New England – Senior & Junior

Senior Ladies

Kendall Wyckoff 114.45 Middle Atlantics
Olivia Gibbons 105.06 Middle Atlantics
Ursula Munger 100.51 Cranberry Open
Brittany Ballard 93.80 Liberty
Carly Milden 91.68 Providence Open
Taryn Brandt 88.14 US Collegiates
Kyoko Yano 86.92 Providence Open
Jaimee Fernald 85.63 Lake Placid FS
Kaci Brandt 82.21 Charter Oak Open
Jamie Jurak 78.90 Cranberry Open
Elyse Frenchman 77.27 Cranberry Open
Kiara Sonoda 21.56 (SP only) Cranberry Open
Emily Catenzaro 47.11 (FS only) Charter Oak Open
Emily McNally n/a n/a
Keilani-Lyn Rudderham n/a n/a
Alexandra Volpicelli n/a n/a
Madeline Wunder n/a n/a

Junior Ladies

Alexandria Shaughnessy 105.43 Middle Atlantics
Zoe Orenstein 95.78 Cranberry Open
Rochelle Dost 92.91 Cranberry Open
Aimee Buchanan 90.87 Charter Oak Open
Flora Su 89.01 Cranberry Open
Taylor Foley 88.67 Middle Atlantics
Annabelle Davey 88.38 Cranberry Open
Ursula Munger 83.17 Liberty
Alyssa Katzoff 83.12 Charter Oak Open
Kaci Brandt 82.21 Charter Oak Open
Tenley Brownwright 78.89 US Collegiates
Lauren Vicik 72.73 Colonial Open
Katie Heinrich 57.22 Cranberry Open
Layla Siraj 31.83 (SP only) n/a
Alexandra Finn n/a n/a
Lauren Lampiasi n/a n/a


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