New England – Intermediate

Intermediate Ladies Group A

Ainsley McGill 93.35 Colonial Open
Olivia Pastore 78.94 Cranberry Open
Sena Spinella 76.81 Colonial Open
Courtney Chalmers 73.23 Cranberry Open
Katya Schwiegershausen 69.03 Colonial Open
Michele George 68.91 Cranberry Open
Brianna Byrne 54.90 Cranberry Open
Casey O’Brien 52.58 Cranberry Open
Sherry Jamieson 47.84 Green Mountain Open
Elizabeth Stewart 44.86 Cranberry Open
Kendall Burdick 44.79 Providence Open
Emily Bolles 32.83 Cranberry Open
Ellie Gan 9.19 (SP only) Cranberry Open
Kelly Cronin 33.38 (FS only) Worcester Open
Jacqueline Raftery 28.84 (FS only) Providence Open
Zoe Burke n/a n/a
Heather Cotter n/a n/a
Anupama Rao n/a n/a

Intermediate Ladies Group B

Jessica Lin 83.42 Middle Atlantics
Heidi Munger 80.62 Cranberry Open
Morgan Sewall 76.25 Middle Atlantics
Kennedy Dow 65.47 Colonial Open
Theone Kardos 60.47 Charter Oak Open
Sienna Mori 60.41 Colonial Open
Kieu-My Nguyen 56.60 Boston Open
Isabella Cook 56.48 Colonial Open
Jessica Brofsky 55.05 Providence Open
Gianna Beniers 53.15 Cranberry Open
Lucia Millhum 53.13 Cranberry Open
Courtney Phillips 50.80 Cranberry Open
Angelica Kennedy 50.60 Cranberry Open
Maddey Juliano 50.51 Providence Open
Jaclyn Lake 45.65 Providence Open
Madison LaCroce 39.08 Green Mountain Open
Nicole Perry 36.33 (FS only) Cranberry Open
Vanessa Munn n/a n/a
Jenna Murray n/a n/a

Intermediate Ladies Group C

Marissa Gottlieb 85.42 Cranberry Open
Taylor Rae Rocco 81.49 Middle Atlantics
Victoria LoRusso 77.57 Cranberry Open
Rachel Caley 70.57 Charter Oak Open
Jessica Farzan 69.58 Cranberry Open
Colleen MacInnis 69.31 Cranberry Open
Katherine Chin 66.52 Cranberry Open
Christine Magill 65.10 Providence Open
Caitlyn Smith 64.75 Cranberry Open
Lauren McCabe 63.86 Cranberry Open
Baylee Peters 63.83 Liberty
Meera Dhodapkar 60.04 Charter Oak Open
Amelia Steeger 58.98 Providence Open
Piper Delo 56.45 Charter Oak Open
Angela Nelson 43.56 Charter Oak Open
Paige Campbell 17.49 (SP only) Colonial Open
Sabrina Innaurato n/a n/a
Kaleigh McKenna n/a n/a

Intermediate Men

Bennett Gottlieb 81.57 Middle Atlantics
Adrian Huertas 70.41 Cranberry Open
Daniel Petrenko 69.57 Charter Oak Open
Daniel Kuyoth 62.57 Cranberry Open
Richard Scheno 51.62 Providence Open
Liam Beatson 39.57 Cranberry Open
Ivan Lord n/a n/a


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