New England – Novice

Novice Ladies Group A

Mia Eisenhandler 88.84 Charter Oak Open
Danielle Olney 85.64 Providence Open
Jade Dube 81.17 Cranberry Open
Kaitlin Manning 77.96 Cranberry Open
Gabrielle Luiselli 67.42 Liberty
Gemma Carter 66.14 Charter Oak Open
Katrina Katsoulis 62.83 Cranberry Open
Rachel Stern 63.36 Cranberry Open
Danielle Pilgrim 61.22 Liberty
Tessa Riccio 60.13 Charter Oak Open
Samantha Stacilauskas 55.17 Charter Oak Open
Amanda Horton 16.14 (SP only) Cranberry Open
Leah Rosenfield 43.45 (FS only) Cranberry Open
Julia Pelletier 27.16 (FS only) Providence Open
Alexis Chirban n/a n/a

Novice Ladies Group B

Jenelle Herman 107.65 Liberty
Brianna Coviello 84.65 Cranberry Open
Alexia Rogers 83.78 Boston Open
Michelle Parece 79.04 Cranberry Open
Rachel Zeppi 73.23 Boston Open
Victoria Baker 72.65 Green Mtn Open
Kaitlyn Marunda 60.67 Charter Oak Open
Meghan Kupratis 56.95 Cranberry Open
Julia Kulyomina 46.30 Colonial Open
Melissa Lee 27.99 (SP only) Liberty
Adelaide Mackintosh 24.70(SP only) Green Mountain Open
Kayla Thierwechter 23.93 (SP only) Middle Atlantics
Kaitlyn Marunda 22.05 (SP only) Colonial Open
Meaghan Monaghan 15.48 (SP only) Boston Open
Emiko Barker n/a n/a

Novice Men

Matthew Swinton 76.10 Cranberry Open
Alex Strupinski 71.87 Liberty


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