Central Pacific – Intermediate/Juvenile

Intermediate Ladies Group A

Karen Chen 94.66 CCIA
Rachel Crawford 76.70 Skate Salt Lake
Sarah Lyle 76.20 Copper Cup
Casey Yee 73.41 Broadmoor Open
Jasmine Chen 69.63 CCIA
Taylor Olsen 68.84 Skate Salt Lake
Jessica Santiago 66.21 Skate St. Moritz
Vanessa Perez 59.99 Skate San Francisco
Kiley Pearl 58.60 Skate St. Moritz
Robin Vo 55.24 Skate St. Moritz
Madallena Conte Thornton 51.64 CCIA
Iris Wen 37.83 Skate St. Moritz
Lindsey Phuon 34.63 (FS only) Skate St. Moritz
Eleanor Judd n/a n/a

Intermediate Ladies Group B

Amy Lin 78.14 Skate St. Moritz
Chelsea Yim 75.89 Skate San Francisco
Kaylin Yu 71.62 Silicon Valley Open
Diane Zhou 66.21 CCIA
Shelby Baker 65.50 Skate Salt Lake
Xylina Rusit 63.00 Skate St. Moritz
Siani Weston 62.57 Skate Salt Lake
Deanna Jade Lim 62.37 Skate St. Moritz
Josephine Situ 62.18 Silicon Valley Open
Sarah Feng 62.01 Silicon Valley Open
Julia Feng 59.69 Skate St. Moritz
Victoria Anasovitch 59.36 Red White Blue Ice
Kasey Tamayo 57.48 Skate St. Moritz
Tessa Wood 56.92 Skate San Francisco
Samantha Mapes 43.92 Skate San Francisco

Intermediate Men

Vincent Zhou 87.37 Golden West
Colby Judd 75.04 Skate Salt Lake
Mitchell Friess 62.92 Broadmoor Open
Taki Zira 54.30 Skate St. Moritz
Phong Tran 48.40 Skate San Francisco

Juvenile Girls Group A

Michelle Li 43.89 Skate San Francisco
Daniela Dryden 42.85 Golden West
Camille Leoni 41.33 Skate San Francisco
Angela Case 38.85 Skate San Francisco
Kaysie Yu 36.33 CCIA
Allison Rundquist 35.89 Skate San Francisco
Sarah Liao 34.17 Red White Blue Ice
Katarina Stashyn 34.05 CCIA
Julianne Decontreaus 32.74 Skate St. Moritz
Lauren Mendonsa 32.56 Golden West
Elizabeth Park 31.19 Silicon Valley Open
Amanda Betito 26.63 CCIA
Evelyn Zhang 25.63 Silicon Valley Open

Juvenile Girls Group B

Ali Godoy 42.94 Silicon Valley Open
Alice Yang 42.03 Skate St. Moritz
Cindy Zihan Yang 41.33 Skate San Francisco
Lauren Hui 37.25 Skate St. Moritz
Abbeygalle Prusinski 37.01 Golden West
Nancy Xu 34.50 Silicon Valley Open
Mikaela Manoogian 33.10 Skate St. Moritz
Jasmine Zhang 32.71 Silicon Valley Open
Angela Luo 31.02 Spring Jubilee
Kristy Dang 30.43 Skate St. Moritz
Isabella Moro 27.58 Skate St. Moritz
Brittany Hoang 27.33 Skate St. Moritz
Rebecca Berger 25.74 CCIA
Maya Mendonsa n/a n/a


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