South Atlantic – Intermediate

Intermediate Ladies Group A

Brynne McIsaac 85.28 Challenge Cup
Caitlin Henricks 81.82 John Smith Memorial
Maria Yang 81.66 May Day Open
Antonina Rusetskaya 79.60 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Kara Morris 70.97 Challenge Cup
Victoria Boinest 69.81 Challenge Cup
Samantha Carr 69.50 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Sarah Dalton 67.70 John Smith Memorial
Mackenzie Savoyski 64.58 Azalea Classic
Emily Tharp 64.31 Azalea Classic
Catherine Kinley 60.76 Challenge Cup
Meghan Coyle 49.58 Liberty
Alexa Savona 49.43 May Day Open
Alexandra Schildknecht 49.02 Liberty
Libbie Hamner 48.34 Central Carolina Classic
Farren Landes 46.89 Liberty
Elizabeth Kalbach 35.58 Liberty
Danae Cox n/a n/a/td>

Intermediate Ladies Group B

Franchesca Chiera 95.82 Florida Open
Kathryn Albaugh 83.12 Potomac Open
Marcha Kiatrungrit 78.35 Skate Wilmington
Julia Whitney 73.40 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Emily Kragel 65.77 John Smith Memorial
Grace Bloomfield 65.11 Challenge Cup
Kristine Levitina 64.21 Florida Open
Genavieve Federhofer 64.20 Miami Open
Madelyn Crawford 58.93 Challenge Cup
Taylor Johnson 55.94 Azalea Classic
Ebony Slaughter-Johnson 44.33 Challenge Cup
Anastasia Cubas 42.97 Sunshine State Games
Kristina Badalamenti 40.56 Challenge Cup
Taylor Dean 31.37 Chesapeake Open
Ramona Blue Miller n/a n/a/td>
Alexis Rogers n/a n/a/td>
Kealey Rose n/a n/a/td>

Intermediate Ladies Group C

Brianna Laxson 92.94 Chesapeake Open
JoAnn Tinker 77.82 Liberty
Haleigh Amend 71.36 Challenge Cup
Abigail Doyle 67.10 John Smith Memorial
Julia Suarez 65.57 Liberty
Isabelle Blank 63.19 John Smith Memorial
Lexi Nara-Yoshimura 62.10 Challenge Cup
Victoria Suttora 55.32 Skate Wilmington
Megan Angelucci 54.55 Peach Open
Daniella Chiera 54.08 Summer Chiller
Rachel Rice 49.84 Peach Open
Anna Berger 47.29 Central Carolina Classic
Christa Johns 42.90 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Katie Lipko 32.79 Liberty
Katarina DeFilippo n/a n/a/td>
Phillicia Lewis n/a n/a/td>

Intermediate Ladies Group D

McKayla O’Connell 82.47 Challenge Cup
Richanda Hyder 80.16 May Day Open
Heather Collick 78.02 Cleveland Invitational
Katie Curran 69.35 Potomac Open
Christina Cleveland 67.42 Challenge Cup
Amanda McClure 67.06 John Smith Memorial
Briana Bennett 63.23 Liberty
Anne Marie Pickett 55.25 Potomac Open
Kyra Lowery 54.38 Chesapeake Open
Janine Eduljee 50.08 Central Carolina Classic
Anna Tyrlik 48.44 Potomac Open
Lyndzi Aulton 44.92 Challenge Cup
Jacqueline DiGirolamo 43.35 Azalea Classic
Wendi Hiller 16.09 (SP only) Atlanta Open
Maya Neel 14.82 (SP only) Magic City Ice Classic
Bridgette Betzler 31.31 Liberty
Jade Deschamps n/a n/a/td>

Intermediate Ladies Group E

Avyane Lee 83.88 Florida Open
Claire Bazalgette 80.15 Atlanta Open
Sarah Kim 77.36 John Smith Memorial
Hannah Bisbing 77.03 Liberty
Bailee Glickman 76.37 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Lillian Marks 63.54 Azalea Classic
Emily Boas 59.91 Challenge Cup
Tiffany Martinez 48.39 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Sarah Lupton 48.27 Liberty
Anna Webster 44.96 John Smith Memorial
Veronica Musser 40.35 Liberty
Hannah Wiepke 39.85 Central Carolina Classic
Virginia Bland 27.13 (FS only) Central Carolina Classic
Jordyn Coy 25.42 (FS only) Skate Wilmington
Lauren Guthrie 22.97 (FS only) Liberty
Savannah Chester n/a n/a
Brendan Fagan n/a n/a

Intermediate Ladies Group F

Jackie Jablon 94.82 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Madison Vinci 87.12 Challenge Cup
Ivonne Lemeshev 78.14 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Tess Terpos 72.88 Challenge Cup
Sarah Clark 61.65 Challenge Cup
Grace Moyer 61.46 Challenge Cup
Emily Caron 60.39 Potomac Open
Hannah-Marie Mines 58.11 Challenge Cup
Jacquelin Zimmerman 57.31 May Day Open
Audrey Marek 56.69 Chesapeake Open
Victoria Williams 45.23 Magic City Ice Classic
Alice Haley Baillio 40.93 May Day Open
Ashleigh Welch 43.85 (FS only) May Day Open
Paloma Feliciano 25.41 (FS only) Sunshine State Games
Kennedy Briggs n/a n/a
Kristen Brown n/a n/a
Julia Gulyayeva n/a n/a

Intermediate Men

Tony Lu 88.68 Chesapeake Open
Oleksiy Melnyk 82.33 May Day Open
Graham Newberry 78.02 Middle Atlantics
Jonah Barrett 67.74 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Jack Gleisberg 64.53 Liberty
Noah Chinault 54.66 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Cory Leschel 54.14 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Nathaniel Wilson 47.20 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Shiloh Judd 36.89 Challenge Cup
Sebastian Lucek 14.98 (SP only) Central Carolina Classic
John Footen 8.02 (SP only) May Day Open
Liam Thomas 48.62 (FS only) Archie-Meyer Memorial
Maximilliano Fernandez 21.50 (FS only) Miami Open


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