North Atlantic – Junior

Junior Ladies

Courtney Taylor 112.19 Middle Atlantics
Nicole Rajic 108.37 Skate San Francisco
Monika Chung 104.92 Middle Atlantics
Abby Kimmelman 103.59 Skate San Francisco
Jaylyn Orwig 92.68 Chautauqua Games
Brooke Sinatra 92.63 Skate Chautauqua
Amelia Xu 91.45 Middle Atlantics
Patricia DeFelice 88.48 Middle Atlantics
Elise Eng 87.21 Liberty
Alexis Darrow 86.90 Skate Chautauqua
Carley Mitchell 77.06 Skate Chautauqua
Amit Zigelman 75.20 Skate Wilmington
Brooke Halloran 73.80 Middle Atlantics
Katherine Maratea 69.49 Challenge Cup
Kristen Deutsch 57.22 Southern CT Open
Christine Mozer 40.26 (SP only) Southern CT Open
Amanda Tucciarone 24.30 (SP only) Lake Placid FS
Annabelle Hyde n/a n/a
Mariko Miyashita n/a n/a
Molly Moskowitz n/a n/a
Tracee Smith n/a n/a
Theresa Thong n/a n/a

Junior Men

Matej Silecky 106.19 Middle Atlantics
Craig Segall 85.16 Liberty
Matthew Essigmann n/a n/a


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