe I Maybe You]
37.90 Katherina Frantz/Nicolas Frantz [James Bond themed]
37.44 Meiryla Findley/Matthew Rounis (new) [cover of Coldplay’s Don’t Panic? (not sure)]
35.70 Sarah Rose/Ian Meyh (new) [Sing Sing Sing/orchestral version]
37.34 Patricia Andrew/Paxton Knott (CAN) [Whatever Lola Wants]
35.38 Evelyn Grace Hanns/Kristofer Ogren (new) [Dream a Little Dream of Me by Michael Buble]
33.04 Cora DeWyre/Jacob Nussle [Another Day of Sun from La La Land]

SP starting order:
Walsh/Michaud (CAN), Lu/Mitrofanov, Frantz/Frantz;
Kopmar/Barrett, Lockley/Prochnow, Secunda/Eisenach, Rose/Meyh (new);
[WD: Olivia & Mackenzie Boys-Eddy (CAN)], DeWyre/Nussle, Peterson/Schwab (new), Feng/Nyman (new);
Finster/Griffin (new), Findley/Rounis (new), Andrew/Knott (CAN), Hanns/Ogren (new).


NOVICE PAIRS SP results (4 teams competed on Friday):
Isabelle Goldstein/Keyton Bearinger 36.81 – “True Colors” (duet): view video
Lauren Ball/Scott Dudley 31.61
Isabelle Martins/Ryan Bedard 30.57
Lia Pereira/James Robert-Morgan (CAN; new) 27.47
Note: FS will be in the B rink on Saturday.

NOVICE PAIRS FS & JUVENILE PAIRS – Saturday results from Rink B not yet received.
Goldstein/Bearinger’s FS to “All I Ask of You” (POTO): view video

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