Northwest Pacific – Juvenile

Juvenile Girls

Victoria Dinh 34.30 Apple Ice Classic
Kendal Reynolds 33.29 PNIC
Seo-Hyun Moon 31.62 PNIC
Abigail Buck 31.14 PNIC
Shoritah Ching 30.76 PNIC
Nicole Brewer 30.23 Top of the World Skate
Danika Kapeikis 29.49 PNIC
Clea Wurster 28.65 Boise Ice Classic
Hannah O’Brien 27.41 Top of the World Skate
Haley Null 27.29 PNIC
Natasha Strbiak 27.22 PNIC
Hunter Berry 26.04 Boise Ice Classic
Nicole Anderson 25.95 Skate Salt Lake
Emily Munoz 24.98 Ice Fest
Shelby King 23.83 Golden West
Kayleigh Elliott n/a n/a
Isabeau Hills n/a n/a
Chelsea Syrstad n/a n/a
Amanda Verheydt n/a n/a

Juvenile Boys

Micah Tang 32.29 Golden West
Kendrick Weston 30.77 Skate Salt Lake
Billy Stone n/a n/a


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