South Atlantic – Novice

Novice Ladies Group A

Ana Draovitch 103.81 Liberty
Tarah Kayne 95.72 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Jessica Hu 93.42 Potomac Open Open
Haley Mulera 84.90 Potomac Open
Cassandra Shaw 79.89 Hershey Open
Jessica Qiu 78.32 Liberty
Paige Carl 76.01 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Jessie Huang 75.55 John Smith Memorial
Kaitlyn Regan 74.81 Hershey Open
Alyssa Newberg 64.99 Potomac Open
Michelle Fee 60.86 Sunshine State Games
Anastassia Medvedeva 58.92 Chesapeake Open
Briana Bajic 52.90 Florida Labor Day
Alexis Cruz 50.35 Skate Wilmington
Michelle Nguyen n/a n/a

Novice Ladies Group B

Molly Crawford 95.11 Potomac Open
Irina Gonzalez-Sigler 80.13 Florida Labor Day
Ashley Brickman 79.60 Challenge Cup
Tian Wang 77.54 Azalea Classic
Natalie Motley 76.25 Skate Pittsburgh
Janine Bainger 76.16 Potomac Open
Roobi Gaskins 75.77 Challenge Cup
Jacqueline Hollander 75.07 Florida Labor Day
McKenzie Lang 73.94 Azalea Classic
Caroline Nickerson 72.98 Chesapeake Open
Joy Sandon 72.78 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Julia Hollender 57.19 Challenge Cup
Alison Datoc 56.38 Potomac Open
Erin Stevens 43.76 John Smith Memorial
Katie Maloney n/a n/a

Novice Ladies Group C

Tracy Tanovich 88.30 Florida Labor Day
Melanie Chang 85.67 May Day Open
Emily Williams 85.53 Chesapeake Open
Viviana Mathis 83.31 Challenge Cup
Ashley Ferguson 78.42 Cranberry Open
Katelyn Llamas 77.36 John Smith Memorial
Elizabeth Guillot 75.53 Cactus Classic
Ashlyn Gaughan 74.04 Archie-Meyer Memorial
Sarah Yasenka 72.63 Challenge Cup
Allyson Kymmell 67.81 Azalea Cup
Kristina Shah 67.38 Liberty
Mary Lieb 64.30 Potomac Open
Kyra Szabo 59.05 John Smith Memorial
Alexa Alpern n/a n/a

Novice Ladies Group D

Taylor Hoover 89.79 Cherry Blossom
Allison Hsu 81.38 Challenge Cup
Kay Bergdolt 80.04 Broadmoor Open
Martine Szanto 77.64 Carolina Classic
Brittany Lee 75.69 Challenge Cup
Rachel Williamson 73.80 Chesapeake Open
Cailey Weaver 72.61 Florida Labor Day
Danielle Fanelle 70.88 Challenge Cup
Nicole Miller 65.03 Atlanta Open
Julia Horwitz 57.51 Chesapeake Open
Sarah Moderhack 51.87 Atlanta Open
Tiffany Tang 49.21 Azalea Classic
Cassandra Thomas 45.45 Potomac Open
Breanna Voyce 67.39 Peach Open
Annalea Albright 43.17 (FS only) Cherry Blossom

Novice Men

Andrew Nagode 112.48 Cranberry Open
Marcus Mimidis 103.63 Challenge Cup
Jack Newberry 102.00 Liberty
Daniel Leeds 96.19 Challenge Cup
Conor Wagar 86.71 Challenge Cup
Aaron Gunderson-Smith 85.00 Liberty
Patrick Rupp 81.30 Azalea Classic
Jonathan Jerothe 76.55 Chesapeake Open
Robert Korycinski 75.44 Liberty
Kyle Smith 61.08 May Day Open

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