New England – Juvenile

Juvenile Girls

Qualifying Group A

Rebecca Peng 48.18 Middle Atlantics
Annalisa McGuiness 44.02 Liberty
Maria Minaeva 43.67 Cranberry Open
Samantha March 37.39 Cranberry Open
Casey Wait 34.39 Cranberry Open
Christie Lee Marshall 33.27 Boston Open
Nicole Lee 33.26 Charter Oak Open
Teodora Markova 32.85 Providence Open
Haley Blau 31.98 Charter Oak Open
Rae Deveney 30.99 Cranberry Open
Amber Wolf 30.22 Boston Open
Lilian Anderson 29.32 Charter Oak Open
Dhvani Visaria 21.90 Providence Open
Lindsey Stevenson 18.07 Providence Open
Alessandra Bianchi n/a n/a

Qualifying Group B

Rebecca Jacobs 47.68 Cranberry Open
Kaitlin D’Agostino 42.80 Southern CT Open
Ashley Rooney 37.79 Colonial Open
Lina Takaoka 36.89 Colonial Open
Tori Rotella 33.87 Cranberry Open
Sonja Hilmer 32.60 Green Mtn Open
Elisabeth Christ 32.23 Worcester Open
Jessica Sims 29.26 Cranberry Open
Valerie Chen 26.15 Boston Open
Victoria Xu 26.03 Worcester Open
Tallia Popowycz 25.47 Cranberry Open
Jillian Aiello 19.94 Middle Atlantics
Ashley Lam 19.15 Middle Atlantics
Jaden Cheng n/a n/a
Jessica Wakelin n/a n/a

Qualifying Group C

Isabelle Dost 50.15 Cranberry Open
Megan Wessenberg 46.51 Colonial Open
Julia Marie Rapela 43.59 Cranberry Open
Jin Baseman 40.20 Cranberry Open
Julia Steeger 38.84 Colonial Open
Giorgina Giampaolo 37.72 Cranberry Open
Sarah Smeriglio 36.93 Charter Oak Open
Alexandra Iovanna 34.31 Providence Open
Alanna Kubik 31.04 Cranberry Open
Louisa Oppenheim 27.16 Providence Open
Emilee Zhang 27.06 Providence Open
Maria Vangeystelen 26.28 Cranberry Open
Cassandra Cole 26.11 Cranberry Open
Hadley Stimson 23.18 Middle Atlantics


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