Eastern Great Lakes – Novice

Novice Ladies Group A

Madison DeLuca 101.26 Ann Arbor Springtime
Meghan Koehler 90.74 Grand Rapids Open
Alexie Mieskoski 88.13 Ann Arbor Springtime
Leah Israel 85.80 Viviani Memorial
Maria Fu 74.65 Troy Summer Skate
Angelica Dabrowski 73.53 Tony Todd Memorial
Kimberly Morawski 72.41 Onyx Challenge
Mia Rollins 72.41 Louisville SA Invitational
Alexis McDonell 68.02 Ann Arbor Springtime
Vanessa Winter 66.78 Ann Arbor Springtime
Kristen Jennings 66.47 Tony Todd Memorial
Caitlin Collmar 58.60 Skate Chautauqua
Kristen Schulz n/a n/a

Novice Ladies Group B

Hannah Miller 121.10 Ann Arbor Springtime
Katie McBeath 96.30 Ann Arbor Springtime
Caitlin DeLuca 89.62 Onyx Challenge
Katie Hochrein 81.25 Liberty
Aliyah Cohen 79.21 Ann Arbor Springtime
Rachelle Fragedakis 77.47 Tri-State Memorial
Hannah Rosinski 76.91 Tri-State Memorial
Jessica Nicosia 75.27 Onyx Challenge
Veronica Hochstein 72.96 Onyx Challenge
Kelsey Kavulich 64.05 Cherry Classic
Ashley Beyer n/a n/a
Jessica Schilkey n/a n/a

Novice Ladies Group C

Katia Shpilband 97.66 Skate San Francisco
Melin Craze 93.02 Skate Nashville
Jamie Schreffler 87.29 Cleveland Invitational
Holly Moore 86.21 Ann Arbor Springtime
Morgan Barnett 83.92 Cleveland Invitational
Emily Albers 79.42 Liberty
Shaina Lane-Reese 75.89 Ann Arbor Springtime
Marissa Delmatto 72.66 Ann Arbor Springtime
Michelle Lee 71.20 Troy Summer Skate
Kennedy Doyle 70.09 Ann Arbor Springtime
Elizabeth Hackett n/a n/a
Tara Lorenz n/a n/a

Novice Men

Alexander Newman 95.95 Viviani Memorial
Konstantin Chizhikov 94.98 Skate Detroit
Rafael Garrett 86.54 Viviani Memorial
Justin Highgate-Brutman 85.86 Skate Detroit
Nicholas Anderson 81.86 Liberty
Jacob Jaffe 81.58 Skate Detroit
Ernie Utah Stevens n/a n/a
Troy Tomasello n/a n/a


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