South Atlantic – Juvenile

Juvenile Girls Group A

Vanessa Feigenbaum 46.97 Skate Detroit
Meghan Perez 44.66 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Aurora Abraham 43.17 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Kaitlyn Shaw 35.61 Skate Chautauqua
Nicole Farinella 32.73 Middle Atlantics
Morgan Leighow 32.14 Challenge Cup
Ana Shimeall 31.28 Skate Wilmington
Victoria Wang 30.67 Skate Wilmington
Rachel Cox 30.20 May Day Open
Justice Petry-Lebo 30.00 Skate Wilmington
Abigail Coursey 28.55 John Smith Memorial
Tiffany Wang 28.15 Challenge Cup
Alannah Binotto 27.67 Skate Chautauqua
Katelyn Janci 27.61 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Sophie Hampton 20.04 Challenge Cup
Julia Boudreau n/a n/a
Michelle Lee n/a n/a

Juvenile Girls Group B

Marisa Farinella 47.07 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Kathryn Wen 39.06 Challenge Cup
Jocelyn Albaugh 36.08 Challenge Cup
Madelyn Crawford 35.59 Potomac Open
Anna Marie Seifert 34.45 Challenge Cup
Lourdes Madrigal 33.84 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Julia Biechler 33.64 Cherry Blossom
Melanie Lam 31.98 Sunshine State Games
Colleen Pecoraro 30.52 John Smith Memorial
Marisol Figueroa 29.68 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Isabel Sneider 29.04 Challenge Cup
Abigail Colvin 27.34 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Ceylin Ucok 26.66 John Smith Memorial
Rachel Brozina 22.56 Skate Wilmington
Emma Guo 21.65 Chesapeake Open
Fallon Jones 20.20 Potomac Open
Madeline Plank n/a n/a

Juvenile Girls Group C

Samantha Scott 48.85 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Carly Berrios 37.00 Chesapeake Open
Jesse Goldstone 35.78 John Smith Memorial
Isabel Bueno-Presnail 33.26 Skate Wilmington
Sarah Fuller 32.73 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Chelsea Tyrrell 29.96 Liberty
Madeline Stallworth 28.81 Liberty
Julia Choi 27.97 Skate Wilmington
Caitlyn Kent 27.72 Atlanta Open
Hyaat Aldahwi 26.90 Liberty
Reshini Premaratne 26.37 May Day Open
Morgan Duell 25.78 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Catherine Crocker 25.22 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Riley McNamara 25.01 Azalea Classic
Sooah Park 24.10 Challenge Cup
Tambra Wenger 17.37 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Katherine Kubis n/a n/a

Juvenile Girls Group D

Emma Oleck 47.95 Florida Labor Day
Sarah Wisniewski 42.10 Challenge Cup
Alice Qiao 41.97 Peach Open
Jessica Tran 39.73 Azalea Classic
Rachel Metzner 38.18 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Sarah Godwin 38.09 Middle Atlantics
Jasmine Chen 37.92 Peach Open
Alexandra Ketterman 36.80 Skate Wilmington
Samantha Steeman 32.91 Challenge Cup
Isabella Gamez 31.51 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Rachel Byrd 30.77 Central Carolina Classic
Caterina Alf 27.89 Liberty
Phuong Dao 27.56 May Day Open
Haley Beavers 23.72 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Courtney Kreiling 22.64 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Hannah Schlesinger 20.74 Challenge Cup
Jeannie Drago n/a n/a

Juvenile Girls Group E

Lindsay Rosenberg 45.20 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Maya Carter 45.05 Potomac Open
Stephanie Chang 44.50 May Day Open
Cirinia Gillett 41.70 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Ellie Mikawa 40.74 Carolina Classic
Mary-Katharine Mulera 37.26 Potomac Open
Olivia Zhang 33.79 Potomac Open
Alexis Lord 31.80 May Day Open
Marissa Sumathipala 31.27 Potomac Open
Carmen Garcia 29.83 Florida Labor Day
Kendall Robey 29.62 Potomac Open
Kelly Timlen 27.84 Skate Wilmington
Grace Knoop 26.03 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Sara Preston Davidson 24.45 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Tessa Kory 16.93 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Nicole Altamirano-Hung n/a n/a
Rebecca DiRocco n/a n/a

Juvenile Girls Group F

Anastasia Kortjohn 50.29 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Elise Romola 46.44 Challenge Cup
Hana Chabinsky 44.41 Liberty
Whitney Miller 43.09 Challenge Cup
Amanda Bao 41.43 Skate Detroit
Allison DeSantis 41.08 Potomac Open
Naomi Ghebremichael 36.47 John Smith Memorial
Carolina Rodriguez 38.59 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Kamayla Ko 34.70 Skate Nashville
Rebecca Chan 33.02 Cherry Blossom
Gabriella Annunziata 31.12 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Lily Zhong 30.52 Skate Chautauqua
Francesca Diliberto 29.53 Cherry Blossom
Kirsten Germroth 28.23 Azalea Classic
Elizabeth Mulder-Stoupaki 27.25 Liberty
Emily Zou 26.09 Potomac Open
Madison Thomas 18.90 Atlanta Open
Jennifer Sun n/a n/a

Juvenile Boys

Andrew Torgashev 42.14 Cranberry Open
Paolo Borromeo 40.96 Liberty
Balazs Nagy 36.40 Carolina Classic
Eric Sjoberg 35.56 Middle Atlantics
Jack Tufts 27.23 Liberty
David Shapiro 24.13 Chesapeake Open
William Hubbart n/a n/a
Jabe Roberts n/a n/a


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