Eastern Great Lakes – Senior & Junior

Senior Ladies

Amber Walczyk 112.19 Tri-State Memorial
Alicia Hsu 101.24 Ann Arbor Springtime
Greta Riebe 89.95 Tri-State Memorial
Natalie Krupa 83.73 Grand Rapids Open
Catherine Lepkowski 83.45 Ann Arbor Springtime
Anna Cobb 78.11 Skate Detroit
Amanda Waldron 67.07 US Collegiate Championships
Chelsea Christopher 54.29 (SP only) Cleveland Invitational
Becky Bereswill 47.61 (SP only) Skate Detroit
Mikenzie Frost 56.09 (FS only) Viviani Memorial
Marissa Diaz n/a n/a

Junior Ladies

Hannah Kimberly 107.60 Onyx Challenge
Madeline Koehler 102.04 Ann Arbor Springtime
Farah Sheikh 101.17 Ann Arbor Springtime
Jaylyn Kelly 99.04 Skate Detroit
Kacie Kotnik 97.02 Grand Rapids Open
Ashton Miller 95.33 Ann Arbor Springtime
Shelby Sylvester 94.24 Ann Arbor Springtime
Jennifer Sterbenz 89.34 Viviani Memorial
Kirsten Clark 89.19 Skate Nashville
Alexandra Vargo 89.16 Ann Arbor Springtime
Jillian Kastely 88.28 Viviani Memorial
Kelsey Walton 87.73 Onyx Challenge
Meleah Hansen 84.38 Skate Chautauqua
Katharine Huntley-Bachers 84.31 Skate Detroit
Erika Krol 82.61 Onyx Challenge
Allyson Vander Klok 80.30 Tri-State Memorial
Christie Kievit 76.25 Ann Arbor Springtime
Brittany Fullgrapp 72.08 US Collegiate Championships
Shabren Russ 70.55 Skate Chautauqua
Stephany Morgan 66.12 Onyx Challenge
Anna Stone n/a n/a
Laura Wilmarth n/a n/a

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