Northwest Pacific – Novice

Novice Ladies

Amanda Hofmann 100.01 Apple Ice Classic
Ariel Yu 91.53 Apple Ice Classic
Samantha Stevens 89.73 Boise Ice Classic
Jacqueline Martin 87.52 Apple Ice Classic
Soleil Roth 87.22 Chicago Open
Willa Zhao 81.73 PNIC
Annalisa Naccarato 81.53 Chicago Open
Xinghua Turner 73.87 Apple Ice Classic
Meara White 66.72 Top of the World Skate
Jordan Lee 64.86 Apple Ice Classic
Claire Gillespie 63.94 Top of the World Skate
Ashley Southern 62.56 Blades on Ice
Jasmine Emerson 61.89 Ice Fest
Coral Flaherty 61.04 Skate Salt Lake
Akrina Kreofsky 58.96 Boise Ice Classic
Nicole Pratt 57.16 Boise Ice Classic
Alanna Collins n/a n/a
Waverly Huston n/a n/a
Anna Wang n/a n/a


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